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High Off Life
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If Future is clearly one of the most influential rappers of the last 10 years and one of the men with an impressive (albeit worrying) record of alimony payments, the artist is in the process of building himself a musical heritage that will leave a colossal legacy.

While it seemed to be in decline on his previous project, where a lack of inspiration could be pointed out, which is logical after having occupied the dominant seats in the rap game for many years, High Off Life is unquestionably a ... read more
Everyone open your bible of misogyny and turn to the book of Future Chapter 1 Verses 1-3. "From the streets did she emerge and to the street she will return. And I say unto you, 'She is for the streets'. So be not weary when she must return from whence she came."

All jokes aside this album is banging rn. Harlem Shake goes off. Pluto is back brothers, delivering as usual. Life is so good.

I’m going to put as much effort in this review as Future did on “High Off Life.”

Color: Grey
FAV TRACKS: Trapped in the Sun, All Bad, 100 Shooters
LEAST FAV: all except fav!
The CEO of misogyny decides to bless us with a surprise album. Time to stop everything you're doing, open your holy books and follow as he guides us in the streets.

Firstly, I feel very happy for him that he's getting off the drugs and striving to accomplish the life he craves after achieving his veteran status in the genre. And this is has a glaring impact on this album: it is Future's most sober, most down to earth, and one of his most meditative projects yet. He's already proven himself to ... read more
Not quite a return to 56 Nights, Beast Mode, Monster quality Future, but this future is better than the past few years of future and a step in a good direction for future Future.

"I been gettin richer and richer, damn near piss on bitches" - more palatable than 100% of the derogatory shit the POTUS says.
Definitely one of Future’s best projects. Even the songs I wasn’t expecting to like I ended up vibing to. This has the best aesthetic of any Future project I have heard in recent memory. The dark trap feeling of this album is so well executed, that it feels impossible not to get absorbed like water to a sponge. An incredibly solid release, might grow on me in the next few or so days

Edit: kinda bloated, but still really nice in the background. Is still rather listen to a full ... read more
The messiah of toxicity is here to bless us during misogyny may.
Yes god is alive and he is misogynistic

Best Tracks: Too Comfortable, Ridin strikers, Harlem shake, Trapped in the Sun, Touch the Sky, Solitaires,accepting my flaws
This is the most consistent project Future has ever released. The hooks are SO catchy. Most of his albums are literal hit or miss; I often am really enjoying myself on a track, but then the one after that completely sucks. That is not the case on this project though, even the worst tracks are still enjoyable.

Best tracks: Trapped In The Sun, Solitaires, Ridin Strikers, Harlem Shake, Too Comfortable and All Bad
Ngl big Socrates influence on this one
ehh... Wasn’t a big fan of this. Idk, Future’s style has been one I’ve never been a big fan of, and I found most of the beats on this pretty boring, plus this thing is pretty bloated. I guess one good thing is there’s wasn’t really never a really bad track, (well, if you don’t count Life is Good as a track of this project.) I wasn’t really feeling this one.
I've always been someone who appreciates the weirder moments Future adds to his records, giving them a unique character and energy and separating him from many of his contemporaries in trap, whether it be odd vocal inflections, eccentric ad libs, or trippy, enveloping production. Unfortunately, Future mostly plays it safe here. Much of High Off Life's production doesn't push his sound in an interesting direction, and there are quit a few recycled or monotonous flows Future places over it, ... read more
what's the point of releasing 21 tracks of derivative trap with no innovation or creativity?? at least the Travis Scott song was pretty good...
I hate to break it to all of the excited people under this album but Misogyny May is not a real thing. Misogyny March was a thing and I was all for it but there is no Misogyny May. Some of these 14-year-old kids tend to compare being a “toxic king” with treating women poorly and thinking that it automatically gets them girls. Don’t get me wrong, Future is the king of that, but we just aren’t Future and we have to stop pretending we are. This album is a great ... read more
Future returns with High Off Life and all I can really say about this is who let this man put 21 tracks on an album?

Don't get me wrong there are plenty of good songs on here but it's just the huge downfall in quality is astounding, especially since I quite enjoy the WZRD. Compared to that album High Off Life is just bloated, inconsistent, lifeless, thin and mind-numbingly boring. The production is no where near as refined or as layered as other albums that Future has put out, it's just so ... read more
High Off Life is a solid project from Future, but it is way too long and a little too generic and samey to hit the way it could. The production is for the most part pretty good, and Future delivers some catchy hooks and flows, but there are too many just ok songs that hold this album back from hitting its full potential.

Fav Tracks: HiTek Tek, Solitaires, Ridin Strikers, One of My, Pray For A Key, All Bad, Outer Space Bih, Life Is Good, Last Name, Tycoon, 100 Shooters

Least Fav Tracks: ... read more
Hip Hops not god 2020 maybe classic like pimp butterfly but a lot not good this is example of expertise in bad hip hop. Future maybe not great but really not grate
Future re-instates toxic delirium on his 9th studio album “High Off Life”. If you desire a collection of dark, menacing beats and drugged-out, auto-tune vocal performances, then this is the trap suite for you. However, this album does lack a sophisticated grit that much of Future’s contemporaries display (i.e. Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert) and instead, capitalises on vocal disarray and skeletal production. Nevertheless, this album is a lot of fun, and a dilapidated venture of cold ... read more
Future delivers a very mid project with some cool production here or there but fails to hit the mark. When I saw the new Future LP had a rating in the 70s I was pretty hyped. I'm a big fan of Future's older work like DS2 and Monster and to finally see a new Future project that highly rated I thought he might finally deliver some more really hard bangers but without toooo much filler. When I listened to the project though, I was really disappointed. The beats on here are just underwhelming in my ... read more
Basic but pretty good.

This does nothing new for Future, but that doesn't mean it isn't good. None of these tracks are bad (one is mid though), which is surprising. Considering that this is well over an hour long and has 21 tracks. Future was consistently delivering with nice ass flows, great delivery as always, and solid production. The main problem with this album though is that it does nothing new for Future, and it's an hour and ten minutes. Which obviously by the end you can get bored ... read more
Future pretty much solidifies his status as one of the most influential rappers alive with "High Off Life". It also happens to be Future's best work since Monster, Beast Mode, 56 Nights, and DS2. Here, we see Future in tip top form. Feeling right at home as he sits within these some of the darkest and murkiest set of trap beats in his whole discography. Despite how potent these beats are, however, they serve as the throne upon Future can prop himself up.

On terms of subject matter, ... read more
All I say is: 10 guest artists, 20+ tracks, his own "Harlem Shake" (how fortunate)... And Future still managed to make all songs sound the exact same: A fancy, futuristic hill for his career to die on. Just stay home and quiet.
And on this day our lord has blessed us with nothing but toxicity and consistency. I am happy to tell you all that if you do not want to do petty shit and work on yourself a little bit then Future is not for you. Now excuse me while I violate my tinder matches and ghost them after 1 night.
This is far from Future's best project, but for an artist with nothing left to prove, "High Off Life" comes as a friendly reminder that Future is really good at making music. Over a sprawling tracklist, Future muses over his dark past, complicated emotional state, and of course, some of the same materialistic trap themes he's been rapping about forever. He raps alongside an excellent supporting cast, with a truly spectacular appearance by Travis Scott on "Solitaires" taking ... read more
With his eighth studio effort, Future comes with a mix of old and new tricks that develop into a decent album. He continues to go in auto pilot, at times succeeding, and this LP shows a lot of what defines him as an artist. Even though I might not like those things as much as others, I respect “High Off Life” and think it’s a fairly solid addition to Future’s discography. Hopefully some of these songs grow on me over time.

Favorite Tracks: Trapped In The Sun, Ridin ... read more
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