Mitski - Bury Me at Makeout Creek
Bury Me at Makeout Creek
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Our very own @cosmilk has taken on this massive project, and I'm just tracking it as it goes along. (When a song ...
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My record collection. Long live physical things! current count: 308 listed & scored as of 6/29/20
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As of December 31, 2019
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My 200 favourite albums of the last decade (including some EPs which are of the same quality and as long as some albums.)
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My favourite records from 2014.
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This is just my opinion, I repeat, my /əˈpɪnjən/!
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not in any particular order, just good sounds one record per artist i havent been active here lately but please ask me for lists !! i love those also feel free to add me on rym ...
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Álbuns de outros anos que não 2020, mas escutados pela primeira vez (ou não) em 2020
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unordered (for the time being...)
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shit that has influenced how i wanne makie music
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