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Like an open book, Punisher is one of this year's sincerest albums, deliberately breaking the codes of intimacy and not afraid to display its fears and questions. It is a totally immersive journey in the company of the prodigious Phoebe Bridgers.

There is no doubt, and we were aware of it, that Phoebe Bridgers is not only talented, she is a hard worker. She has been building a solid track record for four years now. Punisher is an album she mainly made while she was on tour. As if she was on ... read more
This morning I woke up at 5am, having a panic attack. At any point I could have probably tried to figure out why, or what caused it, but I didn’t. I just really wanted to get back to sleep. Instead, I decided to try out the new Phoebe record. In a matter of its short run-time, and my brain not being fully awake yet, I feel like I got a lot more than I was expecting.

As someone who was mildly satisfied with Stranger In The Alps, I really hadn’t made my mind up on Bridgers as an ... read more
To say the last few months have been overwhelming would be an understatement. Music has been a nice distraction, but I have been having difficulty digging into any albums. This has been an incredible year for music, but it has been hard to relate to artists when everything feels slightly off in your own world. This changed with Punisher, Phoebe's stunning sophomore release that somehow feels more personal and more organic than her debut. The restless production, the incredible lyricism, the ... read more

It's hard to put in to words just how much I adore 'Stranger in the Alps', that album has been with me for countless lonely evenings, hungover mornings, and sunny walks by the river and Phoebe's vocals have accompanied some of my fondest memories these last few years so to say I was excited for the follow up to one of my favourite albums of the last decade is quite the understatement.

'Punisher' does not disappoint. It's exactly what I wanted from a new Phoebe ... read more
Welcome back Phoebe, we missed you...

Bridgers made a very strong name for herself in 2017 with her debut record “Stranger in the Alps”, a confined and personal example of her beautiful poetry. The lonely instrumentation on that project, paired with her southern-twanged vocals, makes for an indie folk experience unlike any other.

This new record, “Punisher”, doesn’t stray too far from her humble beginnings. Simple songs with simple premises: a simplicity that ... read more
To put it very quickly, Phoebe Bridgers sounds more alive here than she ever has even in her documented vulnerable state. Her progression as an artist in short order has felt like it was building to something bigger through her collaboration with Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus on boygenius and Conor Oberst on Better Oblivion Community Center. No question about it, this is it.

There is an undeniable sparseness to this album throughout. Things often start in such a hushed place, and often even ... read more
Could this have been any more perfect? What a stunning sophomore outing for Bridgers.
Melancholy is the DNA of this album. It pervades the lyrics, the production, and especially Phoebe’s voice - and I find it absolutely haunting. Her subtleties create some beautifully subverted songs and a dazed, yet fully-realized, soundscape, which continues to envelop you song after song after song until it outright bursts at the finale. It’s like being suspended in an uncomfortable dream.
The ... read more
bridgers is unabashedly herself, on ‘punisher’. sounding comforting with warm production. ‘garden song’ highlights each song is truly amazing. a calming and much more direct work than ‘stranger in the alps’, or, Better Oblivion Community Center (ex: ‘punisher’ ‘s hook being: ‘when the speed kicks in’). the ‘kyoto’ video reflects her attitude toward her surroundings; the music seems numbingly content.. or contempt: ... read more
Probably the most personal album of the year, everything feels so close and touching. Phoebe got an amazing voice along with the perfect production in every track. Yet this feels effortless, she probably sat down in the studio and recorded the whole album in a week or something.
This smile will be my new friend.

I will cherish it,
lay it down when it's tired.

Sintered by the burning sun
i look at the pine covered hotel:
"they're so entertained"
- i need you, i need you -
and the car gestures, "welcome back".

The value of nature is lost in antecipation.
An album about skeletons and ghosts (predictably); it lives in nightmares and haunted houses. There’s a UFO and a satellite — who’s to say which it really is? I want to believe it’s more than man-made but I can’t make myself. The album has a high body count, but the world is ending so it checks. There’s a boygenius bluegrass song on it are you kidding me? Punisher is the perfect synthesis of all of Phoebe Bridger’s aesthetics and talents. She even puts ... read more
Phoebe Bridgers reaches deep inside herself and pulls out the singing-songwriting masterpiece of 2020

Really great to see her make such lush improvement towards her 2nd album
So this is the first Phoebe Bridgers album that I've ever listened to and at this point I didn't really know what I was getting myself into but I'm glad that I went in blind because I was blown away by how good this album turned out to be.

Phoebe as a performer is absolutely amazing, her vocals throughout this whole album were very emotive and powerful, her vocals add to the quality of the emotional, personal and poignant songwriting. She goes over an array of her personal experiences and ... read more
Phoebe Bridgers second studio album, 'Punisher', has touching vocals and a beautiful melody.
This Phoebe Bridgers album is like hugging someone incredibly tightly and feeling intensely lonely because of it.
"It can't be THAT good, can it?" were the first words I said before putting this album on.

It was. It was that good. MORE than good. I seriously adored this. It may be one of my favorite indie folk records ever made. Heartbreakingly personal, beautifully crafted, and all around a home run for Ms Bridgers. Sorry I doubted you queen xoxo
I think my choice of scrolling through top rated albums on this site is a good choice. I'm pretty sure this is the third 90 of the year, following 'græ' being the first and 'RTJ4' being the second. I love me some indie folk, and this is really not an exception. It may seem a bit generic, but there's something so calming and lovable about this album that I can't seem to put my finger on, but I adore this album.

Honestly, I haven't heard a single thing from Phoebe Bridgers before this, but ... read more
why i have a feeling the same bon iver-ish vibes? or is it just me. tbh i felt very calm while listening to the album. i really like this one!

•Garden Song
•Moon Song
•Savior Complex
At the time of its release, I didn't think too much of Punisher, and couldn't really put my thoughts into a review. I guess I found it to be rather drab, with safely arranged indie folk/rock instrumentals, a little too typical for the genre. After revisiting the record though, for some reason Phoebe's songwriting resonated with me on a deep level, and despite it only being a few months between now and my initial listen, I feel that I now have a better understanding of where her storytelling is ... read more
Stranger in the Alps has slowly become one of my favourite records. While it isn’t perfect it still remains to be a huge comfort album for me in any time of need. I can play it and feel at least somewhat better by the end. Punisher hadn’t done this with me until this point. It took a while but I think this finally clicked.

Punisher is a different record to Stranger, in the way that it’s a lot more subdued. While for a lot of people this clicked almost instantly, it took me a ... read more
Edit: This has grown on me tremendously. So good. Original score: 80

I had heard of Phoebe Bridgers, but hadn’t listened to her music until this album. And I’m glad I did.

Punisher is a great album. The production is great, and so is the songwriting. The lyrics are really personal and sad, and her voice fits this album perfectly. Not everything hits the same emotionally, and there are some misses, but as a whole this is a great record and I’m excited to listen to her past ... read more
I like Pheobe as a person and i think that she's verybinteresting and distinctive persona in the musical world nowadays, however her music is just alright for me. It sounds great of course and storytelling here is also kind of good and interesting but overall i don't see nothing beyond that, nothing i would like to hear again and again. Still it's good record but little overrated in my opinion. If there were more moments like the ending of the last track i would like it a lot more i guees. ... read more
Space Vacation
I can't tell you or even rationalize within myself how far and beyond Kyoto has taken the lead on song of the year.
The differential is so high that preemptively the song of this decade already has a gold medal around it's neck.
To have so much skill to craft a song so phenomenal doesn't register in my head as human.
Everything else on Punisher is reviewed on a curve just because of how out of this world Kyoto is.
Thankfully and miraculously everything else on Punisher manages to live up to the ... read more
This entire album feels so necessary. It’s like the soundtrack for a movie about a girl reaching her coming-of-age moment but in the most numb way possible. After escaping all of the hardships and unpleasant moments that Phoebe Bridgers faced, it feels like she’s at a crossroads contemplating what really comes next with her life. This album tells the heartbreaking story of Phoebe doing everything she can to find hope and happiness with her life, only to reach a point where she ... read more
second albums are tricky, especially when your debut is as impressive as Stranger in the Alps. but Phoebe Bridgers has been busy, counting BOCC and boygenius and all the features she has done, she has probably recorded a couple dozen tracks between her first and second albums. so this is actually more like third album material in the progression, which makes it all the more puzzling as to why it doesn't sound more finished.

it isn't terrible and there are some moments of genius. but they are ... read more
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