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A Man Rose From The Dead

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Soooo...I really like $uicideboy$. By far one of my favorite new school rappers/rap groups, if you want to classify them as that. I think they have 3 10/10 albums, and everything they do pretty much clicks with me. When I found out that Scrim was making a solo album, I was really excited but also really fucking nervous, as much as I love the boy$, when they miss, they miss. And...20 songs of just Scrim kinda scared me.

And...some of these songs are absolutely amazing. Top-tier trap rap, but ... read more
Your half of $uicideboy$ and you make a pale imitation of a $uicideboy$ album as your full length solo debut.......What a bummer
I didn't care when this dropped and I still don't care. $uicideboy$ aren't necessary an artist which i will give much praise to but they always had some songs i can jam to. A Man Rose From the Dead, has no songs to jam to. Being over bloating, dull and uninspired and straight up forgettable.

Track Review

Delusions Of Grandeur 4.5/10
Scars 4/10
Jesus Wept 5/10
Naloxone 4.5/10
Feel It Too (It's Too Much) 3/10
Tell Me When I'm Good Enough 3.5/10
He Got Game 4/10
Portola (Blood Clot!) 4/10
El ... read more
One half of top underground rap duo the $uicideboy$, A Man Rose From The Dead is the first attempt from either members at a solo project in that time. Scrim’s new project hits in ways fans of the $B will appreciate, but won’t expand their audience much. Scrim uses a new melodic autotuned singing style on a majority of the (too long) tracklist which definitely isint his strongest style. The project has strong production, some banger tracks, but certainly isint perfect. It’s a ... read more
The white Swae Lee
$uicideboy$ has been on a downward trajectory since their prolific past few years, and $crim's solo effort here is no different. 20 tracks of more mediocre Southern hip-hop that all blends together into bland re-writing of the same general vibe. A large number of songs here lack the aggression that makes $B so enjoyable, with more than half of the cuts on this album having boring low-key muttering and a basic trap beat. It's distinct in its vocal delivery, but so much of what made the duo, and ... read more
Well, this was boring. Way to long album with a lot of medium tracks.
A Man Rose From The Dead was presumably not even supposed to be made. According to the album's liner notes, Scrim didn't even know he was making a solo project, but instead, he was making solo songs to see if he could make ANY music sober (which is a weird statement, as many of the lyrics on this album continue to talk about drugs). The result is an album with little dynamic, with many songs that seem to bleed together with little difference.

All of these songs seem to follow a stale formula ... read more
As a fan of $b’ music, i expected something more, mainly bc this was $crim’s opportunity to show he can make a full-length album by himself. But sadly this is not what happened... it feels like im listening to the same song over and over again, and it was truly difficult to sit through this 20 track long album...
A painfully mediocre album sonically, all revolving around $crim's recovery from drug addiction. Has a few songs that would go good on a playlist, but nothing outstanding.
14/20. Fav Tracks: Scars; Feel It Too (It's Too Much); El Paseo; Nightmare From The Northside; Carcosa; Lost Child
Scrim wanted his own project to sound different than Suicideboys, well he succeeded but not in a good way. His heavily autotuned voice isn't the problem (even tho sometimes he sounds like watered down Travis Scott or even Bladee lmfao), the problem is that over half of the beats are just way too bland, I can't understand how he chose all these beats when this year's "STOP STARING AT THE SHADOWS" is so much more better with the beat selection. He succeeds the best at Jesus Wept and ... read more
It isn't the most awful thing there is and it does have a couple of hard-hitting sings,but other then that it's just a flat uninspiring longass mess of an album. Scrimmy,you should just stick with Ruby,because solo stuff ain't working if you sound so bored on them. Definetly one of the most forgettable albums of this year and no wonder i missed reviewing it. Pretty boring. Problem is,when there's a boring album with mostly average tracks there isn't much to say. Beats are ok and some are ... read more
Yeah scrim, stick with Ruby this is just 20 songs of annoying dog shit wannabe trap, the main reason I love scrim is his unique voice and style he raps not a billion tons of auto tune layering his voice, this is just awful hopefully the boys will release a good record in the future unlike their recent one.
"A Man Rose From The Dead" is nothing what you would expect but don't let this turn you off. Many people did not like this project and I will admit I didn't either. I listened to this project many times and it was an honest struggle to enjoy at first. This was very selfish of me because I didnt truly take the time to listen to what $crim had to say. This project was $crim's attempt at making music sober and he expresses this throughout the project. You must also take the time to ... read more
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this was annoyinggggg
Look. Emo Cloud Rap has never been my thing, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. But I found this unlistenable for my taste. I'm usually open to listening to all kinds of things & projects but the 51 min run time is just too damn long. I had to skip through parts of songs just to make sure there wasn't anything interesting happening, and there wasn't.

I can appreciate he produced this himself and I think this is a good sign moving forward as there is definitely potential there - ... read more
i, uh... i really loved this album. even though the production is handled on by Scrim himself, every song from Naloxone to PTSD to Fight Club feels different from each in some way and presents itself as very cohesive. my largest gripe with this album is the fact that it sounds way more like a mixtape, rather than an album and feels as if there is no definitive start or end to the project, which could be chalked up to the production. yes this could do with a few less tracks but what's here is ... read more
This album was way too long for all of the songs to sound the same. There were maybe four or five songs that had a different sound to them, and that were actually good. Way too much autotune and similarity between songs.
Favourites: Naloxone, Side Effects, Jesus Wept, Delusions of Grandeur
Usually a solo project happens when an artist has a very different statement to make than they can with the other members of their group. Apparently Scrim's new and creative ideas is to make mainstream-appeal track with none of the $uicideboy$ grit and pump an album full of WAY too many tracks just to get tons of stream money masquerading under the same edgy masquerade as before.

All that being said, this does have some undeniable bangers.
this is Scrim's uncharted territory.
definitely takes a few listen to completely grasp the album. Love re-listening every song on the album.
the melancholy was perfectly laden with autotune. Yes , autotune sounds different with scrim on it and i enjoyed it everytime.
🔥🔥 How Scrim can switch up the style of an entire album and still be fire
Half of the time this album feels like a $uicideboy$ album that's missing the contrasting heaviness that makes them great and the other half is spent with Scrim sounding like a bootleg Die Lit Playboy Cardi. It's just hard to go through this album without feeling like it's missing something and needs something extra.
I actually had enjoyed Stop Staring At The Shadows, and I was really hoping for a similar feel in this solo album. However the auto tune was way to much for me. Like many other people, i felt like I was just listening to the same song over and over. I was really sad about this because, there seemed to be some hope in "Flight Club" and "El Guerro" where his vocals were a lot closer to what were normally used to hearing, however it was over in few minutes and back to the auto ... read more
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