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What if this album didn't have any hidden flaws? Since I discovered Joji 4 years ago now, I always appreciate his rather atypical style/formula despite his more predictable side, making him an artist with the potential to make his mark. Although I don't really approve of the method, George Miller was able to put the entertainment on Youtube to his advantage in order to be able to later make himself a great launching pad to devote himself to Joji, a serious artist who is far from having the face ... read more
Joji. Please work with me here!

I feel in the music community, there is always one question people have when talking about Joji: Can he do it? Not to say that he’s untalented, or unworthy of making great music, but there is this strange pressure given to the man's music that I have rarely seen on other artists. There is almost this expectation that he needs to quote ‘prove’ himself to people as an artist, which is strange considering he’s proven himself to make some ... read more
My Most Anticipated Record of 2020 (or, Nectarne Nocturne)

Here we are everyone, the biggest release day of 2020, September 25th!
For myself, I’ve been waiting quite a long while for today. Godlike Sufjan, the IDLES warriors, Deftones - the bringers of death, and even more. Along with all of these amazing acts, we have my absolute most anticipated, Joji’s sophomore release “Nectar”.

I will now proclaim this record as mine. This belongs to nobody else. Trey-core. ... read more
Better...literally everything that I had a problem with in Ballads 1 has been fixed, luckily.

The vocals on this are HEAVENLY. I can’t stress how much I’m going to be mixing these in to my fucked-up chill playlist. I was so worried this would be shit and all the hype would have been for nothing (EA by Lil Uzi Vert), but god, this might just top circles as the best thing I’ve listened to this year.

This is cringe-lo fi stuff that sure, I’ll get made fun of for liking a ... read more
It's been quite the journey seeing Joji develop as an artist. I still remember when, back in 2016, I would hear some of his 'Chloe Burbank' era tracks surface on SoundCloud and YouTube and thinking it was so bizzare that THE Filthy Frank could make music so... pleasant? Nowadays it's hard so see the man as anything other than a wildly popular alternative R&B artist with a unique sound and image, who may or may not have had a YouTube channel or something like that a couple of decades ... read more
Sep 25th Album Marathon #1: Nectar - Joji

Is it fitting to say that this is a "Flower Boy" moment for Joji? Sounds really cringe, I know, but please bear with me here.

He started off as Filthy Frank, made some jokey rap music, similar to Tyler, then became more serious in his craftsmenship and made some music that although not fantastic, showed immense potential for listeners to stick around, anticipating Joji's blossoming in the future.

This, however, this is it. This is Joji's ... read more
If I had to boil this album down to one word it would probably be nondescript. Nectar reads like a lot of glossy but ordinary production over vocals layered and processed just enough to make them sound pleasant, but performed by the most boring guy in the room. That seems like it's saying a lot for an internet personality and comedian who previously made comedy music as Pink Guy.

The first major issue with Joji appears to be his voice. It lacks virtually any range, either employing the same ... read more
Mr. Hollywood makes me wanna puke! *Car Seat Headrest guitars intensify*
The main issue with Nectar is that it doesn’t know what it wants to be. At times, it’s very lo-fi/trap influenced but then it suddenly turns into something more pop with clearer and bigger production. That dissonance becomes very clear towards the middle of the album, which is the most confusing part of the record to me, and where the singles outshine the other songs, that are pretty forgettable and bland. However, I have to say that the beginning and the ending are very strong. ... read more
"Shawty you can see it in my rectum
Falling for your eyes, hit me with the pre-cum"

Before he made music as Joji, Japan-born George Miller was known for his idiot comedy characters. After he originated the smash viral “Harlem Shake” meme in 2013, Miller built his cult following making YouTube videos as Filthy Frank: a perverted, lonely man with a grating voice who, of course, loves to prank strangers. Miller’s equally horrendous persona, Pink Guy, was a horny, ... read more
Joji begins ‘nectar’ with some beautiful production. this demonstrates his artistic evolvement as the orchestration for opening track “Ew” is quite impressive.

“like you do” is so direct that it hurts. Definitely a standout from a vocal and songwriting perspective to be. the structure is superb.

then he adds his fire bars for “MODUS” and Joji’s jumping vocals give me jitters because they are so enrapturing.

with some funky trap, ... read more
Apesar do esforço reconhecível, Joji em seu novo álbum parece querer ultrapassar algumas linhas acerca do som produzido por ele desde seu álbum de estreia - o 'Ballads 1' de 2018, mas acaba se mantendo mediano enquanto entrega algumas canções com grande potencial pop, porém recusas à apenas tentativas.

E como sempre, o lo-fi foi a chave principal para que Joji criasse suas canções acessíveis e atingisse certos ... read more
Joji delivers his highly anticipated sophomore album that may feel disappointing but is still a very solid release. Joji really did a good job hyping this album up with amazing singles like "Run", "Gimme Love" and "Sanctuary" that could all be considered some of his best songs ever. With a hype that big it's very hard to deliver and while I don't feel it was as good as I may have expected, it's still incredibly solid. As many have said, I believe this might be ... read more
I know I'm in the minority here but Joji peaked on Chloe Burbank and In Tongues and went downhill from there. The tracks back then were straight vibes.... this just sounds like empty radio pop. I get it, he's branching out. He's branching out from a creative, cool, niche sound to a more mainstream, pop, techno sound (that's already been done 1000 times and better than this) which ain't my thing.
Joji fully capitalises on the potential he showed on his previous album, 'Ballads 1' (which I did really like) by crafting a much grander and more polished release, showing off how much his vocals have improved as well especially. The added textures and layers brought into the instrumentals on this album are absolutely beautiful, and compliment Joji's angelic vocals throughout. The only real 'low point' I can find on the album are 'High Hopes' and 'Nitrous', which are still very nice songs, but ... read more
*sigh* I didn’t like this...

I did wanted to like this, Joji definitely been one of most interesting artists right now, and while they weren’t amazing, the singles did show promise. But after listening to this, I can say that I’m disappointed. Honestly the singles were the only things I liked about this release, cause wow, is this boring. Most of these songs are pretty boring and all sound the same, this literally sound like music I would find on the radio, also I am not a ... read more
While this is his best work and a clear improvement, is still doesn’t fully capitalize on his potential.

While I have not loved Joji’s music in the past, I’ve always seen the potential and that there was a good chance something would connect with me in the future. I was hoping Nectar would be that release for me. And to some extent it is, but it’s still not what I know he could do.

The production is pretty good, the songwriting is interesting for the most part, and his ... read more
Although Joji shows clear signs of development, a willingness to step outside his comfort zone and an expected maturation in his singing, Nectar as a whole fails to fully captivate the listener and ultimately suffers from playlist syndrome.

Indeed, the first half of the track listing plays much like it was devised by an angsty teenager rather than someone wanting to put out a cohesive project on their third attempt; it's only when the album hits the second half where the record flows far ... read more
As I am typing this, Joji currently has the highest rated album of 2020
Pros: Fresh, Invigorating and Intoxicating; Joji expands on his creativity and showcases his talent in bigger and more concise display on Nectar, expanding on his R&B and Pop outputs by implementing a new stylistic change that's fruitful and seductive; The album has a stronger core and defined self compared to Joji's previous works, in which they felt more loose and inconsistent this one is luckily more cohesive and fully structured and you can tell Joji has taken his time throughout this ... read more
[Nectar / Joji] - "Derivative Bliss"

Joji's discography has been enigmatic for me. From the very start of his *serious* music career, he has shown the potential for doing something spectacular in his own respective genre with examples such as "Slow Dancing in the Dark", "Thom", "Rain on Me" being some of my personal favourite singles to come out in recent years. Ever since he has joined the mixed hodgepodge of artists that is called "88rising"; ... read more
I didn’t want to listen to this album.

I’ve had plenty of negative experiences with Joji’s music in the past. I didn’t enjoy his In Tongues EP in any way whatsoever, and his debut album Ballads 1 left a lot to be desired as well. He’s a fairly talented artist who I’ve always seen plenty of potential in, but nothing he ever created felt very noteworthy. I always saw through the “funny YouTuber goes serious” gimmick that probably helped a lot of ... read more
LISTEN, I don't like Joji a lot and I find most of his music to be inconsistent and very ehhhh and was not at all hyped for this project. BUT that all being said I did listen to all of this guys songs before this album just to be prepared, I heard everything other than his singles leading up to this record including the diplo one. What do I think as a harsh Joji listener?

Well since this is my first listen I'll say this, It's a heavy heavy improvement from Ballads, that album to me is average ... read more
For an album that got delayed this still feels pretty half-baked ngl, the only songs that stood out to me that weren't already released as singles were Tick Tock and Reanimator, but Reanimator was more of a Yves Tumor instrumental than a Joji song, other than that most of the songs are just average rnb trap /"lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to" type beats with Joji not bringing a whole lot to the table vocally or lyrically. I don't hate it completely but most of the ... read more
Joji was always an artist that I saw plenty of potential to be a shining star in the current pop landscape and there are definitely a lot of people who still think that. It's just that there's always something that stands in his way, whether it be lackluster ideas, weak songwriting or both. "Nectar" can still have those quirks at certain points of its 18-track, 53-minute runtime, but this album is still an undeniably great improvement over his past ventures.

There have been a lot of ... read more
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