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Ok I never do one of these, because I believe in saving your best of the year stuff for the end of the year, so I'm not treating this as a best of the year. It's just a list of rankings and stats. ...
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Hi, can I visit you?
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The year is finally coming to an end! We’ve seen a lot of fantastic releases over the last 12 months, many of which were EPS. Here are my top 15 favorite EPS of the year!
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I listened to over 250 albums from 2020, but there were still more (around 140) I didn't get to. If there are any on here you recommend, let me know!
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Top 10 EPs, not doing descriptions for these but just a nice an quick overview. Again the ranking is not necessarily precise, more of a rough ordering.
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My attempt at listening to an album from every genre listed by AOTY.
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Albums from 2020 that I listened to. Only the first 20 are actually ranked in order.
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This is a list of lesser known artists that have shown signs of amazing potential within the last year and who I think have the potential to do something great!
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just a collection of highscoring albums during the year 2020. Ranking is based on the amount of listening sessions in my car on the road, or whilst doing the dishes or other vital pastimes
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a collection of albums that resonated with me the most in 2020
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HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Limbo - Aminé, Inner Song - Kelly Lee Owens, Every Bad - Porridge Radio, About Time - Jadasea, Il Quadro di Troisi - Il Quadro di Troisi, High Off Life - Future, Dark Lane Demo ...
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