KSI - Dissimulation
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Like his discography, Dissimulation is yet another example of a rap album that pulls the genre down, like a real regression.

I encourage every artist to want to create what they want, now that it's possible for everyone to make music, but in the end there are limits to it all. As a lover of "Hip Hop", I'm starting to feel so much frustration that turns to anger when I see that artists continue to feed our listening with such uninspired entertainment. Usually I tend to always rely on ... read more
Uh, it's.. listenable?

Firstly, I'm very happy for the dude because he did what he wanted to do and officially got his big commercial debut out, and also because I think he has achieved what he -or us anyway- expected, and that's a "compilation" of some sort that blends in with any number of playlists like a generic mainstream rapper would.

KSI never was a talented rapper or an experienced artist in the grander scale. Maybe by YouTube standards he was alright but, come on. That's ... read more
This gave me a good laugh, was fun live streaming my reaction. Production is meh, KSI’s flow is decent, his voice is a good rap voice, but KSI is pure butt cheeks lyrically. Overall half decent, half ironically enjoyable
KSI does show a lot of promise as an artist, especially as this album's a step up from the awful Keep Up and his... so-so diss tracks. Yeah, that brief era of UK YouTubers and diss tracks in 2017-2018 was a bit strange, despite how entertaining it was. He shows a lot of versatility... but, wait. Is it even versatility? He keeps the same tone throughout all the songs but he can't seem to choose a lane for himself. You've got the very grime-heavy tracks, minimal trap rap tracks, auto-crooning ... read more
lol I like it when people are like He's good because other you tube rappers are bad, like that makes his music automatically great or even good. Here is the thing with Ksi, he clearly wants to be taken as a serious rapper but I just can't when his songs are treated with so little originality or care. I get it you like Rap that's cool but I just don't think he is a good rapper. The production and features make it sound professional but Ksi himself makes it sound so bland and life less it makes ... read more
ksi has mastered the art of being carried by his features to the point of you forgetting he's on the song

I don’t have much to add to the conversation on KSI.
He has a massive YouTube legacy that is a weird juxtaposition to this. He’s mainly held up by his features. And, he shows a lot of promise.

Color: Yellow
FAV TRACKS: Poppin, Killa Killa
LEAST FAV: Undefeated, Wake Up Call, Cap
I'm hoping for one or two songs that are new additions to my playlist. Please KSI

Alright, well it was what i was hoping for. One or two songs that are two additions to my playlist. I figured people weren't going to like this. I'm not surprised. I kinda like this album though. This honestly seems to be a recurring theme for me. Albums other people don't like, i don't think are really that bad. I like the way his voice works with autotune even though it's a bit much. Honestly best case scenario ... read more
You'd think with the amount of people bigging up this album in the UK scene that'd be a masterpiece, but yeah as expected, it's dogshit.

You can now enjoy KSI's inability to create a decent song or present an original idea in a 33 minute abortion of an album where's there no direction whatsoever and baffles me into thinking why he'd release something this fucking bad. Style wise it's all over the fucking place, the production is just an 808 overload paired with really bad grimebeat ... read more
Am I really surprised that this is as bad as it is? Not really, I expected this.

One of the biggest YouTubers in the world KSI is no stranger to making music, however he is a stranger to making good music. His attempt at starting a solo career as an artist will probably go as well as you'd expect because we all know whatever music comes out of the YouTube sphere, more specifically the popular side of YouTube, is just the epitome of capitalisation. From the production end of things this album ... read more
It’s always an alarming sign when the guests are the best thing about an album, and that is certainly the case with the debut album of prominent YouTube superstar KSI. Dissimulation is a record that follows in the grand tradition of most rap records created by YouTubers in being pretty terrible. Lyrically, KSI shows himself to be ridiculously lacking in versatility, rapping mostly about all the money he has earned and all the sex he has. When he finally demonstrates that there is indeed ... read more
This album really is horrible. KSI is a Youtuber and makes youtube content for pre-teens. THe music he does is incredibly corny, especially the Youtube rap beefs that were going on. U know. Rice, the Pauls, etc. Like it was so corny, but everyone else he "beefed" with was corny, so he stood out. In comparison to other Youtubers music, this is great, but a really horrible listen. Just like KSI's boxing, really good against some of his Youtube rivals, but against real professional ... read more
JJ has a couple good verses but he uses autotune in the worst way possible. There’s no creativity here from his part. He just recycled trap cliches and stuff he heard on Birds in the Trap.
Instrumentals are just basic.
Trippie, Offset & Rick Ross gave me the only entertainment and for that, I think them from the bottom of my heart.
Let me just preface something real quick. KSI is a very good youtuber.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I think the one person who KSI reminds me the most of is Macklemore following the widespread success of Thrift Shop. Thrift Shop was pretty much a meme song for Macklemore and it really just blew up entirely off of luck. After that, he was insanely motivated to prove to the world that he was more than just a meme artist. He made an Eminem-inspired fast rap anthem, a “deep ... read more
This is exactly what I expected it would be. The production is generic, KSI is not a good rapper, and the constant phoned-in features get annoying after a while. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever heard, but it’s just painfully mediocre.

Fav Tracks: Poppin, Wake Up Call

Least Fav Tracks: Cap, Houdini, Domain
It's impressive that an album only 33 minutes long can feel like such a drag to get through. The autotune is horrible, the rapping is nothing special, the beats are generic and the mixing is kinda bad at some moments.
Some people pointed out that the guest rappers are the best part of the record, which I probably agree. It's hilarious that the best song, Houdini, barely has JJ in it. But, this song aside, I dont think the features were that good.
I feel like I'm taking this album way too ... read more
I'd rather listen to heskey time, at least theres some comedic value there
Not much to say about this. I guess it's just another subpar/average album. Not much going on that's interesting. Here's some notes I guess:

-KSI's autotune sounds really bad, it ruined most of the songs, especially in the first half
-Jeremih sounds like Swae Lee on Bad Lil Vibe
-The beats are just ok on most songs

Best Tracks: Poppin, Wake Up Call, Domain, Down Like That
Worst Tracks: What You Been On, Houdini, Killa Killa
It's intelligible and not tone-deaf, so its a W for KSI. He mimics every mumble rapper convention with ease, which isn't saying much, but again it is surprising how competent this record is, how low has the standard become? Other artists who pushed through from YouTube have made very credible careers since; (Biebs and Joji especially) But for KSI to walk into the rap sphere so easily is either a testament to his hustle or how fucking sad hip-hop's "pop" derivation of sound is, I'm ... read more
This album? People I know went to the listening party and came back saying it was awful. I listened, and it was nothing but amazing. I rated every track.

KSI’s beat selections were for the most part good, good feature selections. His delivery was always confident and his flow was never in a bad spot.

Autotune was on a majority of these tracks and on some, it was so soothing and on others it made me want to kill myself.

Here are my ratings:
What You Been On: ... read more
An okay/mediocre effort from an artist that shows potential despite the obvious bandwagon.

Every Logic album is getting a bad score from now on.
Every KSI album is getting a bad score from now on.
Every Eminem album is getting a bad score from now on.
Every Drake album is getting a bad score from now on.
Every Jaden album is getting a bad score from now on.

The list goes on. It's fun to meme the hell out of the artist. I get why it happens. A lot of us probably check this website or Twitter ... read more
To this album's credit, it does have a few bangers here and there. Nothing here is outright unlistenable, although there are definitely moments that I would have reconsidered in the production here and there, but whatever. KSI's performance is pretty poor though: ultimately he is the most dispensable component of his own record. But ultimately I can't say that I didn't enjoy this album to some extent at least.
Someone said this this is KSI's Yeezus and I just can't agree more LMAOOOO
It’s better than his first atrocity of an album for sure but I think it says something that KSI is always the weakest link on songs with features. With that being said, his features are surprisingly passable and there are a couple songs I’ll probably revisit.
Wtf is happening??? In what world should KSI the fifa youtuber ever have songs with offset and lil pump? He so bad and cringe whenever he comes into songs. Hes clearly trying so hard and he cant even make a song on his own so he decides to get some huge names that will draw attention but instead just show everyone how mediocre and terrible is cause the features are actually okay. He just isnt able to be compelling and sounds his adlibs and bars sound like the most generic shit ever. The sad ... read more
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