Fontaines D.C. - A Hero's Death
A Hero's Death
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In the middle of the rush, the dubliners brilliantly managed to come up with another album in a short space of time that was just as punchy but particularly different. If Dogrel staged the scenery and the context, A Hero's Death is a deeper and more sophisticated work on several layers, focusing on something more abstract and mysterious.

Founded only 3 years ago, everything goes so fast for Fontaines D.C. Yet the band doesn't skip steps, on the contrary the band faces them determinedly, with ... read more
If I told you a band’s sophomore album proved that they’d used up all their catchiest song ideas, all their most instant melodies and all their debut exuberance on the first record you’d probably surmise that this second release must’ve ended up a disappointment. Well dear reader, that all depends on what the band were left to work with.

In the case of Fontaines D.C. what remained was a soulful quality that was always there in the background on ‘Dogrel’ but ... read more
Fontaine’s D.C. are one of my absolute favorite newcomers on the music circuit as of late. Their debut record from last year was one of the years’ best and brought a fresh sound and energy to one of my favorite genres in post-punk.

These guys are just so good at structuring really fun and interesting tracks together. The poignant lyrics featured on many of their tracks are a huge highlight as well. Tracks like “I Don’t Belong” “You Said” and ... read more
If there's something that 2020 was missing out on, it was Depression!

Fontaines D.C. are a group that I absolutely love what they have put out, including the in your face and fun as hell debut record 'Dogrel' that feels like if Joy Division was made in the modern age. They make post punk music for kids to both cry and punch walls to, and by god do they do it well. So, to say I was excited for this new album was an understatement! I was so goddamn hyped for this thing!

However, I did have my ... read more
"Sophomore slump my ass", they said while staring blissfully into the abyss...

After that pretentious intro to get you reading, let me tell you why this blows their debut record out of the water - a first effort I enjoyed immensely no less. Any sane person will tell you that the Fontaines stood out among the new wave of punk bands right from the off. Most of that praise, however, had to be attributed to frontman Grian Chatten's phenomenal voice, delivery and poetry (and his piercing ... read more
In contrast to Dogrel, Fontaines D.C. output something entirely melodic and melancholic on A Hero's Death. The album before it built up the reputation for the Dublin based post-punk outfit as major voices in the scene, and this album shows that Fonaines D.C. are ready to use that voice for something mighty.

Where Dogrel leaned heavily into the punk end of their sound, A Hero's Death certainly leans away and embraces the post side. The songs incorporate far more moody instrumentation and dim ... read more
a total 180;

a moody, depressive art achievement w/ spring-time feeling of calm upsetting the nervous wreck panic attack feeling lingering in the background

‘a hero’s death’ is what Fontaines D.C. will be known for: post-punk, although it’s a bit too much at times (being immersive as hell)
A spacious, expansive followup to their debut Dogrel, this post-punk effort delivers a thrilling, frenetic maturity unto the material with consistency and sophistication. Harnessing cohesion and clarity within the tracks that revolves around the success from their first record, they've yet added a dynamic range and clarity from this tracks, delivering a sound so energetic and disquieting. A deft, darker listen that proves a giant leap to a band reaching for the abyss, and gets it done with ... read more
In preparation for this album's release, I returned to the group's beloved 2019 debut album, Dogrel, and gave it another listen. One of the main reasons why that album was so loved was because of the sheer amount of punk-personality and freshness that FDC brought to the table in an age where punk wasn't necessarily the most exciting genre in music. They weren't afraid to incorporate the styles of their influences in their own material but they didn't get carried away with it. They made sure ... read more
Okay this is the best post-punk album so far this year.
Punchy guitars clear vocals and very very nice percussion.
It's hard to make a post-punk album that stands out but Fontaines somehow manage it and you are trapped in their claws from the first track to the last one.
it's a classic babyyy!

coming out of the forefronts as one of the most revered and talked about punk and rock band of the past few years fontaines d.c. emerges once more with their best record yet, an intrapersonal and in-depth look inward into the band's themes and it's sound and style that has made them so well-known. coming off their previous record dogrel, which was an exciting and thrilling record, the band has been contemplating their existence as a band whilst touring, they've even ... read more
▲ = I Don't Belong, Love Is The Main Thing, Televised Mind, A Lucid Dream, You Said, Oh Such a Spring, A Hero's Death, Living in America, Sunny
▬ = I Was Not Born, No
▼ =
I thought "Dogrel" was a great and well-written post-punk record with tons of energy and great production. From there, I was curious as to where they might go next with this sound. A little over a year later and Fontaines D.C. shift to a darker, more gothic approach to their post-punk sound on "A Hero's Death". This shift isn't anything to worry about, however, as I'm starting to prefer this direction. The energy of their first record is mostly lessened and traded in for ... read more
The dysfunction of modern society is at it's most raw and frank on Fontaines D.C.'s sophomore effort, "A Hero's Death". The Dublin outfit provide a series of sharp post-punk cuts and spine-chilling production on the LP, equating to what has to be the most exciting and spirited release in it's genre all year.

After 2019's critically-acclaimed "Dogrel", the notion of a sufficient follow-up was all important in continuing the upward trajectory of the band. And sooner than ... read more
Fontaines DC return with a superior outing to their critically acclaimed debut Dogrel, which I found to be decent but it left me a little cold. This, however, sees the band striking out harder into the post punk aspects of their sound and the result is an absolute net positive. The droning, single note vocals sound much more fitting in the context of the angular guitars and heavy basslines, much more readily at place than on Dogrel. While i still wasn't blown away by this, it is a clear step in ... read more
With Dogrel, Fontaines D.C. showed promise with bombastic but flawed Irish post-punk, which I hoped that given time on a sophomore release would be fine tuned into a formidable contender in this new resurgeance of the genre. It's sad to report, however, that this second album from the band takes a much more unexpected and subdued turn, and while lead vocalist Grian Chatten is still the most enigmatic performer in the group, the songwriting here is so lacking and basic with stagnant guitar ... read more
Dang this thing is enjoyable, and a great shift in sound from their debut in my opinion. The moody, brooding post-punk vibe the band brings on this record is fantastic.
The Boys are Back in Town
I gave Dogrel a 9 upon its release last year and became somewhat of a Fontaines DC stan.
A Hero’s Death comes up very short in terms of the energy & excitement of that record but maybe it’s more fitting for times like this.
Although I do think this LP is very solid, I can’t help but feel a bit annoyed after listening. This band has SO MUCH potential and great songs in them but they put out songs like Love is the Main Thing & I Was Not Born. Tracks that are ... read more
It just exudes this enrapturing odor of mildewed alleys, unfiltered cigarettes and hazy aftergloom. It's post-punk sprinkled with Sonic Youth and something... more. I actually find it quite hard to define how well this thing rides the line between exhilarating and melancholy, doing so in pretty much every track from start to finish. You could run and cry -- at the same time -- to the sound of a A Hero's Death, and that really is something.
slightly overhyped. the best songs left me with Fully Clenched Asshole Syndrome (FCAS) but the worst left me shruggign
The urgency at which "A Hero's Death" comes and plays out is not something that's very easy to miss. There's a real, potent anxious energy to these tracks, as if they could burst at any moment. That comes as a bit of a pleasant surprise to me, honestly, considering that Dogrel felt like a really good album that I never thought was engaging or charismatic enough to warrant multiple reasons (the main reason why it kept growing off me throughout 2019).

Even though Fontaines D.C., other ... read more
Not quite as fun as the debut but still super good. May revise up later. Pleasantly surprised to get another strong effort from them so fast after the debut
The dark mood of the album gives a good impression of what you've heard.
(88/100) When 'Dogrel' was released I had a strong intuition of how capable Fontaines D.C can be, that cavernous post-punk sound reminiscent of Joy Division and early recordings of The Cure were definitely reasons to consider it the best debut album of last year.

The promotional singles were proof that his charisma would remain on his sophomore, now with a production concerned in textures adding more melodic and alternative moments during the 11 tracks. 'A Hero's Death' has an instrumental ... read more
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