Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated Side B
Dedicated Side B
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Is it even possible for her to make bad music?
I just don't care, call her miss overrated, I call her miss perfection.
Carly Rae Jepsen is just on ANOTHER level of music, she became almost a magician, a sorcerer of fantastic pop music.
And it KILLS me HOW FUCKING MUCH she's not getting the mainstream attention that she fucking deserves!!!!!!
It's literally a crime. Still, I guess the real artists out there are never gonna get what they should, but nonetheless I love her to death, one of my fav musicians of all time.
It's both admirable and worrying that Carly Rae Jepsen was able to propose a "B-side" project better than her real version. Of course we won't complain about it, but it's still amazing to see that she still has so much to offer.

First of all, I must say that I'm not a big fan of Carly Rae Jepsen and this synthpop/dance pop girly mix, but I've followed her evolution and releases with care. At the same time it's inevitable to miss her talent. Just like Dua Lipa did this year, I find ... read more
8/10...very good
Whoa this is so euphoric. It feels like fireworks and a warm blanket. I needed this.
favorites: this love isn’t crazy,window, felt this way(!!!), summer love, fake mona lisa, lets sort this whole thing out(!!!), now i don’t hate california after all
least favorite: this is what they say
Ooh my, this was a nice listen.

Carly Rae Jepsen returns with an album that, unlike what the title might suggest, sounds like anything but a collection of B-Sides. This album feels distinctly different from her last album Dedicated and all these tracks are just so much fun. The production is colorful, the hooks just feel so satisfying, and Carly's vocals are full of life and carry the tracks even more. This album will definitely go down as one of my favourite pop albums this year, and I have ... read more
Carly Rae Jepsen proves once again that her B-Side content isn't even near the quality of a B-Side, in fact, it's just as good as the album it came from! These are all catchy, well-produced and sharply-written pop songs that combine heartbreaks, crushes and a sheer amount of optimism into one great package!

Fav Tracks: Felt This Way, Let's Sort the Whole Thing Out, Summer Love, Heartbeat, Fake Mona Lisa, Now I Don't Hate California After All, Stay Away

Least Fav Track: ... read more
Carly has been one of my favourite artists for a number of years now, and despite that, last year's Dedicated always sat somewhere lukewarm with me. Despite the number of fantastically catchy and well produced tracks from it, there was too many underwhelming cuts for me to truly appreciate.

Mercilessly, I'm feeling a hell of a lot more positive towards this album. Though it is still not perfect ("Window" being rather aimless, and "Let's sort the whole thing out" being one ... read more
carly has created a cult with retro synth-pop and plain expression to affairs since emotion, I am one of them. this long-awaited side b of dedicated as she had promised finally released, she persists in going down, not deep tho, to this path. perhaps the girl just wanna have fun, and the album is enjoyable, adorable, and danceable, I have fun too.
Let's Sort This Whole Thing Out is actually next level Carly
Em 'Dedicated Side B', Carly Rae Jepsen entrega um material rico em produção e um pop polido que resgata a sonoridade synth-pop do álbum anterior, resultando em um trabalho que mesmo atual, tem influência direta dos anos 80s, sendo representado por sintetizadores e um formato mid-tempo. Divertido na medida que deve ser, o álbum não deixa de ter canções sobre sentimentos e emoções, o que acaba firmando a excêntrica ... read more

“Side B” of Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2019 output “Dedicated” is debatably better than the first group of tracks. The songs here are very memorable, as always, this time exhibiting hints of a little more experimentation and catchiness.

Color: Pink
FAV TRACKS: Window, Now I Don’t Hate California After All, Heartbeat, This Love Isn’t Crazy, Comeback, Felt This Way
LEAST FAV: Solo, Summer Love
It's almost like there would be no other name that could work for Dedicated Side B. After almost exactly one year, Carly Rae Jepsen returns with a major surprise, a companion piece to her album Dedicated. That album was a major success story in my mind, so I had no question that Side B would end up being just as much of a win for the pop star.

Last year I described Dedicated as an album where you wouldn't be embarrassed to get the songs stuck in your head, and ditto for Side B. These songs are ... read more
Carly obviously has the secret code on making perfect pop music. The themes on side b match up with side a. optimistic/ bright eyed love/ romance mixed with some heartbreak. Great production, great vocals and some really interesting sounds I didn't expect from Carly. Felt This Way/ Stay Away are a major highlight for me. Using the same pre chorus on two different songs with really different themes. The power of her emotive vocals.
Faves: Heartbeat, Summer Love, Solo
dedicated's little brother has a rocky start, but it ultimately finds its footing thanks to carly rae jepsen's coherent and enjoyable songwriting, and the album's overall great production. although there's nothing that really lives up to my favorite song from dedicated, "i'll be your girl," there are definitely tracks on here that give the original a run for its money, namely "stay away," "summer love," "fake mona lisa," and "now i don't hate ... read more
bi because I like guys and Carly Rae Jepsen
Good B-Side album with some of her best work.
Better than the actual album in my opinion.
It seems unbelievable that this is coming from the same person who made "Call me Maybe" .
"Real" pop has quite a bright future ahead of it.
Dedicated Side B is a celebration of love. Almost every song in this project sound energetic and nostalgic, with lots of synth melodies and funky basslines. The instrumentals are a nice contrast to Carly's soft voice, that really suits this 80’s throwback type of sound. It’s almost like she’s the Kyle Minogue of her generation. Even though some songs may sound forgettable, this album is full of bangers that will make every listener dance.
BEST TRACKS: This Love Isn’t ... read more
Carly Rae Jepson surprises fans by continuing the "Dedicated" cycle with a project that despite it's spontaneity, presents itself as fantastic record with plenty of dazzling, expertly produced pop ventures. With assertive lyrics and beaming instrumentals, "Dedicated Side B" is a lovably bright application of ever-so effective dance pop techniques. The introductory track, "This Love Isn't Crazy" lets the audience know immediately the extent to which Jepsen will ... read more
Carly Rae Jepsen just released a project full of 12 throwaway tracks from her great 2019 album “Dedicated”. After listening to them, it’s pretty clear why these are B-side tracks in the first place. Not because they are bad or poor in any way, but in context of the fact that they’re supposed to be a part of Dedicated and the fact that they come from someone as accomplished and talented as Carly, these songs seem relatively low in quality.

The album still showcases the ... read more
Not much intrigue here. Nothing here particularly innovative or emotive in any way.
There was a slight sadness beneath the bright sounding tunes, a sense of longing for happiness/love ahead but it didn't hit hard enough. The songs themselves were not that interesting, lack of progression/mood/emotion/experimentation with sounds/interesting lyrics or themes.
Last track was very good however, clear standout of the album, it ends the album with a serene and blissful ending which answers the ... read more
“Dedicated Side B” é um conjunto de faixas descartadas do quarto álbum de estúdio de Carly Rae Jepsen, “Dedicated”, lançado em 2019. Poucos dias depois que completou um ano do seu lançamento, a cantora compartilhou 12 canções que possuem a mesma proposta do lançamento anterior.

Semelhante ao “Dedicated (2019)”, o mesmo conjunto de gêneros musicais e referências é introduzido de forma ... read more
Though it’s 1980’s influence is less intense, Dedicated Side B is arguably better than Dedicated and is a great follow up to that album. Carly does tone down the 1980’s influence, but still provides for some really peppy dance-pop anthems. The production is so lively and fun and Carly’s incredibly vibrant vocals makes these tracks memorable and some of her best material to date. This album is a must listen for pop fans and it will definitely end up as one of my favorite ... read more
Queen Carly returns with a set of B-Sides that don't even sound like B-sides, but songs that sound just good as the original Dedicated.

These song are just so bloody textured and vibrant. It also astonishes me how groovy and infectious these tracks are. They keep the same bouncy and energetic momentum of the first Dedicated, all while sounding completely different from Dedicated. She might as well have made this a completely different album with a new name.

There's also a layer of atmosphere ... read more
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