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It's no surprise that this new album is dreadfully good, but it's always surprising to see how Everything Everything has always pushed the limits of their creativity, without ever losing its flavor. Intelligently written, Re-Animator is electrically powerful through the guitars, deeply touching to the beat of the synthesizers.

For those of you familiar with the Manchester-based band, you'll know that musically, although they've evolved over the course of albums without really getting off the ... read more
Oh, it’s gonna be like that huh?

Look, before I go on: Just listen to this album. It’s some of the most euphoric sounding electronic rock you’ll hear all year. If your a fan of acts like Radiohead or just want to see what the fuss is about with this band, this album should be right up your ally. Just listen to it.

That being said...goddamn!

While i’ve never admitted to being an Everything Everything stan (even though I adore Get to Heaven a lot like nearly everyone ... read more
Bright and beautiful like an Arizona sunset, Everything Everything follow up their decade long, 4-album run with a strong burst into 2020. Welcome "Re-Animator" to this humble discography!

Swimming in nostalgic and dreamy chord progressions, the band leans into the pop aesthetic even more with crisp arpeggiated synths and drowning-in-reverb vocals. Even though it may seem like they perfected their sound on their widely-agreed magnum opus "Get to Heaven", they are ... read more
The boys are back in town, and they haven't lost a shred of their greatness.

Following up the masterpiece that was Get to Heaven and the underrated A Fever Dream is a bit of a daunting task. Everything Everything had high expectations to meet; the pressure was turned up to the max. The singles had me hyped, but I had never expected the boys to drop a project *this* strong. Re-Animator is (dare I say) everything I wanted from a new EE album and more.

This record has their classic bright ... read more
pros: futuristic, dynamic and rhythmic; Re-Animator is a sonic and eclectic journey with a sci-fi and existential introspectiveness mixed in, collaborating together to create an progressive and conscious album that's concise and satisfying in all corners; Everything Everything takes a more subtle and complex route with this record compared to their previous ones, instead of the usual bombastic and grandiose style they're known for (although some songs do still resemble that style) they've taken ... read more
Crucify me immediately for it, but this is actually my first foray into Everything Everything. I've heard plenty of praise for the groups last decade of material, especially in regard to their heavily praised album Get To Heaven which by some is considered a cult favorite, but for whatever reason the group have continued to allude me. Although there are certainly some things to enjoy about the Manchester collective and I can see where some of the cult appeal comes from, jumping into the album ... read more
【Sad Times】

This feels off, these songs feel so soulless. I haven't listened to A Fever Dream yet, but in comparison to Get To Heaven these songs lack the heart, charisma and energy of the tracks off that album. this project just feels like a collection of pretty average pop cuts, a few highlights here and there but unimpressive overall.
If Get To Heaven sounded like a nuclear bomb going off in the middle of a populated city, Re-Animator is more akin to one of those handheld sparklers you get on the Fourth of July. That being said, while this album is much more subtle in its approach, at the end of the day it's still the Everything Everything we all know and love. It's got some of the best songs of the band's career, from the perfect opener that is Lost Powers, to the infinitely danceabe It Was A Monstering, the pure insanity ... read more
Everything Everything maintain their signature electro-alt sound with some indie-pop vibez.

truly EVERYTHING is smooth AND experimental. it’s got skeletal energy; the bass is killer. super congrats to Jeremy Pritchard (and EVERYone involved with this production).

on “black hyena”, when Higgs sings “black hi-ena don’t abi-iy-ide.. hello re-animator” it’s brilliantly hidden the album’s title in slurred backgrounding fashion. it does not abide ... read more
Manchester art rock outfit Everything Everything return after 3 years with what might be my favourite project of theirs, expanding on the larger than life sound that I enjoyed so much about their last album while also incorporating the more experimental stylings of Get To Heaven into, in my opinion, greater effect. The instrumentation is lush and highly textured (listen to In Birdsong to see the true extent of how texturally dense this project can get), and their songwriting is thoughtful and ... read more
Everything Everything return from two quite massive albums. Get To Heaven being their biggest release to date, receiving universal acclaim and so many people referring to it as their favourite albums. Then we had A Fever Dream, which while for me had a dud or two in the tracklist it still stood out as an oddity in their discography. It felt dark and unsettled with darker themes. Re-Animator in a way feels like another Get to Heaven… that’s a good and bad thing.

Re-Animator feels ... read more
Probably my favorite album so far from the prog prop band, Everything Everything pull a reverse Uno card and make the second half of their album better than than the first (unlike A Fever Dream) and also manage to improve on the formula of Get to Heaven to make a album that is grandiose at times but also introspective. Overall I still wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of the band, Jonathan Higgs's vocal range has a case of being a bit too much for me at times but when it's not missing the hits really ... read more
They've only gone and done it again!

I'll refrain from my usual extended preamble in which i go over artist history or my personal connection to their work. However i will simply say i've been a fan of Everything Everything for years now and 5 albums deep, i'm yet to be disappointed.

Re-Animator sees the group looking a little more inward than usual, as much of the music here doesn't jump out in quite the same esoteric and visceral way that grabbed the attention of many fans up to this point. ... read more
Edit : 68
Some tracks definitely grew on me here. Some of my original least favs have become my favs. But this still remains a pretty underwhelming project imo.

Over the past year I’ve come to be a pretty big fan of this band. Their albums Get To Heaven and Arc are easily two of my most listened to albums this year. Especially the former for its very visceral, almost math rock inspired grooves being fused with a great sense of melody and a talent for songwriting. While the follow up to ... read more
The only album by Everything Everything I had heard before this one was their 2015 album “Get To Heaven, which was one of the best albums of the last decade in my opinion.” This one isn’t as good as that album, but it’s still a really great album. The synth-heavy electronic rock style they used on this album was executed really well and I like how it’s stripped-back and rhythmic but still really bright and infectious. I also really like Jonathan Higgs’ vocals ... read more
Everything Everything is singing on Re-Animator with such a positive, good mood that it also makes your soul more fun.
Bring that fat ass over here
I wanna get it in my mouth
I wanna get it in my mouth
Ohhh, Oh
I wanna suck on ya fat ass babe
Gotta suck on that ass baby
I gotta suck on that ass yo
I'm talking yeo I wanna spread that ass apart
Get my tongue in ya ass

Eatin' on ya ass
A yo
I'm eatin' on ya
Eatin' on ya
Eatin' on ya ass
I'm eatin' on ya motherf**kin' ass

I wanna see it baby
Give me ya ass
Yeo the whole ass
I wanna eat it with my tongue and mouth
You gotta do it
Despite plenty of highs, RE-ANIMATOR fails to come together into something greater for me. Big Climb, Black Hyena, Violent Sun; these are all great songs with complex lyricism over lush production and instrumentation. However, I can’t shake the fact that the album never really becomes a bigger picture. It’s this lack of cohesion that prevents me from absolutely loving this album; as it stands, it’s really enjoyable, and it seems I’ll have to check out their previous ... read more
Get To Heaven was one of the best pop albums of the 2010's, and it's not surprising as to why, its creative flair, ambition, thoughtful lyrics, as well as it bringing together artsy, funky, progressive elements. The follow-up, A Fever Dream was still good, but the uniqueness of the group was toned down a bit. I was hoping they would have picked things up on Re-Animator, but some of the singles made me worried though, because a lot of Everything Everything's unique qualities seemed to have been ... read more
Drippin in gold, Everything Everything managed to deliver a great album. Influenced by several genres, 'Re-Animator' is a complex but very digestive pop rock album. I would like to say that this is the first time I hear anything from them, and this made me a little excited to dig their discography, probably will do later this next week. I personally enjoy bands that mix what can be considered generic and transform the sound into something new and unique.
Despite a couple of good tracks and several intriguing moments, Everything Everything's newest record is an unfortunate step down from some of their previous efforts. This may be their most progressive and ambitious release yet, but it just doesn't have the overwhelming charm or undeniable catchiness that I'm used to hearing from them.

Decent 6/10
While there were moments on this album where it did sound quite grand, epic and lush, most of this didn’t really click with me, I want to check this band other stuff, but for right now this was alright
‘A Fever Dream’ took a while to reveal itself as a more carefully constructed effort than ‘Get to Heaven’ and I have a sneaky suspicion this latest album will pull off a similar trick given time.

It’s A LITTLE more subdued and perhaps that is a weakness when you consider that the most uptempo and pop-centric hook’y tunes are the best on offer here. In particular the propulsive ’Violent Sun’ is the band’s most essential finale, as close to ... read more
(Rating is subject to change) It's not unlistenable but I really wish the singing was brought further forward, it really could've had the power to change the entire mood of the album. This is truly boring and takes too little risks, especially vocally. The sad thing is, there are so many good ideas here not being utilized anywhere close to there full potential. If the tempos were faster, if the singing was more obnoxious, if the production took more risks this could've actually been quite good ... read more
I was hyped to say the least to hear that Everything Everything would be dropping their 5th studio album, mainly due to 1) Their Consitistient discography and 2) How amazing some of the standout tracks in that catalog are. So before even going in, I know this album was 99.999% going to be a fun and entertaining listen and it is. Now, truth be told I don't think it is on the Same level as Get To Heaven, but it is nice growth within their sound with some amazing standout tracks especially some of ... read more
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