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Welcome to the 2020 Version of the list! Here we go again!
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Albums that I plan on listening to. If I've already rated it, I'm re-listening because I don't think the rating is accurate. Not in any order, though albums released in the current year will probably ...
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Every Album I Listened to in 2020
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Average Score: 68 Out of 178 albums... Flawless albums: 1 Amazing albums: 20 Great albums: 43 Good albums: 32 Decent albums: 29 Okay albums: 17 Mediocre albums: 14 Bad albums: 10 Horrendous albums: ...
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Music is great!
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A new thing I'm trying this year, where I write about my musical experience from every day of the year. BTW, If i have a score change of a record later on I'm not changing it here. I want this to be ...
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10/10s: 1 9/10s: 5 8/10s: 29 7/10s: 43 6/10s: 46 5/10s: 27 4/10s: 11 3/10s: 6 2/10s: 6 1/10s: 5 Less than 1/10s: 0 Total Albums: 179
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the listening list but only releases from 2020.
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All the albums that I listened to in 2020. I originally wanted to include EPs as well but... nah.
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Besides all the bullshit, at least we got these...
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July Playlist