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You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
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some of my favorite covers from 2020. ongoing!
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just stuff i wanna listen to but haven't yet done so
Updated 13h ago 1
Help me jesus
Updated 2d ago
Updated 6d ago
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Updated 3d ago
albums i'm currently evaluating
Updated 5d ago
Updated 1d ago
I have high hopes for the rest of the musical year as the overall quality of artists' output is getting better every month. These are my top 5 albums of each month Always updating when I find a ...
Updated 22h ago
The albums I happen to check out
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Shit I need to listen to
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Updated 2d agoRanked
Ever-growing list of albums I need to give a listen to based on multiple recommendations and what not.
Updated 2d ago
All the albums of 2020 I've heard in full, RANKED
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