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Out of 242 albums... Flawless albums: 1 Amazing albums: 15 Great albums: 48 Good albums: 50 Decent albums: 40 Okay albums: 38 Mediocre albums: 31 Bad albums: 11 Horrendous albums: 6 Cursed albums: ...
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Rules: .You are allowed to submit 1 album/ep/single/whatever for every month (One January Album, One February Album, etc.) .In order to submit an album you have to have a 1-3 sentence blurb about ...
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You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
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Feel free to comment some album covers you think should be on this list, might add some of them
Updated 3w ago 14
Ok I never do one of these, because I believe in saving your best of the year stuff for the end of the year, so I'm not treating this as a best of the year. It's just a list of rankings and stats. ...
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My record collection. Long live physical things! current count: 325 listed & scored as of 9/15/20
Updated 1w ago 13
So I recently bought my first ever vinyl, this will obviously be in the order of purchase, and yes my first vinyl was Lift Your Skinny Fists
Updated 1mo ago 10
We’re at the start of a new decade. Let’s see what future classics will be in store, shall we?
Updated 2w ago 9
some cool / interesting covers from 2020. ongoing!
Updated 3d ago 8
This makes it easier to show record stores
Updated 1mo ago 8
Albums that completely blew me away
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I didn't do the stuff that's difficult to track down (most notably Jimi Sharp) but I don't think any of you will take issue with that.
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Here's a bunch of cover arts I really like, y'know, the ones that just hit out of the park for me. Album covers that work perfectly with the music but also just look great.
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Updated 1w agoRanked 5
every album from 2020 that i listened in 2020 not ranked, cronological order
Updated 2h ago 5
This is excluding EPs
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Pitchfork famously has the "Best New Music" designation which is given to a handful of highly-rated albums each year (generally albums rated 8.3+ as far as I can tell). This is a catalogue ...
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This list entails my top 10 favorite albums of the year 2020. This list will be updated throughout the year.
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