I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses

Backxwash - I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses
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2021 Ratings: #151 / 511
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A processing of powerlessness and reclaiming of that power through self-expression, I Lie Here presents audiences with a less restrained version of Mutinta's songwriting and vocal delivery. It's an absolute gift to industrial hardcore, hip-hop and metal.

Beats Per Minute

Yes, I Lie Here Buried… is an angry album, but it’s one that inspires empathy, solidarity and rueful sadness. In a compassionate and just world, Ashanti wouldn’t be judged for how she self-identifies and presents; she wouldn’t have to pit herself against her family, against society, and against God.

Loud and Quiet

This follow-up is even more focused and impressive, in part due to the centring that one emotion. These are songs that exist at the edge of annihilation, in demonic fever dreams of and drug binges to numb the pain.

The Needle Drop

Backxwash returns with a tour-de-force of harrowing and hellish songcraft.

The Zambian Canadian rapper and producer’s third album is heavy and suffocating, cranking up the murk and intensity to reveal the relief within unbridled anger.
Spectrum Culture

Ashanti Mutinta’s writing is strong as always, and the aesthetics serve her concept well, but Backxwash needs to spend some more time at the drawing board to recapture the black magic conjured on God Has Nothing to Do with This.

While she’s been exploring witchy and horrorcore aesthetics combined with trap and industrial metal, it wasn’t until Backxwash’s 2020 album “God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It” that I feel Backxwash turned it from an experiment/gimmick into a fully realized sound, being my second favorite album of the year and garnering her a huge amount of attention with a lot of anticipation for how she follows it up. That followup, which happens to be the second ... read more
I went into this REALLY wanting to love it, and while I do still really like it and there are a lot of highlights, I can’t help but be underwhelmed due to how much potential Backxwash has.

I liked Backxwash’s last record, but I thought it didn’t always feel fully realized. I was hoping this new album would improve upon the shortcomings of her previous album, and while I do think it’s better, I still see room for improvement. One thing that doesn’t need ... read more
Full truth, I might have been riding the Backxwash hype train so much the smog from the engine has clogged up my brain. Do not trust a single word I say for I have been possessed by a trickster spirit. That being said...she's still super fantastic.

While not my favorite from her (that's to be expected with a style change like this) this album still helps to build out Ashanti's music exploring new dimensions. Like if God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It was Ok Computer this would ... read more
pride month day 20

i lie here.. is just entertaining as it is terrifying.
the atmosphere backxwash manages to create is dark as hell yet extremely beautiful. i really love the way she blends industrial metal and hip hop into something that sounds nothing like anything i’ve heard before. the production on this is fucking wild and it truly impresses me that (apart from a little help from clppng), she produced this on her own!

faves: wail of the banshee, terror packets, blood in the ... read more
Going into this record, I'd actually never heard a Backxwash record (I missed the one she dropped last year), so I was quite intrigued to see what she'd do on her fourth album. "I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses" sonically goes up many of my preferred alleys, me being a fan of industrial hip hop/horrorcore artists like clipping.), yet the ideas came out as a little inconsistent overall. Whilst many of the tracks on here successfully create a hellish, yet addictively grim ... read more
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Added on: June 30, 2020