Conway the Machine - From King To A GOD
From King To A GOD
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I'm a little underwhelmed by this. Conway the Machine's "From King to a GOD" left me with a bitter taste even after a few listens. I'm still torn on it, I enjoy it to a certain degree but I'm not really digging it.
This project started out really weak to me, every song leading up "Juvenile Hell" is below average at worst and decent at the very best. After that I started getting into the mood and enjoyed it a bit more.
Conway the Machine is pretty hit or miss to me, ... read more
My favourite album this year so far.

This was the first album I've heard from Conway the machine and what an introduction it was.

The main thing about this album that stands out for me is the amazing production. It does have a similar vibe to alfredo by Freddie Gibbs but I prefer this as there is a bit more variety. The production is reminiscent to 90s rap but with a modern day twist and it sounds great. The intro track, from king, especially has such an atmospheric feel to it and I love ... read more
probably my favorite Griselda release this year so far. the beats are consistently exciting and unique, never really dragging or suffering from no-drum-itis. Conway, while far from the most charismatic or interesting rapper alive rn, displays a lot of versatility on these tracks that honestly took me by surprise. there's a lot of different sounds and styles on display here, it's not just your typical coke-rap Griselda joint. the trap-influenced Anza (with a fantastic Armani Caesar feature ... read more
Conway the Machine drops his long awaited solo studio album to follow up his Everything is Food series which ended last year. Compared to the other Griselda members, what edge does Conway really have? Westside Gunn has the most unique flows of any Griselda member, and an incredible recognizable voice paired with the best production of any Griselda member. Benny the Butcher has the hardest bars and best storytelling of any of the members paired with an amazingly braggadocious delivery.
So, what ... read more
Thank you, Mr. Conway, for making the worst song the first song. Makes the front-to-end listen much more enjoyable when I don't have to pay much mind to the intro.

If you wanna argue highest peaks vs other albums, go ahead. But in terms of consistency, this album reigns king - no pun intended. Good mix of mean style interrupted by softer/poppier sounds. Check out the Alchemist-produced Dough & Damani, which does both. Spurs 3, conversely, sounds like a xylophone getting shoved and bumped ... read more
My introduction to Conway the Machine was on the recent Westside Gunn project Pray for Paris, and at that time I really didn't have any concept of everything underneath that collaboration. The two, along with BENNY the BUTCHER, make up the blueprint of Griselda; a hip hop collective and independent label. Conway and Westside are half-brothers and BENNY is their cousin, and the three have incredible chemistry built out of their past few years of collaboration and clearly strong relationships. ... read more
I’d heard features from Conway, but never a full project. I was excited to listen to this, and I wasn’t disappointed.

From King To A GOD is an incredibly solid release, and probably my favorite Griselda project of the few that I’ve heard. The production is great, and gives a nice backdrop for Conway’s flows and bars. It has some flaws, and some of it blends together, but overall this is one of the best rap projects of the year

Fav Tracks: From King, Fear Of God, ... read more
The magical hip-hop structure in 'From King To A GOD' produced failure and glory at the same time. It would seem that almost half of this opus is beautiful, it dispels nostalgia, but the rest is different ... very boring, quiet by nature. However, given the album as a whole ... then everything goes to greatness.
Wow, this actually goes off. Didn't disappoint me at all.
"Griselda, we the inspiration, you can see me and Gunn's influencing all the music these niggas makin"... As we've been saying all year. My main takeaway from this is that The Machine needs to exec. produce a Method Man album. Mef is long overdue for the griselda treatment after his last few flops. And Lloyd Banks needs a griselda style comeback record too. Dej Loaf ruined that track for me, though.
It's incredible how after so many records Conway can pivot and develop his sound to ... read more
This shit was great.

Probably my 2nd favourite Griselda project this year (behind PfP). Consistency is key in this album, and although some flow experimentation is needed, Conway perfects his craft greatly in this project. Production fantastic, no disappointments.
"I ain't never satisfied, so I have to go harder" is this album summed up in one lyric. Some of the parts on this one that feature more singing did not win me over, but overall a very cool and intriguing rap album throughout. I also don't think Conway is that standout of a rapper yet (he has SO many voices all over this album alone) but still I think that's a flaw that'll purify itself with time and more projects.

Conway The Machine has already put his mark on 2020 with two collaborative EP’s – one with Alchemist (LULU), the other with Big Ghost Ltd (No One Mourns The Wicked). From King To A GOD is Conway’s third release of the year, and his first proper full-length.

From King To A GOD is Conway’s most diverse project to date and it includes the previously released tracks “Fear of God” featuring Dej Loaf, “Front Lines, “Seen Everything But Jesus” ... read more
Griselda Records allows for gangster rap to flourish in 2020. Trap is so mainstream today and people wouldn't rather listen to this? I love the Buffalo rap scene and it is so underrated. As much as this album feels like a celebration, there are often moments that just travel on what feels like an endless reiteration of triumph. A lot of strong moments and lyricism however not as much dynamic in individual tracks. This project as a whole is well put together and has an ample amount of strong ... read more
Coming into this album, my favorite Griselda member has handily been Benny The butcher, as my project has from the label has been The Plugs I Met. LULU, though not a bad project, was pretty much carried by Alchemist, so I wasn't dying to listen to this when it released. From the get-go, the feel and themes of this album are apparent. Ominous beats. Braggadocios bars. There are a lot of references to his "top-tier" lyricism, whether through interludes or his own bars. Although there ... read more
Griselda is definetely one of the most consistent rap groups right now, but that being said, I never loved a whole project from one of their members, but From King To A GOD certainly changed that.

This album is full of dark lyricism about the street life, with clever wordplay from Conway, he also proves himself to be a really good storyteller. Conway's verses are tragic, yet he stays confident and really braggadocious too. His voice is quite expressive and unique, and he mostly uses it to his ... read more
First of all,should i add the producers in the tracklist to keep it more interesting or nah? Anyways,back to the album. Didn't expect less from Conway. This is a raw album,filled with hard-hitting lyrics and,as DJ Shay (rip) said in "Jesus Khrysis",this is tied in with the essence of what makes Hip-Hop what it is. Griselda just keeps making this quality shit. Conway is running thru the right path. He got more versatile and,tbh,nobody expected that Murda Beatz song to hit so hard. ... read more
WOW I wasn't expecting this.

As a fan of Griselda and all the work they've been doing, obviously I was looking forward to this album, but I wasn't expecting it to be one of the best rap projects of the year.

I think the best aspect of this album is the production, it is punchy, it is consistent and it is captivating and it gives an excellent atmosphere and space for Conway to drop excellent bars with a lot of attitude and character.

All the features are quite good, even great tbh, and I ... read more
This album is a great bridge between Griselda's typical grimy sound and some trendier beats and lyrics. Conway really made a project that's true to his own sound but can appeal to a larger audience. I was glad to see that "Front Lines" made its way onto the tracklist because hopefully it will get the recognition it deserves. The features on this project all snap, and it's great to hear pretty much all of the Griselda-affiliated artists on one album. I also think the production is ... read more
Conway's latest is laser-focused and rounds off an incredible year with nearly 50 minutes of consistency.
Best song= Fear of god
Disliked: front lines

Meh: from king, lemon, dough and Damani, Spurs 3, Jesus khrysis

Liked: fear of god, juvenile hell, anza, seen everything but jesus, forever dropping tears, nothin less
Great album!
I haven't listened to a lot of Griselda's catalogue but from the stuff I have listened to I've previously felt that they tended to just rap over the same, sampled, slow boom-bap production over and over which made their projects hard to get through. Conway has flipped the Griselda formula on its head while including that traditional Griselda style, he also goes out of his comfort zone by rapping on some other beats (there's a Murda Beatz song for crying out loud). It really adds a lot of ... read more
Vibes New York cool dope real mcs is lyrics
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