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No Pressure
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A final episode that sounds very clearly like a last good note, also acting as doves of peace. Logic seems so relaxed that he has found the formula for success in himself.

No need to introduce Logic, a popular rapper who divides. For a few years now, he has even looked like a pain in the ass to his listeners, who at every opportunity find a way to beat him up, often more than he deserves. So whose fault is it? Let's be honest, Logic had taken the wrong direction for me lately with a series ... read more
Haven’t liked Logic since 2014, but Jesus this shit is so easy to listen to, straight-forward, and has flat out amazing beats. How tf are people giving this 0s. Super wack.
he got fucking snake on the album holy shit
Congratulations Logic, you made a good album!
I'm honestly extremely relieved that this record is fairly good, mostly considering that it is his last. I've never been that big of a fan of Logic himself but it's always nice to see an artist go out on a good note. It's interesting to me that Logic finally decided to at least attempt to return to form on his last album, as I wonder why he had never tried this before. Maybe this is a bit of a final attempt, or maybe he simply wants to be ... read more
No ID blessing us with some great beats, Logic with great flows, great album damn. Goin out with a bang.
This album is one of logics best. Compiling what we loved from Bobby Tarantino 1 and Underpressure. The beats on this album rival some of his best. This is going back to Logics roots and truly showing what his is best at. This album is taking a much more calm and cool approach to his music which really works for logic. This actually sounds like a genuine production that logic cares about, not like COADM which sounds very rushed. The remake of Soul Food II expresses what Logic wanted us to hear ... read more
A little boring for me, a bit slow, not really in the mood as of listening. That being said this is 100x better than his fucking awful music last year
So this is end of the Logic saga huh?

I'm a bit conflicted on how I should feel about Logic's retirement and his career, on one hand I have nostalgia for Logic, he was the first artist that I feel like I discovered on my own and Under Pressure was one of the first albums that I felt like I loved listening to on repeat, it truly resonated with me and I still hold that album in high regard to this day, I still even hold The Incredible True story in high regard too, but on the other hand my love ... read more
On what is being marketed as his retirement record, Logic has the pristine honor of bowing out on his highest note. No Pressure is sleek in production, well delivered, and most importantly not a chore to listen to.

The grandest highlight is without question the production here. Aided by the effortless work of No I.D., who has lent his hand in the works of artists like Common and Vince Staples, No Pressure sounds soaring in its beat choices and layered elements. Where other Logic albums ... read more
Like I said in my review of Under Pressure, I used to love Logic.

Picture me being around 15- 16 years old, going through a bit of a hip hop head phase. I first found about Logic on Sway in the morning delivering a dizzying freestyle. I was super impressed by it but didn't think too much of it afterward. One day in school, overheard some students playing a rapper, I recognized one of the lines:

"Goddamn, goddamn, conversations with legends, crazy how one day your idols can turn into ... read more
what a perfect way to end your career. you can tell logic cared so much about this. the amount of care and love put into this is insane. you can tell every verse and beat had a lot of thought into it. i’m really happy for logic and i wish him the best
So yeah, that was Logic. Cool guy really....he was *biracial.
If Logic always sounded like this, there would be an uproar about his retirement.

First of all, the production on No Pressure is phenomenal. No I.D. has crafted some of the smoothest beats and instrumentals that hip-hop has seen this year, and it’s a pleasure to hear. Logic has delivery that matches the beats, as he doesn’t try to steal the spotlight away from No I.D.’s work, and rather goes with the flow to make a groovy pairing. As he says in “Dark Place,” ... read more
Surprisingly, Logic's last album turns out to be his best album
[90.79] No Pressure, Logic's, I don't know I think 6th studio album will likely conclude the persona that is Logic. The theory goes that Young Sinatra finished with YSIV, Bobby Tarantino finished with COADM, and Logic will part with this one, the idea of retiring from the music industry something having been in the making for about two years. I know he'll continue to write, I know he'll prob write a comedy movie script or something. It's just insane to see how far this idol of mine has come, ... read more
"I love my wife like I am Chance" lmao i love it

He did it. Logic made it full circle and matched (if not out-performed) his first studio album, Under Pressure. He showed everyone that he can make some good music when it comes down to it. The production blew me away and his lyrics weren't extremely corny. I couldn't have asked for a better album to go out with.

Favorite songs: all of them except for one
Least favorite: 5 Hooks
lol he sampled igor's theme.

edit: roots sample too, damn

edit 2: wow this shit really good, i dont care what anybody else says
I’m as surprised as you are. This is Logic’s final album, and it’s almost sad to see him go, as… this is a genuinely good album. I went into this for a laugh considering I hated his previous album, and wanted to see what his final words were, I left it feeling incredibly positive and uplifted, the album had genuinely left an impact on me that wasn’t “that was shit”. I genuinely really enjoyed listening to this, and while there were some dud points, and ... read more
I can't believe you don't like Logic

Ugh, I don't like him because, like—when it's non like non-Logic-esque, I think it's a good album

Logic is a rapper that I loved back then, and I know I’m not alone on this opinion. His mixtapes and first two Lps “Under Pressure” and “The Incredible True Story” are great. He seemed like a nice story telling artist who had huge potential with his quick flows, clever lyrics, and charming personality. So what happened? ... read more

I was so scared this was going to be bad but logic came through with an amazing album which was the perfect close to an interesting career which had it's highs and lows.

Just like the title suggests this is reminiscent to logic's debut album "under pressure" which is my favourite logic album ( this album isn't that far off under pressure). Throughout the album logic talks about his rise to fame from rapping in his basement in a crime filled city. He also talks ... read more
Logic swaps out the zany & absurd for the chill & subdued; wearing his Drake, Eminem and MF DOOM influences on his sleeve en route to a powerful & extremely introspective farewell record.
Favorite track: Open Mic/Aquarius III
Worst track: Obediently Yours
It's such a shame it's taken until his supposed last album for Logic to go back to his Under Pressure hey-day, but whatever, this is a MASSIVE improvement over everything he's made since Bobby Tarantino, as Logic raps with a comfy ease, sounding as if he's locked and loaded, spitting with a level of finesse and craft that I've personally never heard before from Logic. The production from No-I.D. is nothing short of amazing, with crisp, beautiful drum work and truly mind-blowing sampling all ... read more
My experience with Logic's music might not have been as long as many other people's have; in fact I only started listening to him in 2018 with his Bobby Tarantino II mixtape; but I'm not lying when I say he's possibly the artist that really got me into hip hop; and even the music world in general. I fell in love with his music; his personality, lyrics and production just really appealed to me at the time. Albums like Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story are what made me want to listen ... read more
Never thought I'd say this, but... if he's actually done after this project, I'm sad to see Logic go. This is easily his best album to date, and I definitely think that if he could make just a few more records like this he could be one of the better rappers of this decade. One can hope.
Damn Logic you really made something special.
Logic’s new album No Pressure is quite the surprise. Okay look, I have hated Logic ever since I first heard him years ago. And I could of easily just given this album a really shitty review about how bad he is and stuff, but no. I decided to go into this album with an open mind and wow was this thing an absolute trip! With production inspired from Kanye West and the legendary MF DOOM, it had to be good, and thankfully it was. The beats are so ... read more
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