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Updated 3d ago55 albums 35
Upcoming albums that I am anticipating to various degrees.
Updated 15h ago86 albumsRanked 28
Albums I’m just hyped for
Updated 1w ago14 albums 15
Updated 3h ago45 albums 14
Updated 2d ago15 albums 7
projects that i’m anticipating. some more than others.
Updated 13h ago83 albumsRanked 7
Updated 2d ago22 albums 5
Yeah. This is just my “anticipated releases” list, lmao
Updated 11mo ago24 albums 4
Here's all the records coming out this year that I want to listen and rate/review. I'll be ordering them as I go, not chronologically, so you can see my journey this year.
Updated 1mo ago295 albums 4
Updated 2w ago23 albums 4
This is a list of my most anticipated albums and EPs of 2021. Albums are in order by release date. Albums with stars in the description are the albums I’m the most excited for. Albums are removed ...
Updated 2mo ago6 albums 4
Also just stuff that have already come out that I’m planning on getting to some time
Updated 50m ago45 albums 2
Updated 2h ago20 albums 2
Updated 2d ago63 albumsRanked 2
unranked are what i want to listen to but havent yet. ranking the decade as it goes along!
Updated 7mo ago200 albumsRanked 2
Ranked in terms of hyped-ness (i guess?) for the first 10-15 then it's just a bunch of shit I'm excited af for.
Updated 4mo ago154 albumsRanked 2
Projects I’m anticipating, for better or for worse.
Updated 2w ago11 albums 2
we have 4 levels 1- QUARANTA OR BEACH HOUSE 2- AOTY CONTENDER 3- i n t e r e s t i n g 4- I don't have that much hype but im curious
Updated 1w ago18 albums 1

AOTY January Playlist