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A list of records from the best and brightest Female Artists on the Indie, Alternative and Experimental Circuits
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List of albums I need to listen to
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its my 2020 AOTY contenders
Updated 1d ago
I'll be doing a best list for each year. With the past few years given that I've listened to way more stuff it'll be a top 100, (could be a top 200 but I need time) and progressing back through time ...
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A collective list of albums from the Indie and Alternative scenes in Vancouver, Canada This list is part of a larger collective of similar lists for other cities See the other cities I’ve done ...
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The "Records I Rate The Friday They Are Released" List
Updated 1w ago
these are albums i put on my schedule to listen to
Updated 14m ago
Best 2020 albums IMO,
Updated 1w ago
Álbuns lançados em 2020
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qualquer obra com 30min ou mais / seis músicas ou mais
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New albums
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October Playlist