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Updated 2y ago211 albumsRanked 3
This is my ranking of Shania's discography. Score: 78/100.
Updated 9mo ago6 albumsRanked 2
💿OVERALL DISCOGRAPHY SCORE (%): 47.1 / 60 = 79%
Updated 2mo ago6 albumsRanked 1
Updated 4mo ago3,159 albums 1
Updated 1d ago301 albumsRanked
Updated 6mo ago6 albumsRanked
every cd that i own
Updated 7mo ago86 albums
90s country that I have listened to and rated.
Updated 10mo ago3 albums
Updated 3w ago44 albumsRanked
Updated 11mo ago229 albums
Artist Rate: 74💚
Updated 1y ago5 albumsRanked

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