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Loud and Quiet

Throughout, Clipping stun and shock with their most complete work to date, and Visions of Bodies Being Burned proves the group to be as dynamic as they are devastating.


Back with arguably more certified bangers than before, clipping. throws caution to the wind with soul-rending sonics and elite-tier rapping.

The Needle Drop

clipping. somehow manages to top last year's There Existed an Addiction to Blood with a second helping of avant-horrorcore bangers.


Visions of Bodies Being Burned ruthlessly pulls at the edges of that world until it falls apart, dissolving back into our own, undoing the illusions its predecessor meticulously created.

Under The Radar

Few listening experiences this year are as gripping, visceral, and vivid as Visions of Bodies Being Burned.

Northern Transmissions

A direct sequel to 2019’s There Existed an Addiction to Blood, Visions… does what every good sequel should, build upon the strengths of its predecessor and take the established ideas and themes in unexpected and thrilling directions.

The Young Folks

If you are looking for spooky tales in an urban setting, or if you want more of Daveed Diggs’s music in your life, then Visions of Bodies Being Burned and its predecessor There Existed an Addiction to Blood are for you.

God Is in the TV

Visions of Bodies Being Burned is remarkably strong given that it’s the second LP Clipping. have released in two years.  They have reinforced the fact that killer hooks and cathartic, emotional passages can be found in the most obscure, creepiest of places.

No Ripcord

Bodies Being Burned, despite coming out a year later, doesn’t feel like outtakes or leftovers. It’s a sharpening of the ideas introduced on Addiction to Blood, performed with clipping.’s classic graveness which only supports how scary this album can be. 

The Line of Best Fit

Visions of Bodies Being Burned, like its predecessor, is macabre and monstrous in all of the ways that your leering curiousity would have it. It’s a taut exploration of hatred and hostility, one which stands shoulder-to-shoulder with its demonic older brother.


Like the horror films that influenced it, Visions of Bodies Being Burned is a smart, noisy joyride through your worst nightmares, but it's easy to imagine Clipping laughing maniacally while its listeners insist on sleeping with the lights on.

‘Visions of Bodies Being Burned’ is an album that will cement clipping.’s reputation as one of the most exciting and visionary groups working in music today, while it might not pack the same punch to the senses as ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’ there is plenty to engage with.
They’ve taken all of their most powerful trademarks and pushed them to breaking point, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.
"Do you like scary movies?" asks rapper Daveed Diggs, several tracks in. Your answer will define your response to what marks clipping.'s finest refinement yet of their abrasive horror-rap.

It's a particularly threatening chapter of horrorcore that renders even some of the more severe acts that came before almost cartoonish by comparison.

Clipping. is an incredibly innovative and talented group, especially in creating entire worlds within their songs, but at their most inhibited, they come off as try-hard.

Visions of Bodies Being Burned, like There Existed an Addiction to Blood, is a clear homage to the horrorcore canon, so it’s necessarily a pastiche. But it’s disappointing how academic the record’s sense of terror is.

Beats Per Minute

Where There Existed an Addiction to Blood seemed to take the listener down a spiral of harsh violence and vaguely interconnected moments of supernatural terror, Visions of Bodies Being Burned just feels lost.


Lo-Fi Hip Hop beats to Torture/Kill to


Patient #4 Test Results:

Description: Locked in a lockdown facility, a patient, who previously listened to the album ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’ by clipping. and was found with three dead bodies of his roommates, has been located and contained after murdering the last therapist he saw. Here is the recorded conversation between him and the head of the mental health department. Names have been erased to protect the innocent.

Doctor: OK. I’m going to ask you how you ... read more


This is one of the most effective Horror-core albums I have ever heard, while also being the catchiest.

I feel like Horror-core is such a balancing act, and most of the time I hate it. It’s been done time and time again like a terrible slasher film. This is more like... an amazing psychological horror odyssey. Every song is written to near perfection. The imagery bro... THE IMAGERY IS SO VIVID!!!

Bro this is just 52 minutes of pure adrenaline. It is one of the best balancing acts I ... read more


On their recent project clipping. found a perfect balance between fucking my ears and having sex with them


Hi all. I’m gonna be honest… my mental health has not been that good lately. My dip in productivity has kinda prevented me from listening to new music, especially writing my thoughts down about it too.

I took about a month’s long break from looking into new records- and only prioritizing about 3 releases from November that I just felt obliged to listen to. I did not write down my thoughts on any of them- despite my anticipation on doing so. I felt so… blank? Like ... read more


clipping. develops the formula from their previous album to be even scarier, like a true horror sequel.

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Added on: August 26, 2020