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Patient #4 Test Results:

Description: Locked in a lockdown facility, a patient, who previously listened to the album ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’ by clipping. and was found with three dead bodies of his roommates, has been located and contained after murdering the last therapist he saw. Here is the recorded conversation between him and the head of the mental health department. Names have been erased to protect the innocent.

Doctor: OK. I’m going to ask you how you ... read more
Halloween is fast approaching, impossible to escape, just like today's topic. Almost 1 year to the day, Clipping doesn't just come back with a simple sequel to satisfy its fans, the second installment Visions of Bodies Being Burned is even juicier, terrifying, intense and more immersive than the previous one. A total success that confirms the fact that Clipping continues to build their reference to the Horrorcore pantheon, and even more to create its own legend thanks to this consecration. ... read more
injury reserve
“Visions of Bodies Being Burned” is just one of those albums you have to hear to believe. It breaks so many boundaries, it becomes so immersive over its runtime, it succeeds in making you actually, legitimately scared. I’ve been listening to this for about a month at this point, and it has only grown since first listen!
How can I even begin to describe this record to you? Seriously!

Well, I’ll start with its atmosphere, because it effortlessly brings dread to your ears ... read more
Around a year ago, noise rap trio Clipping trio would their 4th album ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’ which had perfect timing being released right about a week from Halloween. For any experimental music lover it was basically their go-to soundtrack for Halloween (including myself). But if you told me they would be releasing another album next year around the same length, I would have never believed you. Here we are.

I’ve heard many people making analogies to this ... read more
Lo-Fi Hip Hop beats to Torture/Kill to
It's really weird to be caught in this wave of hype when I feel nearly nothing about this group. To me, they are just the perfect example to prove that being experimental or having an unique style doesn't automatically turn out into good music.
I really don't want to shit on what other people like just for the sake of it but I really don't enjoy it, 49 is really the maximum I can give this.
The MC for this group is just so bland and unoriginal to me, there's really nothing unique about him, his ... read more
Fuck it. It's my AOTY.

Okay. We all expected this to be good, but I didn't expect it to be THIS good.

This album is a full on EXPERIENCE. Bangers after bangers. This album is very intense, to the point it's scary honestly. I got CHILLS after my first listen. Every songs instrumental just makes a listener hooked and immersed instantly. What they were going for here was achieved and done very well.

Everything about this album is just absolutely perfect for me. The instrumentals are very ... read more
"Candle sticks in the dark, visions of bodies being burned."

Visions of Bodies Being Burned is the 4th album from the California experimental and industrial hip-hop group clipping. and it's also the sequel to the groups 2019 album, There Existed an Addiction to Blood, an album that was more of a focused concept album about creating a classic horror movie in audio format on top of the harsh clipping. formula. To me that album was criminally underrated, I even underrated it myself ... read more
We live in a world where Daveed Diggs can perform in the Hamilton musical, be involved in a live action adaption of a Disney movie playing the part of a crab, and also be involved in an experimental hip hop group who have now released two horrorcore albums. Say what you will, but that's not exactly in line with expectations.

For those who listened to last years There Existed an Addiction to Blood, it should be no surprise that Diggs and clipping. aren't the type to feel bound to expectations. ... read more
I am in utter awe at what I just listened to. There Existed an Addiction to Blood was an amazing album that I still return to today, but this… this is a different beast entirely… this is something that lives and breathes, and feeds on your fear.

You wake up in a dark room, your head hurts slightly. Where are you? Your vision is blurred and seeing is difficult, you look around to see if you can identify anything, but all you can see are light glows from the ceiling. They look like ... read more

You know an album is something special when it can make me anxious, scared, uncomfortable and excited all at once. 'Visions of Bodies Being Burned' does that effortlessly from start to finish.

This project really feels like the result of everything clipping. have done to this point, it's the ultimate showcase of everything these guys have been about all these years, turned up tenfold when it comes to sheer intensity and attention to detail. I had pretty high ... read more
Like many horror sequels, "Visions of Bodies Being Burned" doubles down on the scares, the body count and the bloodshed. Unlike most horror sequels, however, it also doubles down on what made its predecessor so damn fantastic and then some!

This album, just like "There Existed an Addiction to Blood", is made to be a fucking Halloween nightmare. It's very heavily reliant on its unnerving atmosphere, which is equal times ambient and, of course, noisy this time around. The ... read more
oh my fucking lord Daveed are you okay? Seriously good lord this fucking ruined me.

I done a double feature of there existed an addiction to blood, then had it seamlessly flow into this project, and add on top of that a lighting setup my friend Hallie and I got setup, and we got a fucking nightmarishly perfect experience. I was bashing my brain to near smithereens on the hardest tracks like 'Looking For Meat', which has some of the most insanely intense bass I have EVER heard. And then in ... read more
9.5 - Must Listen

I’m shaking while writing this review.

Visions of Bodies Burned is clipping.’s best album. Yea I said it, and it’s a fact.

So in anticipation of the album, we got the amazing singles: Say The Name, ‘96 Neve Campbell, and Pain Everyday, which I absolutely adored. I thought to myself, these singles must be the highlights off of the album, right?


I mean they are some of the better tracks on here, but GOD DAMN! Every single track is absolutely ... read more
Hell yeah.

Emerged from Los Angeles, experimental trio clipping. led by the star of the “Hamilton” musical Daveed Diggs, were one of the loudest hip hop bands of the past decade, both literally and figuratively. The uncompromising mixture of noise and industrial hip hop on their first mixtape Midcity, the unique minimalistic approach of debut full-length CLIPPNG, as well an interesting science fiction approach on sophomore studio album Splendor & Misery rapidly drew the ... read more
A visionary record that completely shatters your expectations from the most exciting, boundary-pushing groups in hip-hop as a whole. Lame ass Drake & J.cole competition is over boys & girls, clipping stay winning the game! (Hell yeah!)
Anyways let’s move on to the review..

Now, like I said unpredictability is one of my favorite things in music. When you’re following the music as the tension goes, it’s sudden capriciousness instantly captivates you right away & ... read more
Before this week, I had never listened to a clipping. project, but because of all of the hype around this album and the high scores from pre-orderers, I decided to give this album a spin (as well as TEATTB, which I may possibly write a review for later). And wow, this is one of the best hip-hop albums of 2020. Although the pair of clipping. horrorcore albums don't scare me quite as much as psychological horror/unsettling albums (TOOMD is a good example), this doesn't use horror as a gimmick to ... read more
The sister album to 2019's amazing There Existed an Addiction to Blood, clipping's newest album continues their horror-themed industrial hip-hop, mirroring the first strangely similarly, in lengthy title, album art, track layout and overall sonic quality. The result is another solid helping of some of clipping.'s most well-produced and engaging work yet, building upon the foundations of CLPPNG in exciting ways. However, Visions struggles at times, by matching things to such an extent to make ... read more
It's the way every track isn't exactly like Looking Like Meat that really pulls me out of it, sorry
I guess you could say it's scary good!
I think if you combined these last two projects, made it more concise, and trimmed some of the unnecessary moments, you would have a potential classic on your hands. But instead, it just feels like a really interesting idea that just has been stretched out with a lot of filler in between.

As much as I did find the last album to be interesting and intriguing, there were only a handful of songs that really connected with me and prompted repeat listens. My biggest issue with the album was it had ... read more
Never liked horror movies I guess horror music is the same
Instead of dressing up for Halloween this year just go outside and play this album on a mini speaker full volume. You will terrify everybody
clipping. make their new album mad, illegible, fast, but at the same time interesting in concept and mood.
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