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every album from 2020 that i listened in 2020 not ranked, cronological order
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it’s about that TIIIIIIME
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I'll be doing a best list for each year. With the past few years given that I've listened to way more stuff it'll be a top 100, (could be a top 200 but I need time) and progressing back through time ...
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Albums I Want To Get To
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i guess
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To be listened to…
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these are albums i put on my schedule to listen to
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To say the least, Autechre's discography is very lengthy. Thank goodness I have all the time in the world to go through it. This list only includes projects that the duo and/or Warp Records ...
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Throughout 2020 I am keeping a thorough review and rank of the albums of the year and the ones that also will never get that appraisal. My only goal is to be more on top of the aoty than my ranking ...
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All the albums of 2020 I've heard in full, RANKED
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October Playlist