If You're Reading This It's Too Late

Drake - If You're Reading This It's Too Late
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2015 Ratings: #236 / 977
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The 405

IYRTITL is the work of a perfectionist curator, a restless star, a man who has reached the top and now looks over the precipice in a double-effort to repel competition and contemplate his hard-earned, often-perilous position.


On If You’re Reading This, all of this chest beating is delivered over the most darkly hypnotic beats Drake’s graced since So Far Gone.

Consequence of Sound

If You’re Reading concentrates the anger pocketed within NWTS’ moodiness. The result is more thrilling.

Pretty Much Amazing

With If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Drake is giving a voice to the voiceless, spearheading Toronto as a mecca for creativity that will rival that of Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Entertainment Weekly

With no clear bangers on the landscape, Late feels more like the platonic ideal of a Drake album: a woozy, wordy stream-of-consciousness whose stylistic shifts are subtle on a molecular level.


If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is the sound of a man reaffirming what the world should already know in somber language.

At 28, he’s very much hitting his stride in Rap, using every transitional moment to add one more compelling chapter to his narrative.
Rolling Stone
For the first time in his career, Drake doesn't sound like he wants to be remembered as one of the greats. This time, he just is.

This is a refined, looser, freer Drake. Between only a couple hiccups, If You're Reading This It's Too Late weaves personal raps, 6-side boosts and absorbing production in cohesive fashion.

‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ is by far Drake’s most dense and complex album.
Long chided for being a simp, this new Drake still loves his mom but no longer has love for anyone else. It’s wonderful.
For perhaps the first time in his career, Drake has reached a synergy between beats and rhymes that feels cohesive and meaningful from track one to the tape’s end.
Tiny Mix Tapes

With If You’re Reading This, there is union between his effort to “mythologically aggrandize” himself and to relieve creative pressure by half-redundantly (and “meaningfully”) delivering what people what: Drake content, Drake lyrics, Drake beats… a Drake album.

The Guardian
Intimate, intense, wistful, endlessly questioning, open-hearted Drake, backed by pristine machine beats, with aching chord sequences and lovely synth codas – longtime Drake fans will find much to appreciate here.
NOW Magazine

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late finds Drake continuing to move away from the tenderness and sentimentality of 2011’s Take Care and toward a dense-and-hard lyrical direction with slow, low-end heavy beats that bounce up and down in the mix, swirl around and dissolve into amorphous sub-bass.

The Needle Drop

Drake's sounding more confident than ever on a series of somewhat minimal, dark, moody, trap-inspired pop rap beats with contemporary R&B change-ups.

Sonically and thematically, this not-album is easily the harshest release of Drake's career, a brooding, unsettling listen with few respites offered from its sense of creeping dread.
Whether it’s a full-blown album or a curiosity mixtape as Drake himself suggests, the work sees the rapper descending into a dark cavern of sedated beats and bruising introspection.

Par for the course for a Drake album lately, but the difference here is that there are no pop singles to balance the claustrophobic rants.


If You're Reading this it's Too Late is cold, heartless, and detached realizations of Drake's growing ennui.

A.V. Club

His raps are as information-rich as ever, and that’s what makes It’s Too Late feel necessary, even when the material is second-rate.

For all the music's cagey intelligence, Drake sounds like the kind of guy who comes sauntering out the traps in a 100m race and immediately breaks out into a victory lap, pausing only to remonstrate with hecklers.

Beat-wise, 'If You're Reading This It's Too Late' is fire ... But at times the lyrical component can leave you cold.

hip hop think tank – episode 1 – Drake's investigation

Hey AOTY, as announced 1 week ago, here is the launch of my second new mini-series dedicated to Hip Hop and published weekly. Hip hop think tank will be built on no rules. I can talk about an album, an artist, a song, a musical sub style in particular, no matter as long as the subject is related to Hip Hop. You will find all the episodes that will be added to my lists. I'm also open to suggestions, even if I can't assure you ... read more
This record really holds a special place in my heart. A close friend of mine put me on to this tape back in 2015 when it dropped, and I imediatly loved it due to the fact that it's Drake's hardest release. We bumped this shit non-stop that year, plus we would play it almost every time we would get together. However, last year I moved to another city and I sort off lost touch with my dog. 3 years later, and my brother's been gone for a week. This album just brings back all the memories. Rest in ... read more
I'm not a drake fan as I find his music to be extremely boring due to his extremely monotone delivery but this is probably the best work he's put out.

He is boring at times on this mixtape but there are a few good highlights which stop it from being a complete snooze fest

Tracks like 6pm in New York, energy and used to drake actually have pretty good production and drake doesn't sound like he's about to fall asleep making them fairly entertaining listens. Energy in particular is very catchy ... read more
It's just sad to see how much Drake has fell from this great body of work to the garbage and filler that he makes today.

BEST TRACKS: Energy, Used To, 6 Man, Company, Jungle, 6PM in New York

Mad Drake is the best Drake 💦🥺

In the oas few years, Drake, also known as Adonis now, had some really unbalanced inconsistent releases program that sometimes was lowering or increasing in quality almost every time he dropped a project. He went from Views, which was an alright album to Scorpion, which was Scorpion, with various EP's released afterwards and some surprising mixtapes. His compilation, Care Package was actually nice, even if the cover was the complete opposite, and Dark Leno ... read more
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