Famous First Words
Viva Brother - Famous First Words
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2011 Ratings: #893 / 893
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While it’s hard not to love them, in many places on their debut it feels a lot less rewarding to actually listen to them.
What’s frustrating is that it’s too damn enjoyable and not quite derivative enough to actively hate. They’ll probably be massive, so you might as well get used to it.

It’s never going to make any sense with your brain switched on, but pitched at anyone willing to put their synapses on standby, it might well be very clever indeed.


Famous First Words was always going to struggle to live up to the band's bold promises, but it's still a shock at how a Brit-pop scene renowned for its color can be responsible for something so utterly drab.

The Guardian
The problem is, even if you were in nappies when football was held to be coming home, you've heard it all done better before.
Drowned in Sound

Famous First Words might not be the worst record you'll hear this year, but it's certainly one of the most pointless. 


In execution the whole thing comes off as nothing more than a thinly disguised, crass attempt to smoke latent Oasis fans out of hiding. Unfortunately for them, Beady Eye already beat them to the punch.


The lyrics, in fact, are reason enough to ignore claims that Famous First Words isn’t worth your time. So hilarious is Viva Brother’s addled logic that finding a way to stream it for free is actually highly recommended. 

The Skinny
Avoid at all costs, unless you have a morbid urge to be reminded of just how reactionary and backwards indie rock can get.
God Is in the TV
Brash, insistently chirpy and constantly annoying, Viva Brother‘s debut album is (hopefully) a quagmire of dreadfulness for the 90s revival.
The Independent

Strident guitars and harmonies tug one's sleeve, eager for attention they don't merit, while the lyrics seem to be about nothing.

No Ripcord

This album is an abomination. It’s a rancid pile of regurgitated tripe.

Feb 17, 2014
The lyrics of this album are truly disappointing and ordinary, nothing really special happens.
Track List
  1. New Year's Day 
  2. Still Here 
  3. David 
  4. High Street Low Lives 
  5. Electric Daydream 
  6. Darling Buds Of May 
  7. Otherside 
  8. Fly By Nights 
  9. False Alarm 
  10. Time Machine
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