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American Songwriter
A groundbreaking collection which serves as a testament to the genderfluid hyperpop artist’s brilliant songwriting and ingenious ear for production.
The Line of Best Fit

My Agenda is a force of nature and a meticulously crafted call to arms, where in a world full of anxiety and fury and unreliable leaders, sometimes the best thing to do is to scream along with those who share the same aguish.

The Observer

My Agenda is further proof of Electra’s ability to make thought-provoking protest pop that sounds like a proper riot.

The Needle Drop

My Agenda is a daring concept album whose greatest sin is leaving the listener desperate for more.

Loud and Quiet
There’s something deeply entertaining about a skilled pop musician making something so dumb so unbelievably polished.
Spectrum Culture
While it does have a couple of slip-ups along the way, Electra sticks the landing with their absurd mix of nu-metal, pop and dubstep.

breaking bad mike ehrmantraut


25 minutes of distortion and gay really changes a man.


My Agenda shows a certain urgency through an explosive and intense album that hasn't finished making people talk. If the first one drew their portrait and exposed their strong potential, this second one is an exceptional dive into their world and their struggles. It is an open-hearted album, an experience retracing their personality through something even more raw than in the past, like a digest of raw feelings and energies.

Born in Houston Dorian Electra is one of the modern and innovative ... read more


wanted to love this more based on its idea, but overall it is good. It has a strong idea it just doesn't have much of a musical hook in any of its songs, along with some very on the nose lyrics that only dive into its idea at a base level. Still a good album but nothing spectacular, and not even close to "Flamboyant"

Favourite Song: Ram It Down


uau! cultura incel não nós davam coisas boas até o lançamento do my agenda


this is what crack does

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Added on: September 22, 2020