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On Typhoons, the Royal Blood duo take a step forward, without ever managing to give it an interesting and convincing flavour so that it shines like at their peak. Instead, this third album feels like a loop that repeats itself endlessly, managing to do everything to avoid disaster. Typhoons for my birthday, I don't really know if it's a gift.

In the space of 3 years, Royal Blood have gone from being a party band and open mic band to one of the biggest selling bands in the whole of the UK. Of ... read more
You guys know I'm a sucker for some pure uncut cock rock, so this is no exception obviously. Yeah, it sounds like car commercial music, but I really don't care. I basically got exactly what I expected, and it slaps.
‘typhoons’ is very quality, and it’s a slightly unwanted yet welcome change of pace.

i enjoy the new direction that royal blood are taking. the group’s stellar instrumentation proves to be impressive as ever, and their craftsmanship is impassable.

side one was the warm up, its purpose to expose the audience to royal blood’s new visions and sound. side two is where ‘typhoons’ takes off. it casually goes off the rails while maintaining a neat ... read more
The band even has a good idea, but it ends up being inconsistent.
Because it is only bass and drums, they naturally end up without many paths to follow, which makes the album sound sickening and very repetitive.

This album brings a slight sound change since the last work, sounding much more pop, and often almost Disco Music, but still with the identity of the bass completely distorted.

It is a band that everyone has put so much hope in, often being overestimated, but because of the essence ... read more
Royal Blood is a band that I desperately want to make a good project because they are close. However, they never have really stuck the landing with me and always come up short of making something I enjoy, and they’ve strayed farther than ever on “Typhoons”.

By the end of Royal Blood’s second album, I thought they exhausted every idea of their musical palette that they’ve been using thus for and really wanted hoped they would do something to expand their ... read more
Almost sounds like these guys did the entire album with the same FL Studio template. The only redeeming factor on this album is the guitars, the rest bored the living hell out of me.

So many songs on this album just have the same tempo and beat, it makes this thing so unidimensional and redundant. By the third or fourth track I was literally wondering: "This album won’t be 40 minutes of this, right? Right?"

Well... It is.
this just lacks everything that made royal blood unique. DFA and royal blood both dropped an album this year, but a fucking soft emo band made a better dance punk album than both of them.
anyways stan citizen
Arctic Monkeys and The White Stripes but bad.
Oh boy, I have to defend this album? Okay, hear me out. It's not their first two albums for sure, but it is an interesting dance punk album and it does a way better job than whatever DFA1979 did a few weeks ago. It isn't the best thing ever, but I like it enough to say I'd jam to it again.
The Brighton Duo return with a new electric album! After the success of the bluesy, stoner rock sound of their first two records, Royal Blood bring a more disco/alternative dance influenced sound to this mix. This allows Royal Blood to craft some of the most catchiest and infectious songs in their entire career. While some might get turned of over the pop elements, one cannot deny that this is an ambitious direction that they are taking. However, I will knock it off some points for having hints ... read more
Believe it or not, there was a period in time where Royal Blood were my favorite band.

I used to get in arguments all the time with my friend Em over who was better between them and DFA1979, the band who arguably is the most stylistically responsible for Royal Blood’s sound. Ironically enough both bands have released their worst record to date in the last month or so!

The biggest appeal of Royal Blood was the bands ability to create hooky hard-rock inspired riffs that were well ... read more
You know i was kinda looking forward to this boilermaker was a great single despite its cheesy ass lyrics, and limbo was another ok song but the other singles felt really dissapointing in particular trouble's coming is bland 101 and most of the record follows the same formula nothing really stands out but all meshes together to this ball of nothing where nothing stands out. The worst song here though has to be either you want it his vocals there dont work at all, in general his vocals on the ... read more
i will say right off the bat that Royal Blood, this far into their career, has made it clear that they're not looking to break any new ground. i will also say that i've grown out of this band a bit over time. when i found them in 7th grade or so, i was all over them bc i hadn't heard anything like it before. then, as i got older i 1. this band is so obviously a Queens of the Stone Age pastiche (a solid one, but still) and 2. Death From Above 1979 exists. with that, i knew there was much better ... read more
Royal Blood were never the most original rock band, even in their small lane of drum and bass duos, but at least on their debut record, they knew how to write catchy songs, most of which I can still recite to myself. I was disappointed by the lack of progression on 2017's How Did We Get So Dark?, and I felt they lost most of their snappy songwriting skills; in fact, I cannot remember a single song off of that album. The singles were not as fun as something like "Little Monster" or ... read more

"Typhoons" is genuinely really fun, for the first three tracks at least. Hard grooves, nice sound in general, and it puts you in a great mood. But as the next songs play by, you start noticing the clichée that Royal Blood had created for themselves, and fall into it on every single track. The loud riffs quickly lose the appeal and become quite tedious to listen to. Melodies sound like they try to replicate those from the previous songs, ... read more
Is it only me or does it sound like bunch of demos put together in 10 minutes to show their record label that: " We are doing stuff. Pls don kill"
"Typhoons" resembles a new turn for the Brighton-based Royal Blood. Infusing their trademark modern rock sound with a dance/pop influence, the sounds explored on this record is definitely uncharted territory for the duo and, after hearing it, I felt that where they explored remained uncharted. There were a couple of effective fusions here and there, but, ultimately, I've heard rock/pop albums many times before, and what I heard here didn't offer anything all that unique. When this ... read more
Royal Blood - Typhoons

Genre: Alternative Rock
Country: UK

Final Verdict: 55% (Pleasant Album)
Yearly Ranking: 306th / 385

Highlight: Trouble’s Coming

Made me think of:
Arctic Monkeys
Nothing but Thieves
This album sounds like the whole thing was made for a FIFA soundtrack

This album has two main problems: How repetitive it is and how derivative it is. Royal Blood follow the same formula for every single song apart from the last but that one has its own problems. The drum and bass are basically copypastad straight into each song and the vocals get boring quickly. The worst part is that I'm pretty sure I've heard this exact album before from a different artist, there is absolutely no innovation ... read more
Royal Blood have always been a band that I pointed to when it comes to bands keeping hard rock alive in the mainstream throughout the 2010’s. Hearing their self-titled album in college back in 2014 felt like a breath of fresh air, made all the more surprising by the fully-rounded sound created by a band with two members; Mike Kerr’s forceful vocals and fleshed-out bass sound complementing Ben Thatcher’s pummeling drum work. Though their sophomore felt like more of the same, ... read more
They did it. They finally saved rock and roll.
"When Royal Blood gave up entirely on the perfectionism that they focused on throughout their career to build Typhoons, they delivered freer yet lost songs. Simultaneously, the songs on the Brighton duo’s third album sound less like something calculated and more personal, however, they often seem to be lost in the world, begging for someone to pay a little attention to them. Although most of them sound almost identical, this fact doesn’t become a big deal since they are still ... read more
— "Estrelando eles, os astros do verão, os príncipes do rock! Os favoritos pela rapaziada, sim! Eles mesmo! Os 'Royal Blood', apresentando o seu mais novo sucesso, 'Typhoons'!" —
Apresenta, um apresentador de 2008, da década onde fazer música rock clichê, enjoativa e sem personalidade fazia sucesso.
Brincadeiras a parte, o mais novo projeto da R.B, 'Typhoons', consegue ser uma péssima primeira impressão para aqueles que ... read more
I'm pretty weirded out by some people's feedback on this album; it's Royal Blood. They're not a ridiculously creative anomaly by any stretch and I have always liked that about them. It's simple, catchy, fun and heavy at times, but this time they focused a little more on their Daft Punk/Injustice influence (which I dig).

What else do you want from them? A QOTSA type record? Never gonna happen, even if Josh Homme is their buddy and producer.
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