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Out of 314 albums... (100) - Masterpieces: 1 (99-90) - Exceptional albums: 4 (89-80) - Amazing albums: 42 (79-75) - Great albums: 55 (74-70) - Good albums: 54 (69-60) - Decent albums: 56 (59-50) - ...
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Albums that nobody on the site can seem to get an opinion on
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Ok I never do one of these, because I believe in saving your best of the year stuff for the end of the year, so I'm not treating this as a best of the year. It's just a list of rankings and stats. ...
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Finally, a new decade! What masterpieces could possibly grace this first year of the decade? How bout that new Meghan Trainor album? Favourite songs of the year so far in no order: Protomartyr - ...
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2020 is a disappointing year for music.
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Like Donald Trump's Covid-19 prevention policies, I like to keep things positive. Here are some of my favorite albums of the year!
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Ok maybe not all of it, but most of it
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Every album, EP, and project I’ve reviewed this year ranked 191 as of now
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Top 85 Korean group albums. Mini Albums list: Solo Albums ...
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Ranking best albums of the year as they come out. If your favorite album of the year isn’t on here its probably because I have yet to form an opinion on it or I haven’t heard it. Rest assured ...
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Whether you know them as the underdogs of BigHit, the worldwide music phenomenon, or the terrors of Stan Twitter: they are BTS.
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here’s all the albums from 2020 i’ve listened to ranked.
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In my opinion.
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ranking of 2020 albums / eps i've listened to.
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Reviews of many musical groups albums and projects
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