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Go off sis.

Ever since I started talking to Eli in the quaint shoutboxes of this website, I knew we’d become great friends. Now we talk regularly on Snapchat and Discord, and let me tell you, they are absolutely one of the nicest people I’ve ever talked to. So supportive, so caring, so genuinely wholesome. And they make good music too? Who would’ve thought…

One of the best AOTY projects I’ve ever listened to, “t;he_si..gna_l” blends this glitchy and ... read more
Eli be naming tracks like ‘bhyucfefhjbcehjb_th{e 3IrD|||’

Elitimesfour is an up and coming electronic artist from the Britlands, who, while i’ve known them for being a pretty nice and energetic person, has also been impressing me with the sheer talent they show at their music. Their side project ‘L.F.F.’ is far more interesting and engaging then it really has any right to be, so hearing that Eli was going to be giving their ALL to this main solo record was ... read more
Edit/Update: after too long, t;he_si..gna_l has finally been submitted for distribution on all streaming services xoxoxo

wow, okay so...

this has probably been the single most ambitious, gruelling and largest undertaking I've ever done musically. I started this back in the middle of making from an unknown in February-march time to help keep me motivated for that album, and over the nearly 8 months since then, I have re-worked this album in so many different ways, and a lot has changed for me ... read more
What I particularly respect about this project is the sheer personality that resonates throughout the tracklist. Eli has a distinct fusion of drum & bass, electronic, and breakbeat. There's an almost bright yet dim to their style and it's almost intoxicating in its atmosphere. Even as somebody who doesn't normally love this type of sound, I think their execution is wonderfully captivating and memorable, which doesn't seem to be particularly common in this lane. Despite the presence of ... read more
I had this idea for a collaboration story review. Sort of like telephone but writing a story and with other aoty users. When you see a name that means that user is now writing. Enjoy:


It's a hot summer's day in downtown Tallahassee. Well I say downtown but downtown Tallahassee is more like a patch of dirt with a couple trailers surrounding Mcmansions. Each of them probably owned by corrupt politicians (the mansions, not the trailers.) A kid named Rocco is sitting on a broken ... read more
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Track List

  1. the vast emptiness
  2. 500-za:ng!.
  3. .mdm_a
  4. brea;th/ (ft. Isabella James)
  5. E}ucli_diu[m (ft. Motha)
  6. un-i;Den[tif]I/aB;le
  7. I,n:BLO_om/
  8. 703-Un}kn0_w;N
  9. new ventures
  10. i_n:{Te!nTIO]n;s
  11. er_i,,s
  12. thE//sIG+n*aL...
  13. O,,uR{[lA_s;;t-n+Ig:_hT]{
  14. 405-obelisk
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Added on: September 28, 2020