On All Fours

Goat Girl - On All Fours
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The band sound more unified than ever, able to spin strange sonic tales all the better as a result. A triumph.


Second effort ‘On All Fours’ instantly feels like a stronger brew. More expressive and never playing safe.


It’s a well ripened sequel to a discerning debut, packed out with a careering unpredictability that demands to be heard when it would be easier not to listen.

Northern Transmissions

On All Fours proves Goat Girl can easily transcend any pigeonholing that may be thrust upon them. It’s an assured outing and one that will prove to be one of the more special records we will hear this year.

Crack Magazine

This is Goat Girl doing what they do best – emphasising, experimenting and expanding their musical horizons. Consider those expectations fulfilled.


On All Fours exists in a queasy, half- awake state that feels like it could slip into a nightmare at any moment.


Taken as a whole, On All Fours is an impressive balancing act, creating something fresh from the group’s diverse influences, and managing to remain subversive even while it embraces Technicolor production techniques.


Londoners have kept the spirit of their previous lyrics, concentrating on issues like climate change and mental health, but On All Fours proves more challenging and, ultimately, rewarding than the immediacy of songs on their debut.


While it may not be as immediate and in-your-face as the debut, 'On All Fours' is a record that hits harder and holds infinitely more weight behind it.


Both nervier and more confident than their debut, On All Fours is a huge step forward from a band that's well-equipped to bring post-punk's legacy into the future.


Though its title suggests burning out and giving up entirely, ‘On All Fours’ winds up channeling this helplessness into something vaguely hopeful and more experimental.

The Independent

On All Fours is undoubtedly an intense listen, with its blistering harmonies and Pendlebury’s low murmur.


This is proper modern pop music: fierce and intelligent in its explorations, defiant and cool in its tone. Wondrous.

Under The Radar

On All Fours is the sound of a young band willing to take risks and expand their sonic palette and whilst it sounds less confrontational than their debut it’s every bit as innovative and compelling.

The Forty-Five

‘On All Fours’ doesn’t totally rewrite the book, but there’s a new concision to Goat Girl’s sound, an urgency that stems from personal as well as global upheaval.


What we have on Goat Girl's On All Fours are some hazy but deeply unsettling observations, carried along effortlessly on a bed of delirious voices, sailing over music quieter, slicker, and tighter than that on their debut.

Record Collector

It seems appropriate to start 2021 with a record that captures the anxious energy of not knowing exactly what’s coming next.

Spectrum Culture

Three years after their self-titled debut, London four-piece Goat Girl come back from illness and political upheaval and replace their easy-going vibe with a fearlessness to let their music and muses take them, and us, wherever they want.

Equipped with whirlpooling guitars and a newfound supply of silvery electronics, the South London band chronicles anxiety and ennui in songs full of spine-tingling dissonance.
Loud and Quiet

On All Fours feels like a transitional record, but in the best sense of that term. This band’s possibilities remain wide open.


This is a good, and sometimes great album, that feels like it’s a few tracks short of being a masterpiece.

Rolling Stone

Goat Girl’s second album evokes the dreamier side of post-punk ... Listening to On All Fours is like wandering in a cool thrift shop.

No Ripcord

On All Fours is by turns more sinister but with a more danceable melodic sensibility outside the edges.

The Observer

Some of this magnificently sullen band’s edges have been filed down; their strides into left field could have been more decisive.

God Is in the TV

Given how good over half of On All Fours is, it is nuts that so much of the backend of the album was even published.  Despite this, it has a higher proportion of highs than lows.

The Arts Desk

Goat Girl remain a band who are interesting idea but who seem to be incapable of actually bringing that idea to an attention-grabbing and exciting fruition.


You will find yourself gliding through the peaks and valleys of the singer's voice as you visit the dreamy, bright, and colourful rock world they've constructed. The guitars and drums are minimalistic but effectively so. The melodies are quite delicate; they do not overwhelm you as catchy and impactful but rather as inviting and playful. The lyrics provoke wonder like you're at a theme park but it's a theme park without a consistent theme.

You'll be happy you visited but also content ... read more
The psychedelic post-punk sound on display here leads to some great moments, but as a cohesive project it does leave a lot to be desired, as there are a lot of disjointed aspects to this album sadly.

Standout: Sad Cowboy

favs: Bang, Badibaba, P.t.s.Tea, Jazz(In the supermarket)
Least fav: The Crack
Starts off in a sprint, but kinda slows down by the end. This feels like one leg was cut off of this animal. Still good album, though.
"badibaba," "the crack," and "where do we go from here?" make me hopeful that i'm going to appreciate this album more with time. right now, though, i don't fully click with goat girl's sound, but i greatly enjoyed a majority of their ideas and melodies and general grooviness.
Upon my first couple of listens I found this a little soupy and muddled even for psychedelia and couldn’t get a good read on things, I’m glad that I remained patient.

The grunge-like approach at the start ‘Pest’ sets you up for the expectation of something more like ‘Porridge Radio’, but underneath some edm flurries around with synth textures buried another layer below that, and while ‘Sorry’ may have overreached on their ambitious latest EP ... read more
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Added on: September 30, 2020