Benny The Butcher - Burden of Proof
Burden of Proof
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Another week, another Griselda album. They are known for dropping lots of music lately and some would argue that they have been dipping in quality, however this is definitely not the case with this release. "Burden of Proof" is one of the best Benny The Butcher projects and one of the best from Griselda in general as well.
Benny The Butcher is probably my favorite out of the three Griselda frontmen since he acts as a great midpoint between the group - he's not as eccentric as ... read more
The production on this album is top notch, I love the samples used on most of the tracks. Where would I go in particular has a nice sample. The track sly green has a very diverse beat. It's a bossy, hardcore hip hop beat with a futuristic twist, it comes off very nicely as one of the best beats on the album. The beat which takes the cake though is found on the track timeless. There are quite a few different layers to it but it is all so cohesive and overall just slaps.

Benny the butcher's ... read more
Griselda has been over-saturating the market lately. If the projects start to dip in quality, it could become an issue where people aren’t excited for a new Griselda release. But, if they’re as good as this or the new Conway album, they don’t have anything to worry about. Quality > quantity

I was excited for this record because I have loved Benny’s features lately and Hit-boy has been killing it on production this year. And they both continue their hot streak on ... read more
"Burden Of Proof" has the potential to be the most popular Griselda album of 2020. Nevertheless, Benny's follow-up to his underrated "Tana Talk 3" feels a little low-impact and mismatched.

Each member of Griselda has so much talent and potential to come outwith some of the most essential hip-hop releases of the next years. Whilst, Westside started the year with a bang as he released the most cohesive and vivid Griselda release, "Pray For Paris", Gunn has only ... read more
This is some crazy Mariachi band,how come i never heard of them? Benny the Butcher,Meat Cleaver and Lamb Chop are the best trio ever.

At this point Griselda can just shit in my mouth and i'll still like it. They keep proving time and time again that they can't miss and that they are one of the best in hip-hop of the current gen. This is,i believe,Benny's only project of the year,and it's just one of the most solid albums of 2020. Not only it has some of the best verses of the year (which can ... read more

For a while now, Westside Gunn’s Pray for Prais was my favorite Griselda project, however, I think Benny the Butcher just surpassed that project with Burden of Proof. Before you listen to this lemme just say: If you’re going into this expecting Griselda’s typical grimy street and coke raps shit, you’re gonna be disappointed. There are still plenty of coke bars and a track like Sly Green shows that there are still a lot of grimy ... read more
The other, less prominent Griselda members have finally had a chance to shine this year, and now it's Benny's turn to prove his worth, hopefully above Conway and Westside Gunn. Burden of Proof excels in many of the same areas that From King to a GOD did, but sadly, it suffers similar pitfalls as well. When things click, the beats are unique, catchy and attention-grabbing, and Benny is on point with typical, but entertaining crime and drug lyricism. The opening title track, Sly Green and Trade ... read more
Absolutely stellar Hit-Boy production on this project and Benny keeps up with it throughout, and that's a high bar to meet. Features are exemplary too; this and From King to a God show that Griselda are still in top-form.
Probably one of the strongest Griselda records this year. I love Buffalo rap, especially projects that come out of Griselda. While Benny The Butcher was not high on my radar at first due to features I found to be a bit uninspired, he has overcome my notion. Benny is one of the greater of the label. While his voice is not very unique, he can definitely spit bars, his delivery is his strongest feature. With a good vocal presentation, the production complimented it well. Being that Hit-Boy ... read more
The album I've been waiting for him to shine!
“What's a stage with no mic and no voice of a poet?
What's more important, the flower or the soil that grow it?” – (“One Way Flight”, Benny)

Buffalo MC, Jeremie Pennick a.k.a Benny The Butcher returns with his reflective, poignant new LP, “Burden of Proof”, with the ever-prevalent Hit-Boy on production. Through captivating rhyme schemes and thoughtful lyricism, this record that encapsulates everything that’s great about gangsta rap in the modern ... read more
The Butchers victory lap.
As much as I would have preferred something in the vain of TT3 or TPIM, this is a seriously welcome change up of style and tone. It feels like Benny and Hit-Boy are a genuinely great match for each other and make some great midpoints between the hard coke-rap that we're used to from The Butcher.
Am super glad Conway and Benny have represented Griselda with such forward thinking projects this year, as with their rise to the mainstream and the constant release of ... read more
The Butcher came, he saw, and he conquered.

Benny the Butcher has always been a fascinating figure. His cold-blooded coke raps and old school production are an amazing combination and together with the other Griselda members, they have succeeded in establishing themselves as unique artists within the current world of rap.

Out of all the Griselda members who have been flooding the market with music this year, Benny is my favorite by far. This is because he is so good at storytelling. He makes ... read more
Forgot I was even listening to Hit-Boy, damn did he step up the production, AND brought together Benny & Dom Kennedy. Killer 'mainstream debut', it plays to exactly the right crowd to elevate him to another level of fame. My only complaint is I wish he'd have had a few more radio tracks or trap-tinged singes, especially because it went somewhat south after track 8. I needed at least 1 or 2 where Hit-Boy did for Benny what he did for Nipsey on 'Racks in the Middle'.
The features all suck ... read more
Okay I’m buried in midterms/work/the podcast so I’m gonna make this really short and sweet.

Benny the Butcher is a 90’s hip hop revivalist but he’s missing the most crucial part of the 90’s, the lyricism. He has the swagger, the drug dealing past and the boom bap to back him up but not the bars. While its known Benny used to be a prolific drug dealer in Buffalo it’s a note he harps on, on every track as if he hasn’t mentioned it in every song before. ... read more
Benny The Butcher proves to be one of the most exciting rappers to pay attention to along with the Griselda crew.

Burden of Proof, Sly Green, One Way Flight, Timeless, New Streets, Over the Limit, Thank God I Made It, Legend
Its fine, good lyricism and I guess the productions good but every single song here sounds exactly the same so I cant count it as that much of a positive.
This album refueled my love for this type of hip hop, god the production is amazing, and butcher’s performance is top tier. Maybe its just me, but this is an easy contender for hip hop aoty. Please check this out.
Top 5 in modern hip hop, he doesn't miss
If you're looking forward to dark, grit-and-grime raps that are bulldogish and menacing, readjust your expectations.

Burden Of Proof is one of Benny's brightest projects yet, featuring soulful, luscious beats from the man Hit-Boy himself. This is top of the skyscraper, sipping on Chardonnay overlooking the city raps. In a year with some Griselda albums struggling to stay consistent, Benny steps right in and shows em how it's done. Giving him a producer like Hit-Boy made him adjust his ... read more
Griselda’s back at it again, with what is probably my favorite album of the bunch this year.

Benny the Butcher’s “Burden of Proof” is great. The production is top-tier, as expected. Hit-Boy apparently doesn’t miss lately. Benny does amazing on these beats and shows that he is a skilled MC. The features for the most part are outstanding and really contribute to this album as a whole. One of my favorite hip-hop albums of the year.

FAV TRACKS : Burden of Proof, ... read more
Amazing beats amazing flows amazing lyricism. What more can you ask for
good drop from the best Griselda member, Benny taking his time with his releases allows which allows his to be consistently good where as some find Gunn and Conway to be inconsistent in terms of quality.
I had to listen to this album twice to make sure I liked it as much as the score implies I do. Griselda been blessing us this year
It’s alright, I preferred the production style of his previous projects. I also think he’s a bit weaker lyrically here. The features were definitely not as good, as you would come to expect from a major Griselda release.
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