Muse - Drones
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i have the muse logo tattooed on me, yes i got it in 2019, no i don't care about hearing you go on a shitty tangent about how they went trash, i love this band with all my heart and they are ...
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All the shit I buy because i'm bad with money
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Hey at least they were good at some point. Avg:55/100
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Worst to best
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Worst To Best
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Muse ranked. I'm a edgy boy
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Haven't made much good material in a while, but I can still find merit in most of their albums. Average: 65
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Muse, one of the UK's most beloved rock bands of the past few decades. Fusing progressive rock with an accessible rock sound, they're one of the defining prog bands of the modern era. This list will ...
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my taste !!
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