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Muse - Drones
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You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
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All the shit I buy because i'm bad with money
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Average Score: 68 DECENT Hailed as one of the driving alt-rock forces of the 2000s, Muse have a spotty discography with some pretty amazing highs, and some disingenuously disastrous lows.
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Muse ranked. I'm a edgy boy Start the binge here: Binge Overview: While the bands later realeses are spotty to say the VERY least, ...
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Highest Rated: To Pimp a Butterfly Lowest Rated: Never Say Never: The Remixes Most Appearances: 1) Drake with 9 1) Justin Bieber with 9 3) Kanye West with 6
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Hey at least they were good at some point. Avg:55/100
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Average - 6.8/10 Opinion - Decent
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Basically just albums that get pretty below average to just plain average reception (at least a 5/10 average or below) with cover arts I really like. List ordered from lowest average user score to ...
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Thought I did this like a year ago lol
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Uninteresting, Unappealing, Gross, Stupid, or Offensive covers that don't fit with the music at all. Feel free to leave suggestions
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Media Geral:62💚🙄
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This little list is of either albums my opinion completely changed or grew on me over time. For some of these it's obvious that I couldn't rate these when I first heard them. ~Means what I think I ...
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i have the muse logo tattooed on me, yes i got it in 2019, no i don't care about hearing you go on a shitty tangent about how they went trash, i love this band with all my heart and they are ...
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Worst To Best
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This is my personal ranking of the studio albums by Muse.
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