Arlo Parks - Collapsed In Sunbeams
Collapsed In Sunbeams
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British singer, songwriter and poet Arlo Parks has, at last, connected a crop of tracks that make up a compact encounter with an album, which has been nearly unprecedented until now in 2021. Her debut record “Collapsed In Sunbeams” encapsulates an incredibly comforting atmosphere which correlates to the hardships that she has persevered throughout her life and places on display her talent for the crafting of tunes that perfectly balance melancholy and hopefulness, while concurrently ... read more
‘collapsed in sunbeams’ is an excellent record from arlo parks; a delightful achievement of collaboration and creation. there are beautiful moments of spoken word, explosive melodies, and depictions of parks’ inclusive lyrics.

Arlo gifts this work to the collective public. the project is a memorable success that will influence years and generations to come.

‘collapsed in sunbeams’ hardly feels like an album, it is more-so a collection of confrontational tunes; ... read more
One of the most beautiful things to experience with music is that realization that something you're listening to is going to be sticking with you for a long time. Maybe you land on an album that follows you for the next few days, having songs that you find yourself returning to on occasion. Other times its an album that you immediately recognize will undoubtedly be with you for the rest of the year and likely beyond. Collapsed In Sunbeams falls quickly into the category of a new long-term ... read more
Mood booster of an album.
Sometimes too much of a coffee jazz type beat but lyrics are amazing on basically every track.
Arlo Parks is a new artist in the UK horizon, but she's really aiming for the world. 'Collapsed in Sunbeams' is subtle as a cloud hanging in the air but it is also deep as hell. I think she's a wonderful lyricist, the melodies are so fine, but not in an ordinary way, everything flows so easily. This pop/r&b/jazz inspired record is sincere on it's way to be masterful, in a sense there's a level of production that it's great but still hasn't yet achieved it's peak. The star quality is there, ... read more
that was very nice.
arlo has a great voice and the instrumentals and lyrics were good too. this did get a bit repetitive at times but was pretty good overall

faves: hurt , caroline, black dog, green eyes, porta
least faves: just go, hope, bluish
This is a really solid debut from Arlo Parks.

I had seen Arlo Parks’ name here and there, and I saw Billie Eilish and other artists praise her music, so I was looking forward to this debut album. I didn’t listen to her previous singles once I saw this was coming out because I wanted to hear the full thing for the first time, and I’m glad I did because this is a really enjoyable debut record.

One of the things that impressed me the most about this album was the songwriting. ... read more
Also, goddamn, i just passed 1000 ratings.

So,lately i've been feeling a little off, in a weird mood. I just didn't feel like reviewing anything for the past few days and that really doesn't happen to me very often. You could say i was just feelin' down or some shit. I was still listening to albums from time to time (log entry is almost done), but nothing clicked off for me as something that deserves a review. But, this album really put me in a good mood. And i definetly had to give it some ... read more
I did not saw it coming. I've listened to a lot of the many singles she had dropped through the months, so I was aware of her talent, but when today I heard all of her music in a "album format" I was surprised by the excellent quality of the whole product. In other words, this was supposed to be an "expected surprise" for me, I think. Speaking of the album itself, the whole things goes out without too many "bops", but the quality flow was constant and persistent. ... read more
Despite some of the dry instrumentals, and a few duds within the tracklist, Collapsed In Sunbeams is a warm, inviting project with a great deal of soul and a ton of infectious hooks and melodies.
Vocais aprimorados e uma mesclagem deliciosa de elementos distintos, mas combinam muito bem, formam a estrutura desse álbum que de cara já surpreende pela ocasionalidade da produção e o conteúdo lírico assertivo e bastante acessível na medida do possível -, deixando uma marca calorosa dos minutos apaixonantes de um disco encantador na sua proposta.
Finalmente o primeiro grande lançamento de 2021 para mim, este mês de janeiro foi um completo aborrecimento, para o mainstream atual o cenário nunca esteve tão desinteressante, mas pelo menos tivemos alguns projetos underground decentes como "Heaux Tales" e "Drunk Tank Pink" mas nada que me tenha surpreendido o bastante para ter uma conexão emocional como este álbum.

Ultimamento tenho passado por alguns momentos difíceis ... read more
[79.45] So soft-rock, which is an already defined genre (Jack Johnson, some John Mayer....) I feel should be the title for whatever THIS is. I really jammed out to this thing even though this was just background to cleaning my room. Wondering how this year is going to go music wise. This is a nice +.

I would say this sounds like those 2000s songs that would come up on the radio or Pandora, but this sounds much more confident imo to those things if that makes any sense, like it stands on its ... read more
I'm sorry, guys.
I really don't see the hype. I'm going to continue re-visiting this one in hopes that it will click with me, however as of now this thing just sounds really flaccid & tame. I have nothing against Arlo and her songwriting is occasionally quite endearing, however I don't understand why you guys are praising her vocals. To my ears, Arlo as a vocalist is just faceless & dull. Which sort of describes this album experience to me, Arlo's approach to indie pop & bedroom ... read more
ive been following arlo parks for a few months leading up to 'collapsed in sunbeams', and i could not be more excited for this album! her voice, combined with these soft and lusty instrumentals makes for a match in heaven. her lyricism is incredible, and clearly has been practiced over the years. im stoked to see what arlo parks' will do next!!

btw, this is my favorite album of the year so far.

favorites: just go, portra 400, hurt, and eugene.
Has those babyish/cutesy mannered vocals that recall Lily Allen and a raft of other easy breezy radio stalwarts. Just not my ball-bag.

In fact when the intro kicked off my reaction was ‘{gulp} this is all going to be spoken word then?’ but my response three songs later was ‘more spoken word please!’. As it is this song writing remains so ten a penny and wishy washy.

I did have an Ultravox epiphany at one stage of my listen - “this means nothing to me....OOOOOH ... read more
With instantly memorable lyrics, beautiful and dreamy vocals and airy production, Arlo Parks’ debut LP is as much fun as it is intense. Theres blatant honesty on this, and lyrics so specific I can only imagine how personal these songs are. The melodies on this are intricate and varied, at no point did any of this remind me of anything else. This first look at the London singer songwriter is larger than life, and makes her immediately someone who is worth watching. I’ll listen to it ... read more
Arlo Parks has been one of my favorite "bedroom pop" artists for about a year now. I feel like her songwriting and charm allow her to stand out in the sound and I just feel like her music has much more character than many of the others in this lane at the moment. In this new LP here, she continues doing more of the same. She really met all of my expectations with this album and I can't wait to hear more from her.

Favorite tracks: Hurt, Too Good, Hope, Caroline, Black Dog, Green Eyes, ... read more
Em seu debut, Arlo Parks entrega um álbum excelente, dou destaque para os vocais suaves e agradáveis e a sonoridade relaxante
melhores faixas : To Good, Hope, Just Go, Eugene
1) Qualidade da mensagem e escrita: 2,1/2,5
2) Seleção das rimas: 0,5/0,5
3) Engenharia sonora das faixas: 2,3/3,0
4) Exploração vocal: 0,5/0,5
5) Coerência entre as canções e suas disposições: 1,4/2,0
6) Nova proposta ao mercado fonográfico: 1,3/1,5

NOTA: 8,1

O primeiro álbum de Arlo Parks, uma jovem de 20 anos, conta com elementos do neo-soul, R&B e indie-pop, com uma boa engenharia sonora. Na primeira faixa, ... read more
Time to write reviews again, because lockdown does strange things to people. So this is my review of Arlo Parks debut album, Collapsed In Sunbeams.

Arlo Parks is from the UK. The UK, for those of you who don't know, is currently ruled by a dictator called Boris Johnson. Boris is a multitalented man. He has great hair, his porn films are some of the best things I have ever seen, and he is amazing at destroying five year olds at rugby. He is also a great poet, but he is not as good at poetry as ... read more
at first it sounded like a lofi-jaz radio on youtube, but the more i listened to this, the more beautiful it became and now, I think i'm fixing to simp

Once in a while, you have a really bad week and your stream of thoughts become uncontrollable. You're anxious, you're losing sleep, and thinking about everything possible in a very disorganized way. Other days, maybe saturdays, you wake up energized and calm - but those same thoughts remain. But this time, you can calmy go through all your random thoughts as you look out the window with a coffee in hand. No rush to get anywhere. This record portrays that serenity in face of all your ... read more
Best album of 2021 so far!

Delightful and addictive melodies with super chill instrumentations. Sometimes, there is very groovy bassline, sometimes it is just has relaxing and pleasing keys or melancholic guitars. She has a nice voice and her lyrics deal with real relatable problems. I enjoy it quite a bit.
I went into this record expecting to love it because all review that I read were overwhelmingly positive. this album was fine, good even, but I don't like it as much as everyone else and won't be going back to relisten. long story short - this album was boring to me. the production was too consistent throughout the tracks and the style of the lyricism was just not doing it for me. she deals with such heavy and interesting topics but - at least in my opinion- in a very boring, repetitive way. I ... read more
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