Sigur Rós, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Steindór Andersen & Maria Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir - Odin's Raven Magic
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2020 Ratings: #578 / 809
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2020 Ratings: #652
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December 4, 2020 / Release Date
Soundtrack / Format
KRUNK / Label
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Odin’s Raven Magic serves as a most compelling reminder of what we stand to lose when we renounce our primal vulnerability—our sense of place in a universe swirling with forces that dwarf our importance.

Northern Transmissions
In essence, it proves what many have known about Sigur Rós for almost three decades: the band is inventive, bold, and completely willing to take any risk necessary if quality is at stake.
This isn't a Sigur Rós album, and that's just fine. Lack of reverb-soaked bowed guitars notwithstanding, this collaboration vividly reimagines a bastion of medieval Icelandic poetry.
Loud and Quiet
The eight long tracks beckon to the contrasting elements of Iceland’s nature: sunny, bird-filled skies and glacial majesty. Spring and winter commingle in this record, the land and its inhabitants at the will of Mother Nature.
The Line of Best Fit

Although it’s unlikely to win Sigur Rós any new fans, Odin’s Raven Magic is also unlike anything you’re likely to hear this year. Hauntingly atmospheric and staggering in its scope, it’s well worth spending an hour of your time with.


Odin’s Raven Magic captures the group reconciling their actual genius with the mountains of praise heaped upon them.

With the release of 'Odin’s Raven Magic', the focus of this uniquely special band should turn forwards once more, excited and a little bit nervous about what awaits their future, rather than dwelling endlessly in their past.
Spectrum Culture

Its foundation in the classical world presupposes this is not a standard Sigur Rós fair. Yet for those with open minds and ears, Odin’s Raven Magic offers a work that stands up to repeated listening.


Sigur Rós’s music has always felt panoramic, and Odin’s Raven Magic is no different; its sweeping melodies harken back to landmark albums like Ágætis byrjun, but this time, the music foregrounds orchestra and choir.

The Arts Desk
The band’s moody and cinematic style is very much present: wide swathes of sound, conjuring landscapes without horizon and an all-enveloping mist reflect a sense of poetic myth rather than a well defined narrative.
‘Odin’s Raven Magic’s is built on incredibly specific foundations – the particulars of Norse Mythology and medieval Scandinavian poetry is certainly niche – so key aspects feel lost in translation without a hefty visual component or matching blurb.
The Observer
If the road to hell is indeed paved with discarded copies of rock artists’ inglorious forays into classical music, from Deep Purple to Sting, then at least Sigur Rós ought to have a better chance than most of bucking that trend.
Guarantee people will thoroughly not enjoy this album, but I implore people view it as what it is: A classical-crossover record. The elements of post-rock are there, but barely, and the album makes way for neo-classical (in a romantic sense of the term) instrumentation and melodies, but huge soul-shattering vocal performances all across the board and just a divine sense of musicality when combining various themes. The album feels more like a symphony with the audience erupting with rapturous ... read more
(Un)Swagger Ros!
Jonsi and Sigur Ros spread their hands throughout this album and the classical orchestration is nothing short of beautiful. It’s compelling in how it can still manage to incorporate Sigur Ros’ style and other indie, post-rock signatures into the foray while still feeling timeless.
Sigur Rós/Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson/Maria Huld Markan Sigfusdottir/Steindór Andersen - Odin's Raven Magic

Genre: Classical
Country: Iceland

Final Verdict: 71% (Very Good Album)
Yearly Ranking: 133th / 1099

Highlight: Dagrenning

Made me think of:
Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
Bell Orchestre
Karda Estra
Joe Hisaishi
Sigur Rós
Hauntingly, this record shines with a paradox of vulnerability and bold strokes. Its foreboding nature plants the listener in an atmosphere of humility, forcing us to confront our insignificance. Distinctly elemental but orderly in nature, it demands authority. I found myself enraptured in the tracks and only sinking deeper.
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Added on: October 23, 2020