My Love is Cool
Wolf Alice - My Love is Cool
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Based on 19 reviews
2015 Ratings: #78 / 742
Year End Rank: #28
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2015 Ratings: #83
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Bands like Wolf Alice come along once in a generation. After years of the slow build, the release is here. Believe the hype.
Time Out London
Their versatility and talent here should make most bands their age take a long, hard look at themselves.
It’s as good a debut as you could hope to hear, a fresh injection of pure brilliance and beauty to a genre that is creaking under the weight of mediocrity and a lack of adventurous inventiveness.
Drowned in Sound
Sure, for some, this debut album may have felt like it’s been a long time coming, but the success of a band like this, that has the media in a froth and youngsters falling over themselves to buy tickets, feels like something the British music industry has been waiting for quite some time.
Under The Radar

My Love is Cool's tracklist is filled with big, polished arena-rock, a genre that since the '90s has been mostly uncool. This is why it's incredibly refreshing to hear such sincerity and ambition coming from a relatively young band.

Pretty Much Amazing

My Love Is Cool is volatile, but it’s also invigorating, charming, and hugely exciting for what it promises. It’s not the debut of the year, but in its best moments, My Love Is Cool comes close.

The Skinny
They deliver an invigorating, genre-defying debut whose pop savvy sets it comfortably apart from the schmindie workaday.
The Guardian
It’s an invigorating debut with a gaunt, gallant identity of its own.

My Love Is Cool is no “pioneering sonic masterpiece”, no, but it’s definitely possessed with that ol’ black magic snap, the “electric kick” that might just inspire other manic street creatures to ignite a guitar and exorcise their own demons. 

Attempting to tackle opposite ends of the musical spectrum - and everything in between - is a brave move on a debut album, but one that has certainly paid off.
The Line of Best Fit

If you're wild like Wolf Alice, you've found a home in the bombastic My Love Is Cool.

The 405
It's a good album, full of high points, but it never excites in the way it threatens to.

The confident diversity of My Love Is Cool indicates a band who have their own thing all figured out, who shouldn't veer from their own strange path to live up to outdated narratives that dictate what a young British band should be.


Even if My Love Is Cool sacrifices some of Wolf Alice's earlier fury, the album is all the stronger for it.

Rolling Stone

She balances the scary intensity of someone who thinks "going out and smashing windows" is a cool way to kill time with a no-big-whoop casualness about the musical styles she tries out.

Consequence of Sound
The 12-song tracklist is full of individual gems, but would have better highlighted their songwriting strengths if trimmed.
Loud and Quiet
Ultimately, you come away from ‘My Love Is Cool’ with absolutely no idea what Wolf Alice actually sound like. Worse, you get the impression they’re may not even be sure what they’re good at.
Jul 24, 2015
This band shows a lot of promise but I honestly feel they need to figure out exactly what sound they are going for in their album. Some tracks were really strong but others just didn't bring anything compelling.
Oct 23, 2017
✔ "Turn To Dust", "Your Loves Whore", "Silk", "Swallowtail", "Soapy Water", "Fluffy" and "The Wonderwhy"
✘ "You’re A Germ"
Dec 27, 2016
A strong debut. Wolf Alice draw upon a number of sounds here, most prominently shoegaze, but also 90s indie, dream pop, and indie pop. Not every song clicks, but a lot of them do, and the songs are typically understated, but also exciting. Hints at a lot of promise -- looking forward to their next album.
Apr 12, 2016
Wolf Alice makes a surprisingly accomplished sound in this debut. Why it took the band all these years to get a proper recording together remains a mystery to me, but, so does life. Ellie Rowsell has a lovely voice and the band puts forth an earnest effort which makes 'My Love Is Cool' an enjoyable listen for the most part. Some critics are taking the long view and projecting a brilliant future. I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic and say that if they can hold on long enough to weather ... read more
Mar 20, 2016
Essential Tracks - Bros // You're a Germ // Freazy // Swallowtail

Added on: March 18, 2015