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Look man whenever I find a prog metal band i like, I latch onto that shit
Updated 1y ago11 albumsRanked 8
chaotic and frenetic albums with a lot going on in them. not in any particular order. i also may add a few that have attention deficit in their album cover and not necessairily in the music. feel ...
Updated 1mo ago51 albums 3
Every album here has had songs that have appeared in the rock band video game series.
Updated 17h ago1,252 albums 3
BTBAM is one of the most technical prog bands of recent years. Some people even accuse them of reaching Brain Drill-levels of brainless wankery. Personally, I find them to be one of the most ...
Updated 4y ago9 albumsRanked 3
Average: 75/100
Updated 2y ago10 albumsRanked 2
I reviewed every BTBAM release (except for the greatest hits one)
Updated 4y ago12 albumsRanked 1
just throwing in one random album from the artist, no meaning to the ones I pick I will also only be ranking headliners, as openers often have smaller setlists and worse sounding equipment. (not to ...
Updated 1mo ago25 albums
Updated 1d ago382 albumsRanked
Updated 5mo ago10 albumsRanked
Studio albums + the first Parallax EP
Updated 3mo ago11 albumsRanked
Updated 3mo ago56 albumsRanked
One of the current longest running technical metalcore turned progressive metal giants who also remain one of the most consistent. Not a weak record in their catalogue.
Updated 2y ago11 albumsRanked

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