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As the Love Continues

Mogwai - As the Love Continues
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2021 Ratings: #175 / 672
Year End Rank: #37
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The Arts Desk

It’s a remarkable balancing act. It could easily be a capitulation to maturity – the alt-rock equivalent of doing that blues covers album – but in fact, the nod to the past is mixed with the sonic intensity of Mogwai’s natural style in a way that hits really hard.


The group's 10th album ... bristles with the unruly energies that enlivened their younger incarnation.


One of their most powerful and cohesive statements to date.


‘As The Love Continues’ is Mogwai at their best, and is possibly their most consistent record since 2006's ‘Mr Beast’.


Mogwai have managed to write the most quintessentially “Mogwai” sounding album, while remaining fresh, exciting and original. They’re masters of their craft and As The Love Continues is one of their more enjoyable records in years.


It may have taken Mogwai 25 years to open up like this, but it was well worth the wait: As the Love Continues is another peak in their long and influential career.

Classic Rock

Like ghosts in steel toe-capped boots, these tunes occupy a tough mist of their own, sometimes poppy and sometimes very much not.  A very good record.

Louder Than War

The album is a world to get lost in, a world of the shimmering melancholia of The Cure, the spatial adventures of post punk and the subtle moods, textures and shifts in sound that Mogwai have become the magicians of.

God Is in the TV

Even as a long term fan, this was an album that took a bit of listening to – the first few listens leaving me with the feeling that maybe the second half of the album wasn’t as strong as the first. Persevere – because this is not the case.


Another high water mark in Mogwai's irresistible rise.

Record Collector

Though Mogwai mavens may recognise the terrain, the routes mapped across As The Love Continues are often fresh.

Loud and Quiet

As The Love Continues has all of their hallmarks (the plaintive lulls, the booming peaks, the whirling anger) but as tried-and-trusted as those structures are, there are a few unexpected subtleties that make Mogwai’s tenth album a surprising listen.


After seven soundtracks, a plethora of quality EPs, plus remix, live, and radio compilations, Mogwai hit another inimitable height with their tenth album, As the Love Continues.


The aptly named As the Love Continues cements their post-rock dynasty, and bridges their ever-mutable sound into yet another.

Northern Transmissions

Mogwai have been the masters of straddling delicate subtly and all out, massive walls of sound since the mid-nineties and ‘As The Love Continues’ carries on this rich vein of sonic expression.


‘As The Love Continues’ is an instrumental masterclass.

The Skinny

It's a continuation of their bombastic instrumental rock, adding enough new experiments to keep things interesting, but staying close enough to their well-hewn sound to ensure a cosy familiarity.

The Sydney Morning Herald

The results are gloriously brash, gritty and unbridled.

Under The Radar

As the Love Continues is an album of incremental changes and monumental sounds.

Beats Per Minute

Twenty-four years on from opening their account with Mogwai Young Team, and they’re still kicking; still into it; still making music that’s bigger than words and wider than pictures.


Overall, As the Love Continues ends up as one solid album that does a great job blending the Mogwai we are accustomed to into a friendlier direction.


The Scottish band is on familiar ground, patiently building mountainous songs suffused in nameless sadness, but they sound energized by the darkness—and refreshingly resistant to self-seriousness.

The Line of Best Fit

While Mogwai’s dedicated fanbase will assuredly welcome these new songs with open arms, others may just have to accept that they’re playing by their own rules from here on out.


The Scots paint widescreen scenes of beauty and movingly pay tribute to the late musician David Berman, though these songs are more suited to the stage.

FLOOD Magazine

Make no mistake, As the Love Continues isn’t a bad album. It’s just not good by the band’s usually impeccable standards.

Spectrum Culture

As the Love Continues could have been a much different record if it embraced the ugliness and confusion of our world in the era of COVID-19. Instead, the band decided to stay life-affirming and stick with the script. Yes, that is a lost opportunity but, luckily, the record has enough good tracks that we’ll be well-fed until the band enters the studio again.

The Needle Drop

Despite offering a bit of a career overview, As the Love Continues is a middling entry in Mogwai's catalog.

The Young Folks

From lacking formulaic and instrumental diversity, to featuring some poor examples of other genres, As the Love Continues is a disappointing release.

With a quick glance in the rear-view mirror, Mogwai is building a solid and masterful new album. As The Love Continues sounds like a synthesis of a Post Rock reference band.

In 26 years of a rich and long career, the Glasgow-based Scottish quartet of Stuart Braithwaite, Barry Burns, Domnic Aitchison and Martin Bulloch remains one of the monuments of Post Rock. Even to this day, their singularity and artistic talents still attract fans and new listeners with "almost" as much appeal ... read more
from the top of the album, mogwai begin stylishly. the first track’s title is uttered: “to the bin my friend, tonight we vacate earth”. the immediacy of this line introduces us to the journey which subsequently occurs.

it seems that mogwai are taking us on a trip throughout space, as wonderful scenery is shooting by, all around. the atmospherics forcefully transport the listener to a place where the music feels expansive and bright.

“midnight flit” is the ... read more
An instrumental record, which often seems to merge Muse with Deftones, but in a less interesting way.

It is quite interesting how it delivers a feeling of desolation and a dystopic future, with contemplative melodies, but even so, I always have the impression that something is missing.
The impression that was left when I finished listening to the album, is that it was a good idea, but it ended up not being so well executed.

The songs always follow a certain formula, which after 30 minutes ... read more
Midnight Flit is the only track that's worth your time here, besides that this album is very ok.
Ten albums deep into their 25 year career, and Mogwai's signature post-rock sound remains relatively unchanged. While at times this leads to enchantingly lavish and detailed instrumental passages, a large portion of As the Love Continues feels bogged down with meandering song structures and musical bridges to nowhere. With that being said, the band still manages to excel at points, incorporating synth layers over many of their instrumentals, that if executed by another band, would most likely ... read more
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