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Kali Uchis - Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) ∞
Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) ∞
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In 2018, Kali Uchis released one of the most personality-filled R&B albums of recent memory with Isolation. This debut was filled with majestic and beautiful neo-soul/R&B anthems which showed so much potential for Kali to make something truly amazing in the future. She followed this up with an EP that was released earlier this year, TO FEEL ALIVE. That EP, to me, was enjoyable at first but it quickly lost its flavor as it was not nearly as replayable, chocked full of personality, or ... read more
To all the “but it’s not in English” haters out there, shut up.
A very pleasant surprise for the Latin Pop genre, or just music in general.

Kali Uchis isn't a name I'm very familiar with, so hearing this and it being this good was very surprising. The only work I'm familiar with is her feature on Tyler, The Creators 'See You Again' which I was led to believe that she had pretty great vocals, and on this new album, she has even better vocals than I initially thought she had.

The production on this is absolutely amazing. It's really chill and matches her ... read more
8.9 - Amazing

What a treat. She really had me worried with this one, and all of that went away.

This new Kali Uchis album surprised me a ton. I was worried about it because the singles sounded pretty similar to Isolation, and I was hoping she would switch things up and not play it safe, which is exactly what she did. The rest of the album sounds COMPLETELY different from the singles, with a lot more of an introspective and chill vibe, with a more of a spacey and traditional sound, that ... read more
I'm not too familiar with Kali Uchis and I had only heard a few of her features before this release but I'm going to have to say that I'm pretty impressed. Normally, I'm left with a bitter aftertaste after listening to most latin music and I often get the wrong impression from stuff I hear on the radio, but this is completely different.
The best adjective to describe this album is smooth. This is one of the smoothest record I've ever heard. Her vocals are absolutely angelic and paired with this ... read more
Dando sequência ao luxuoso 'Isolation' de 2018, Kali Uchis em seu novo registro explora além do que ela havia dado sinais ao longo de outros lançamentos dos quais antecederam 'Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) ∞', o seu segundo álbum de estúdio.

Literalmente sem medo de explorar algo novo, a artista mergulha de cabeça em uma proposta mais comercial e acessível, usando de elementos mainstream na composição lírica e ... read more

At first before listening to this album, I expected it would of been those albums where I need to re listen at least 5 times to really digest, but this one seems very straightforward.

Kali Uchis has done it again and POPPED OFF, because this a beautiful album. Kali has always maintained such unique and unforgettable sounds in the music industry. This album is captivating and magical, and really portrays her vocals incredibly well. No matter what language, stunning songs as ... read more
Kali Uchis is an artist I wasn’t too familiar with until this project, but this nearly fully Spanish-language LP, her second full-length project and her second release this year, is extremely fun and well-made, and I will probably be checking out her stuff in the near future. Despite the fact that I don’t know Spanish besides a bit of middle- and high-school teaching, this album is great, and I enjoyed it front-to-back.

“la luna enamorada” is a really sweet low-key ... read more
smooth, pleasant, a bit boring and not particularly catchy
Kali Uchis take a deeper dive into the latino culture and music. I think is safe to say that she's WAY better singing in spanish than english, but that's not a shade just an observation. Here's a statement, Kali is SO GOOD at what she does, that I would probably eat anything she releases, literally anything. Her sense of fresh, the well written lyrics, her angelic vocals, everything smells and feels so delightful. Also the album cover is low key one of the best this year, congratulations to ... read more
It's a shame that Uchis releasing her sophomore album in Spanish has to be considered a risky and bold move on her part. The Colombian singer was aware that this album might cause alienation given her tweet leading up to the album, "today i drop another song in spanish which i know means another day of disappointment for my english speaking fans who do not wish to make the attempt to listen to music in languages they can’t understand." This is the nature of the English speaking ... read more
I liked that part where she spoke Spanish.

Kali Uchis has released a very solid album. My ears enjoyed this one very much, and I can definetly see myself coming back to it again. I havent listened to 'Isolation' all that much for a while, but I definetly don't remember the sort of Latin influence that is at the forefront on this album. And it works wonderfully with Kali's voice, which is absoloutly beautiful by the way. It's one of those voices that makes singing sound so easy and effortless, ... read more
god in heaven and kali uchis on earth
Finally,an album that,musically,impersonates a tropical beach vacation. It emanates that "chilling in a sunbed and drinking a good ol' fashioned martini as the sun is disappearing in the horizon" vibe,and there is nothing quite like it.

Now,i am not the biggest latin music lover,but i like THIS. Why i like it? I don't know. Maybe it's the seamless and perfect transitions from Spanish to English,maybe it's the angelic vocals and the beautiful backing vocals that she uses at times,or ... read more
the only word to describe this is sexy like this was so fuckin sexy
*this review is pretty pretentious...sorry*

This album sounds like a bed of roses.
With "Sin Miedo", Kali is wielding the sharp swords of romance, passionately piercing the listeners' emotions with her vivid depictions of an intangible power and a sweeping devotion.

What is there to say? Kali is pampering listeners with "Sin Miedo". Everything about this album is lavish. Kali herself is putting her all into this album. I remember when I first heard Kali on ... read more

Nuevo álbum de Kali Uchis, un álbum que canaliza muy bien el progreso de esta artista en la música. En un principio creí que el álbum se iría por un camino un poco más reggeatón o urbano, lo cual, no tengo nada en contra, aunque, una parte de mi extrañaba a la Kali Uchis RnB/Neo Soul y este álbum tiene de todo y más, el trabajo de la artista está muy bien trabajado, el álbum es ... read more
Being completely unfamiliar with Kali Uchis as I ruthlessly skipped Isolation back in 2018, I was a bit afraid to go into Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) ∞. And the second thing that reinforced that fear was the fact of it not being just a normal alternative R&B album – it was a Latin-pop inspired one. From my previous experience of interaction with this genre, I memorized it as flat, uninspired, and monotonous music – in other words, a complete miss. Don't get me ... read more
lmao I didn't even realize that she wasn't singing in english, what about it???
This is just weird, i have mixed feelings for this album, some songs are really good and some are just not in my opinion, she is still trying to show her latin roots by adding reggaeton songs and spanic features, which i appreciate, for instance i really feel the first song is incredible, it shows so many beautiful hispanic touches so i had high hopes and then some half-assed song began to appear, this album is 50/50 for me, im looking forward for whatever her next step will be.
This truly is a fantastic listen.

I had heard most of the songs on Isolation, and I saw her perform live, but I never sat down and listened to the full thing. I was excited to listen to this though, and the singles had me even more excited. And she has made something great here.

Between her beautiful voice, the stellar songwriting, and the really great production, this album really hits consistently. I really like the direction she took this album, and it’s definitely one of the best ... read more
Kali Uchis continues to prove she's amazing on her sophomore album.

I was not expecting this to be great from listening to snippets of the singles from watching her instagram stories. Coming into this project, I was worried that she would just outright make a reggaeton album. However, Kali surprised me by incorporating Trip-Hop, more Spanish than ever, and her best vocal performances ever into this album. I don't know what she did during the time period between Isolation and this, but her ... read more
Kali Uchis is finally back after the slighlty dissapointing and very brief "TO FEEL ALIVE" with a new album full of latin pop and r&b, sometimes a little trip hop or reggaeton too. And were the two years of wait after "Isolation" worth it? Well, let's talk about it.

"Sin Miedo" is very gentle, pleasant and smooth. In comparison with Kali's debut, this album is not quite as diverse and unique, but the expressive vocals and sombre instrumentation make up for ... read more
I will likely not get time to do a full review of this, but the moral of the story is; IT'S FIRE!

This is an unexpectedly fantastic latin pop/rnb from Kali Uchis. 'TO FEEL ALIVE' was a strange and worryingly unfocused E.P, that had me questioning where the talented singer would go next. And I'm pleased to announce, this groovy, graceful, genre-hopping LP is a success in all respects! Its bold, but not over-bearing, with lush instrumentals and soothing vocals. She has redeemed herself!

~ ~ ... read more
To find the genre-bending music that defined much of the best music of the latter half of the 2010’s, look no further than Kali Uchis’ ‘Isolation’, a project that flawlessly bended R&B, pop, and reggaeton and one of the best debut albums of the decade. This time around, after releasing the crepuscular “Solita” and the short but sweet ‘TO FEEL ALIVE’ EP earlier this year, Uchis ushers in the new decade with 'Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros ... read more
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