Merriweather Post Pavilion
Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
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2009 Ratings: #1 / 807
Year End Rank: #1
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2009 Ratings: #2
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A.V. Club

Merriweather's sound plays like both a summation and an expansion of everything Animal Collective has done so far, with a sharper focus on melody and more emboldened vocals that drive the songs.

No Ripcord

MPP is a dense studio record with a prominent synthetic pulse, but AC does not jettison warmth by leaning ‘lectronic, instead defying the sterility associated with its own techniques. 

Consequence of Sound

The boys of Animal Collective have mapped out some previously uncharted waters, producing a style of music that could belong to no one else; a distinctive, flawless fusion of the semi- automated and the wholly organic. 


Merriweather Post Pavilion just proves Avey Tare and Panda Bear are expert songwriters, turning in a grandstand of production and editing.

Slant Magazine

Soulful and almost structurally flawless, Merriweather finds one of the most talented, most creative pop bands finally and gloriously figuring it all out.


It’s a rare contemporary album that sounds like it couldn't have been made at any other time or by any other band.


What they've constructed here is a new kind of electronic pop-- one which is machine-generated and revels in technology but is also deeply human, never drawing too much attention to its digital nature.


While calling Merriweather a mature album may sound terribly condescending, as though past efforts were primarily driven by impetuous recklessness and a general lack of self-awareness, this is the first time that the band has fully realized the power of restraint.

Pretty Much Amazing

The strength of this album is certainly in the subtle details; details that sometimes take minutes to reach. This is not an album that you can pick up, listen to the opening hook, and know if you'll like.


This is the new indie ethos: Don’t think; dance.

Entertainment Weekly

It cleaves closer to Pitch’s more listener-friendly aesthetic, abandoning the self-indulgent impulses that sometimes muddied last year’s Strawberry Jam for an album full of effervescent, transportive oddity.

Drowned in Sound

Is Merriweather Post Pavilion the flawless album that it's been willed to be? Taken as a whole I'd say it's pretty damn close. 

Tiny Mix Tapes

On Merriweather, their art reminds us that immersion in Western tropes need not be met with scorn, that not all of its idioms have yet been exhausted, that embracing optimism and melody can still be so relevant -- and it aches in the most soulful of ways.


Oozing fun out of every pore, this record is the perfect tonic to the increasingly troubled times that 2009 brings with it and will most likely feature on many of those Best Of lists come December.


Merriweather Post Pavilion is a masterstroke, a release so fun to listen to it makes you actually hopeful for the new year, not just for music but for life in general.


Like the best experimental rockers surging toward nirvana ... Animal Collective have not only created a private soundworld like none other, they've also made it an inviting place to visit.

Beats Per Minute

This is a band at the heights of its powers, fully in command of its sound and its creative process, unafraid to try basically anything.


This record delivers on so many different levels, and lives up to, and some would say even exceeds, the lofty and often preposterous expectations of the blogosphere.

American Songwriter

Their seventh LP once again proves that Animal Collective are as musically divergent as they are prolific. 

Resident Advisor

Merriweather Post Pavilion is an expressionistic plea for fun and free by a band that's always relied more on atmosphere than lyrical sway, but one that wastes no sound for such complex arrangements.

Coke Machine Glow

If Merriweather Post Pavilion represents its progenitors’ conscious choice to replicate the live experience—or at least craft something monumental and loud enough to be worthy of an outdoor festival—on record, then this is an album which, like any good concert, must be felt.


‘Merriweather Post Pavilion’ is a crate-digging, blog-reading, lost treasure-unearthing music nerd’s world of influences distilled into something that anyone, people who don’t even know what a blog is, can get immediately, and keep on getting at different levels.


Merriweather plays like the summation of a long, strange trip, combining the group’s career touchstones: harmonic Beach Boys pop, African tribal chants, minimalism, minimal techno, psychedelia, and dub.

The Skinny

A rich, multi-layered amalgamation of the band's past, Merriweather Post Pavilion captures the cascading feints of their less-celebrated roots and cloys them together with Strawberry Jam's pyrotechnic showers, producing an instantaneous and exhilarating imprint of Animal Collective in the here and now.

The Guardian

Animal Collective's hugely-anticipated ninth album is their most "pop." And yet, initially it makes no sense at all.

NOW Magazine

This is definitely an album designed for the iPod generation, recorded with repeated headphone listening rather than stadium rocking in mind.

Rolling Stone

The ninth disc from this Brooklyn/Baltimore crew tries balancing shameless beauty with ecstatic weirdness, and when they nail it, it's breathtaking.

Jun 15, 2017*
I keep hearing people calling this their "pop" record. And while I do understand why, I do think it doesn't really do this album justice. The shift towards more conventional and accessible melodies wasn't done because to reach a wider audience. It was to enhance the sheer beauty of the album. And Animal Collective did just that.

Best Tracks: In The Flowers, My Girls, Bluish, No More Runnin, Brother Sport
Worst Tracks: Taste
Apr 16, 2014
AnCo's most accessible effort with extremely colourful production and solid songwriting as well. It's safe to say that this is THE album for the summer. It may be their most inviting and most successful release to date, but I feel that their noisy, experimental side had the higher highs.

Favourite tracks: In the Flowers, My Girls, Brother Sport
Dec 26, 2016*
I've never heard anything like this before, and probably never will again. A gorgeous album--no--experience, that was way ahead of its time.

P.S. This album receives a score of 110 when listening to it while high.
Dec 12, 2016
Pitchfork says it best, "What they've constructed here is a new kind of electronic pop-- one which is machine-generated and revels in technology but is also deeply human, never drawing too much attention to its digital nature."

Fav Tracks; My Girls, Summertime Clothes, No More Runnin,
Mar 14, 2016*
A pretty exhilarating listen, the vibrant & blissful feel it gives off makes it such a memorable and accessible album. If you want to get into AnCo, start here.

EDIT: I just wish No More Runnin was the closer, other than that I think it's perfect