Jamie xx - In Colour
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Consequence of Sound

Each song grows richer the more you explore its open space. Its minimalism breathes buckets of color. After one listen or 10, In Colour reflects brightly, a phenomenally poised and universally approachable solo debut.


As it moves from reflective to engaging and back again, In Colour covers the entire spectrum of Jamie xx's music, delivering flashes of brilliance along the way.

It’s the dazzling culmination of Jamie xx’s last six years of work, gathering up elements of everything he’s done—moody ballads, floor-filling bangers, expansive and off-kilter collaborations with vocalists—and packing them tightly into a glittering ball that reflects spinning fragments of feeling back at us.
Pretty Much Amazing
Like much of Jamie xx’s body of work, it’s a chronicle of distance, both romantic and musical, a swooning love song for beat-loving introverts and sensitive ravers.
Less has always been more with Smith, and the success of ‘In Colour’ lies in his gift for melding together very few elements to create songs that are original, surprising and highly effective.
Drowned in Sound
There’s a depth to this record that evokes an intellectual approach to his craft: every beat, synth and sample appears to have been meticulously planned by this music nerd (which is in no way meant as a diss).
The Line of Best Fit

In Colour is a record that could soundtrack break ups, facilitate unions, and prompt both soul searching and sweaty debauchery.


In Colour is a master class in deftness.

It is exceedingly rare to find a producer who does so much, with so little, that he distilled from, again, so much. If drugs are the backbone of beat-based music, as some argue, Jamie xx’s is the purest kind.
No Ripcord
The record finds a perfect balance between being a statement on rave culture itself and reveling in sincere, in-the-moment exhilaration and emotion.

For as erudite as it is, though, In Colour doesn't require footnotes to enjoy -- it's first and ­foremost a dance record.


Those looking for an album which actively engages the future of music while remembering the imperfect past has much to enjoy with In Colour.


It is completely stunning, in the sense that I can't believe artists like Jamie xx still exist and can still create full length projects of this quality.

Under The Radar

Although each of the LP's 11 parts change genres and tempo at the drop of a hat, In Colour consistently feels cohesive and directed. It is not simply a collection of disparate electronic styles, but a portfolio of the full skill-set of one of Britain's best producers.

Northern Transmissions

In Colour is an album you could spend hours unpicking, discussing samples and references. Or you could slip on your headphones, and turn down the harsh call of the outside world.


In a sentence, that’s why In Colour is so good: it remodels slabs of wax in a way that not only acknowledges but embraces the pop potential those snippets of sound have been denied for so long.

Jamie xx makes dance music to move you emotionally as much as physically

In Colour isn't only a necessary listen, but an important one too.

This is a cosmopolitan piece of work, a kind of Notting Hill Carnival record, where steel pans, UK garage, soul and funk freely mix, rubbing shoulders on the same dancefloor.
Each shade on ‘In Colour’ is meant to represent the various strands to Jamie xx’s work, and it’s no surprise that this debut is a wildly varied introduction.
Loud and Quiet
Assured, polished, and precise, if we’ve learned anything over the last few years it’s that a little patience has only ever heightened Jamie xx’s brilliant understatement.
For the time being we have an emotive, emphatic and often joyous collection of music that plays equally for the head and the heart. A glorious, technicolour triumph.

On the whole, In Color is a vibrant, warm distillation of Jamie xx’s genre-spanning influences, one which could easily result in a meteoric rise in his profile.

Rolling Stone
What Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock" was to the hippie era, Jamie xx's solo debut is to British club culture: a wistful valentine conjuring a more innocent time.
The Guardian

Although In Colour flirts with being overly tasteful, it usually manages to stay just the right side of strange – much like the xx themselves.


What In Colour reveals is the sheer scope of Smith’s skills as a songwriter and producer. The xx on ecstasy: not a bad idea at all.

NOW Magazine

In Colour is not so much about the past as it is a reaction to two-dimensional dance music in the present - a yearning for warmth, beauty and emotional connections.

FLOOD Magazine

In Colour is definitely a producer’s record. It’s meant to show off his clever talent for sound manipulation, and there’s an overarching, trip-hoppy languidness to much of it.

The Observer

While it is true that In Colour is considerably happier than the xx’s works ... it is also one of the least lairy party albums in the world, ever, a potent antidote to bro-step, the current stadium iteration of dance music.

A.V. Club
This is restrained, level-headed exploration of his inspirations, striking in its simplicity yet remarkably engaging.
Crack Magazine

If the aim was to establish himself as an individual performer of great talent, to send off the nervous shoe-gazing boy reputation – to efface his own self-effacement, maybe – In Colour is a great success.

God Is in the TV

His deft touch and subtle flourishes call to mind a by gone age in dance music when you were limited by technology and had to work around that to create something remarkable.

The Needle Drop
Jamie xx makes an enjoyable splash with his debut full-length.
Time Out London
‘In Colour’ is a fine album, but expecting songs as feisty as his DJ sets is a big mistake.
The 405
It seems that, rather than setting out to create a straight-up dance record, he's used the manifold stylistic languages of dance to make an easily-digestible electronic-pop record that's about dance music and Why we Dance.
Resident Advisor
What we're left with is an uneven album that's rarely as profound or as meaningful as it tries to be.
Jamie xx's debut full length album is everything I wanted it to be and more. In Colour is a joyous carnival ride through space and crowded festivals and doesn't let up from beginning to end. Jamie xx has really outdone himself with this one, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Favorite songs: Seesaw, Loud Places, The Rest Is Noise
All electronic music is superseded.

In Colour is bright yet dark, simplistic yet minimalist, offering the best of both worlds without skimping on production quality. Although more songs with vocals would've been better, the quality of the instrumentals alone strengthens the album as a whole.

Like wow, there is some mind-numbingly intricate production on this album.
For starters, Jamie's bandmates Romy and Oliver appear on this record a few times. While the sound is largely ... read more
I expected something different, but what I got is a really great piece of music that maybe isn't something I listen to every day, but it amazed me with its clarity, quality of production and ubiquitous creativity. Good one Jamie^_^

Album cover 10/10
Okay so this is frustrating me beyond belief, so here is my quickie review of this record. You see, I have deleted this review by accident three times already. This is my fourth attempt and I am gonna try my absolute best to not muck it up. I mean I know I am clumsy, but never this darn clumsy. At this point, I really should be giving up, but I can't. I can talk about this album and over and over and over again because I adore it that much. The beats are perfect, peacefully strumming along ... read more
Very few albums are able to put me in a trance like this album can, the track Stranger in a Room is the only slump in the tracklist for me and that's because of Oliver Sim's relatively uninspired vocal performance. However from a production and songwriting standpoint, I think this album is near flawless, it just seriously hits the spot for me in a way no other album pulls off.

Fav Tracks: Gosh, Sleep Sound, Obvs, Girl, The Rest is Noise, Hold Tight, Loud Places

Least Fav Tracks: Stranger in a ... read more
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Added on: March 26, 2015