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Out of 382 albums... (100) - Masterpieces: 0 (99-90) - Exceptional albums: 6 (89-80) - Amazing albums: 49 (79-75) - Great albums: 68 (74-70) - Good albums: 71 (69-60) - Decent albums: 72 (59-50) - ...
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You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
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If you feeling horny( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)feel free to dm what 2 albums you would turn on (hehehehe turn on) during sex.
Updated 2w ago 16
The best songs of da year as the title would suggest.
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Updated 3w agoRanked 14
Finally, a new decade! What masterpieces could possibly grace this first year of the decade? How bout that new Meghan Trainor album?
Updated 1w agoRanked 14
What a year it's been. These are my top albums from 2020, ranked in consideration of what I find the most impressive, what I've listened to the most and what I feel has defined the year more ...
Updated 2mo agoRanked 13
THIS IS ALWAYS BEING UPDATED 1/2 of the list based on quality, 1/2 based on personal enjoyment and replayability Also it’s a little messed up sorry
Updated 3d agoRanked 13
Albums of 2020, ranked.
Updated 6d agoRanked 10
Albums that I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!
Updated 2mo ago 10
This is my top 50 albums (including mixtapes only) of 2020. I surely missed a lot of releases,but from what i've gathered (around 305 projects that i have reviewed this year),it is a consistent list ...
Updated 2mo agoRanked 9
Pitchfork famously has the "Best New Music" designation which is given to a handful of highly-rated albums each year (generally albums rated 8.3+ as far as I can tell). This is a catalogue ...
Updated 1w ago 9
Over the last eleven months I have committed to listen to at least twenty albums for each month (you get it? 20 albums in 2020? I'm a genius I know). That I ended up listening to somewhere in the ...
Updated 1mo agoRanked 8
miss rona won’t stop the world from releasing new, good music (also I didn’t listen to many albums that released this year, as I’ve been listening to a ton of stuff I missed in the past like 20 ...
Updated 4d agoRanked 8
Updated February 2nd Added Avenade, Autechre, Boniface and Boldy James to the Top 50 Figured I'd expand the list to include all albums with >200 user ratings, making it 342 For clarification, I ...
Updated 3w agoRanked 6
Ranking best albums of the year as they come out. If your favorite album of the year isn’t on here its probably because I have yet to form an opinion on it or I haven’t heard it. Rest assured ...
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Total: 249 albuns S - A - 18 B - 76 C - 102 D - 37 E - 12 F - 2 Total Score of The Year: 18.007 Avarage of The Year: 72,557 Tier of The Year: C+
Updated 1mo agoRanked 3
i've listened to a criminally low amount of new material, so hopefully this list will grow. soon
Updated 2mo agoRanked 3
Everything is subject to change
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February 2021 Playlist