Far Side Virtual
James Ferraro - Far Side Virtual
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2011 Ratings: #311 / 893
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FACT Magazine

Containing enough irony, humour and hyperactive, intuitive compositional development to infuriate academics and bewilder many, Far Side Virtual is a modern masterpiece in both an artistic and musical sense.

Coke Machine Glow
This is by far Ferraro’s strangest, most memorable, and most out record yet.
You suddenly realize you're listening to 45 minutes of utilitarian music that doesn't really have a purpose. Can something be utopian and dystopian at the same time? Probably. Maybe even always.
Tiny Mix Tapes

Besides adhering to his familiar sonic longings and rather than dampening the message, Far Side Virtual succeeds in exciting the collective memory of that generation now so conjoined to its technological appendages.

Drowned in Sound
There’s a lot to admire about James Ferraro, and for better or worse there’s no-one really like him in modern underground music, but you need to be cool with the possibility that you’re getting pranked.
If you can wade through the excruciating sitar-synths, bank-lobby melodies, home-fitness techno, and infomercial drum breaks, Ferraro’s playfulness blips into view
Track List
  1. Linden Dollars 
  2. Global Lunch 
  3. Dubai Dream Tone 
  4. Sim 
  5. Bags 
  6. Pixarnia And The Future Of Norman Rockwell 
  7. Palm Trees, Wi-Fi And Dream Sushi 
  8. Fro Yo And Cellular Bits 
  9. Google Poeises 
  10. Starbucks,Dr. Seussism, And While Your Mac Is Sleeping 
  11. Adventures In Green Foot Printing 
  12. Dream On 
  13. Earth Minutes 
  14. Tomorrow's Baby Of The Year 
  15. Condo Pets 
  16. Solar Panel Smile
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