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You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
Updated 1d ago2,468 albumsRanked 28
Out of 46 albums... (100) - Masterpieces: 0 (99-90) - Exceptional albums: 0 (89-80) - Amazing albums: 2 (79-75) - Great albums: 7 (74-70) - Good albums: 9 (69-60) - Decent albums: 12 (59-50) - ...
Updated 3w ago46 albumsRanked 27
Updated 1w ago9 albums 11
All the projects I have heard in 2021, RANKED! (100) - Masterpiece: 0 (94-99) - Phenomenal : 1 (88-93) - Amazing: 0 (80-87) - Great: 6 (70-79) - Good/Really Good: 10 (60-69) - Decent: 5 (50-59) - ...
Updated 12h ago34 albumsRanked 9
Pitchfork famously has the "Best New Music" designation which is given to a handful of highly-rated albums each year (generally albums rated 8.3+ as far as I can tell). This is a catalogue ...
Updated 1w ago279 albums 9
Including: LP, EP, Live, Soundtrack, Score, Instrumental Not including: Mixtape, Compilation, Reissue, DJ Mix, Box Set, Unofficial
Updated 21h ago105 albumsRanked 8
Cataloging every 2021 release that Pitchfork considers a Best New Album.
Updated 2w ago3 albums 8
A list of all the albums, EP's, reissues I have listened to, rated, and or reviewed in 2021!
Updated 1w ago23 albumsRanked 7
gonna try and listen to more new music this year and become music
Updated 3d ago37 albumsRanked 7
rules: albums only. no eps or singles. mixtapes and compilations are allowed if they feature mostly new/previously unreleased material. live albums and remixes are allowed but i normally don’t ...
Updated 20h ago75 albumsRanked 7
All of 2021.
Updated 17h ago460 albums 7
February 5th All of these albums have come out on my birthday! This is mainly just another way for me to discover new music.
Updated 3w ago53 albumsRanked 7
Updated 3w ago21 albums 6
70+ means I personally enjoyed it. 80+ means it is a must-listen, in my opinion. No rating at the bottom of the list means I plan to listen to it but haven't yet
Updated 19h ago137 albumsRanked 4
If there's anything you recommend lmk!
Updated 1d ago102 albumsRanked 4
Updated 1w ago63 albums 3
Updated 6d ago43 albums 3
This is me documenting every significant album in 2021 in a list, I will not have listened to some and I may listen to some later. Hopefully by the end of this year we will have a nice summary of the ...
Updated 1d ago21 albumsRanked 2
I am getting old and keep forgetting album releases (continuously updated)
Updated 3w ago12 albums 2
Updated 1mo ago26 albums 2

February 2021 Playlist