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Despite not venturing too far away from the typical post-punk formula and definitely being a bit inspired by their contemporaries, Drunk Tank Pink is a great maturation for Shame, a band I previously saw to be a humdrum display of generic post-punk finally coming into their own.

Shame’s debut album, 'Songs of Praise', was an album that many loved, though I merely thought it was an average post-punk record. The album did very little to stick out in a sea of post-punk albums that already ... read more
Articulated around psychology and anxiety, Drunk Tank Pink is not only a successful second album, it's a consequent evolution for the London band. Shame's youngsters have grown up, now facing their demons through an intense and deep post punk.

In a corner of my head I still have this memory of the moment I first listened to Shame, it was precisely in January 2018 on the day of the release of Songs of Praise, which soon conquered me. A raw energy ready to explode that the band tries to contain ... read more
As someone who’s incredibly new to this genre of music, I’ve always been intrigued by it. From what I’ve heard, post-punk has some of the most interesting instrumentals I’ve ever listened to, and that’s in positive light. With it’s positive reception, I was quite engrossed by this album’s release. Just due to the high praise of both their debut, and now their sophomore album. After listening to this album, I did learn one thing… I’m a ... read more
While not necessarily groundbreaking within the post punk scene, “Drunk Tank Pink” serves as a batch of tracks that are still rather refined, a balanced mix between high-octane performances and ones than lean more towards a mellow and gloomy approach, in old punk fashion.

The year has just started and the genre that has been dominating thus far is punk, we’ve already gotten two records that are appreciable but this one sticks out much more in comparison to the Viagra ... read more
The first great album released this year!

shame is a UK post-punk band and this is, of course, my introduction to their style and music. The album is... great -- great in every sense of the word. The chemistry, the insane instrumental, the abrasive, mean vocals infused with energy and an intense hunger for creativity and freedom all create new grounds for the band to discover and explore.

As being a relatively new post-punk listener, i won't really compare this to any other albums and ... read more
Back in 2018 I took note of the name shame - underlined, circled, highlighted, and bolded it. Their debut album Songs of Praise indicated an immense amount of promise in my vision, with the group encapsulating all the best parts of post-punk via its versatile sound and influences. With songs that either delivered in unbridled energy, infectious catchiness, or dark tones, the group had an eye on how to deliver different tonalities and moods so that their songs all felt idiosyncratic. Songs of ... read more
First review of a 2021 album, and it's good!

Shame is a British rock band from London. Their last album, Songs of Praise, garnered critical acclaim, and it is a fun post-punk album that I enjoy personally. However, their newest project, Drunk Tank Pink, represents a sonic shift in the band’s sound, and it's for the better. Drunk Tank Pink is an exceptional rock record, with incredibly unique sounds and vocal delivery, that I will definitely come back to in the future.

One of Drunk Tank ... read more
What's with all these British post-punk acts lately, almost all of them heavily relying on the sound developed long ago by their widely acclaimed predecessors (hello, David and Tina) and producing much more lifeless replicas instead of following the winding yet rewarding trail laying ahead of them, map of which they've already clearly got?

Favourite tracks: 'Snow Day', 'Water in the Well', 'Born in Luton'
Worst track: 'Alphabet'
What a start to the year this has been!!

Anyone who has taken the time to get to know me knows that I am an absolute simp for this modern generation of post-punk! Bands like Idles, Fontaines DC, and Parquet Courts have completely redefined my music taste. Joy As An Act Of Resistance is one of my favorite and most frequented albums of all time and I have been on the lookout for the next record to radiate that same energy. This is by far the closest I have seen thus far!

Shame burst onto my ... read more
idles made an album that felt unfocused and had lackluster vocals and lyrics
viagra boys and LICE made albums that failed to have any songs that stuck with me
and fontaines dc and HMLTD approached greatness, but ended up falling just a bit short.
but this is the first great post punk album of the decade.
this album is pretty dark overall, but it can sound upbeat musically at times. the lyrics are some of the best i’ve heard from any post punk band and the instrumentals are ... read more
The first 5 tracks were eh, and I was expecting to give this something like a 60, but then track 6, snow day hit and I was absolutely stunned, then after that, its far better than the first half.
favorite track: snow day
least favorite track: alphabet
this is modern post-punk at the highest level. shame’s sound is extremely versatile, and they create an overall journey of songs.

years/decades from now, this album should truly be considered a classic.

“alphabet” oozes with solid energy to kick off the album. the instrumentals are reminiscent of shame’s last album, although one can tell that the band has evolved with time. the drums are really on point, and hold the song together through the chaos. the two guitars ... read more
2021 has started pretty strong musically…

While I’m not super knowledgable about this genre, even I can acknowledge that this is a great post-punk release. The instrumentals were the first thing to really grab me, as they are usually fantastic, but as I’ve listened more I’ve started to notice the writing. The songwriting is pretty good, and while I’ve had issues with the lyrics being cringe with some other post-punk albums I’ve heard recently, the lyrics on ... read more
Shame’s newest album “Drunk Tank Pink” left me quite impressed. The band seems to have made quite a noticeable improvement from “Songs of Praise” in every major way. The songs here a better written, more punchy, groovy and anthemic in various examples. And the energy of the album is undeniable, displaying many of the ‘cutthroat’ British Post-Punk qualities that I admire, kind of similar to their contemporaries IDLES & Fontaines D.C. Combined with ... read more
Shame take their brand of Post-Punk to the next level

Back in January of 2018 Shame's debut Songs of Praise grabbed the attention of many, but sadly not myself. I personally didn't find the project to be catchy or heavy enough to return to that often, especially when that same year also brought us Joy as an Act of Resistance by IDLES, which was basically everything I could want from that type of record.

3 years on though, Drunk Tank Pink is a significant improvement, hooks catch you ... read more
I waited right until midnight here in Australia for this to come out. Not something I do often, but its been three years since Songs For Praise, one of my favourite post-punk albums ever, came out in early 2018. I wasn't too sure what direction shame were going to take on Drunk Tank Pink, but I was excited nevertheless. And about four listens later already, I think I know what my opinion is. Drunk Tank Pink suffers very mildly from the sophomore slump, yet is a wholly worthy album in its own ... read more
This album is already born in excellency. Ravishing guitars and somewhat spetacular use of voice is just one of the trademarks of the sensational band known as 'shame', it's funny because the last thing they should feel is ashamed. How come after the second song I couldn't stop moving my head? It's a non-stop row of fucking incredible post-punk momentum. I would like to point out how the album is versatile as well, the thing I value the most about a band is how they connect the sounds being ... read more
FAVORITE TRACK: Water in the Well


As Casey Frey once said, "You goin' make me act up."

I could not wait for this one. I love this recent pop-up of strong and angry post-punk from across the pond with bands like IDLES, Fontaines D.C. and black midi becoming some easy favorites for the past decade. I always clump shame in with those acts but even I wasn't crazy about shame's debut. There's a few songs on it that I love but other acts just ... read more
idles and viagra boys take a fucking seat
You may be born in Luton but your knowledge of ventriloquy is laughable.
Happy New Year everyone! I know it's a little overdue, but since this is my first proper review of 2021, I'd still want to wish everyone the best of luck for 2021. May this year be better than the last one for everyone. I am grateful to be a part of this beautiful community. I started reviewing at the start of 2020 and have no plans of quitting any time soon. Contrarily, I can't wait to dive into this year and discuss all important moments in music together with everyone on this website. Having ... read more
Drunk Tank Pink creates a dark vibe with its very well thought-out compositions and creative guitar riffs. Some songs fail to captivate me and feel more forgettable, but there are some major highlights like Snow Day, Alphabet and my personal favorite Human, for a Minute.
shame return with their sophomore album, Drunk Tank Pink and their debut showed a lot of promise and room for growth and I will say most of it is realized upon this record. Every is improved, the vocal delivery, the more energetic and raw instrumentals and using post-hardcore and noise rock elements beautifully to create a more noisy and textured soundscape and with the band strongest lyric content to date it is fair to say Drunk Tank Pink shows shame going in the right direction. Although, my ... read more
2021 has been off to the races with post punk releases. All of which have been pretty good. Shame’s new record “Drunk Tank Pink” is no exception. While it isn’t the most original sounding album in post punk, many of the songs come off with a great amount of energy and occasional brilliance. I think this album mostly falters when the tunes just lack energy or NO originality. This is notable on songs like “6/1” and “Human, For A Minute”. I cant say ... read more
In 2018, post-punk newcomers shame blew me away with their debut album 'Songs of Praise.' The album was a rambunctious, rollicking ride that displayed a balanced level of angst and experience that suggested the band was far more mature than their scant discography suggested.

Now, in 2021, they return with their sophomore album 'Drunk Tank Pink.' Oftentimes, it is easy for a band to fall into the trap of not living up to their debut effort - especially when the debut is filled with such ... read more
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