Genesis Owusu - Smiling With No Teeth

Smiling With No Teeth

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Woaahh… this came out of nowhere

In the seemingly always-changing music scene, versatility seems like a necessity in music for an artist to retain longevity now more than ever. For a debut album to be successful, I feel as if the artist should provide both a welcoming introduction to who they are, oozing charisma and personality out every pore, along with showcasing what they have to offer in the larger scope of musical culture. Whether that’s through staying in one specific lane ... read more
This was like Death Grips, Steve Lacy and Thundercat all had a love child.

I don’t think you need any other reason to check this out!
This is something special. It’s times like these where I’m so grateful for a place like AOTY where I can stumble upon a project like this.

I had never heard of Genesis Owusu, but I saw the reviews this was getting and was immediately intrigued. When I heard the first track, I wasn’t blown away, but once The Other Black Dog started I knew I was in for something special. I stopped listening to the album and just put that song on repeat for like an hour. I didn’t think it ... read more
New Kings of Leon album?

i sleep

Genesis Owusu debut?

real shit
I'm going to get straight to the meat on this one. This album is good... Like, stupid good.

Genesis Owusu, a Ghanaian-Australian artist, exudes such an intense level of charisma and fun that he is immediately one of the most infectious performers today. With singles and EP's dating back to 2017, Owusu approaches his debut album with more experience than is typical. Smiling With No Teeth is a phenomenal piece of proof that the experience is being used. With blinding levels of variety including ... read more

I really loved this album, just finished listening to it for a third time. The opener has a death grips-like hip hop sound and the record then slips into a funky soulful bliss that is as melodic and heartfelt as Tyler The Creator's recent work. Genesis Owusu described himself as Prince if he were a rapper in 2020s Australia, and you can really hear that in this magnificent debut. My favourite hip hop/rap album of the year so far!!

Favourite tracks: On the Move!, Dont Need You, ... read more
Genesis Owusu’s debut is a truly great album. it bends many genres and has an ongoing theme of empowerment. it’s experimental but never to the point where it’s hard to listen to. i love how it toys around with different genres. Owusu has a great voice and he’s an incredible songwriter. considering that this is just a debut, i can’t wait to see where he goes next. i recommend this album to anyone who likes any type of hip hop or soul.
faves: other black dog, gold ... read more
It's a good record to listen to on a Friday morning until the song Black Dogs. After that it is just a rollover, everything completely forgettable.
Are we witnessing the birth of a new big artist???
Shit... I'm amazed at this record holy fuck. Genesis Owusu has a sense of originality and music production that I've seen only in a few.
'Smiling With No Teeth' is as pleasing as a neo-soul album can get, full of density, creativity, passion, groove and all the other magical ingredients.
I know for a fact that I will listen to this record A LOT, because it's exactly the type of music I usually put on repeat and always come back to.
The ... read more
8.3 - Great

This album sure has me smiling with teeth! (please laugh.)

Genesis Owusu’s debut album, Smiling With No Teeth, recently came out, and it’s been getting quite a large amount of acclaim from critics and users alike. I had absolutely no previous knowledge of Owusu diving into this, and after listening, I can confidently say this is an artist to look out for.

Smiling With No Teeth draws you in immediately with the bombastic opener On The Move!, a track that is ... read more
Well, I had no idea who this was, but am very happy to have found out!

It's always very interesting to hear Soul or RnB music coming out of anywhere other than the US, which has a near-monopoly on the big names within these genres. While many of the classics and and most well known albums and artists come from America, I've found the most interesting deviations and genre-blending come from outside this circle. The addition of non-American cultural moments in mix lends these genres a colour ... read more
What a fantastic album.
While driving through the hills surrounded by greenery I felt myself completely engrossed in this album. Genesis Owusu has such amazing talent both vocally and musically. Personally, I would not put any labels on the genre of this project as it is almost everything that is popularized in today's music culture. First funk, then soul, then rap and industrial rap, and before you know it you're listening to beautiful spoken word and completely breathtaking poetry. The ... read more
I'm a little late to the hype train for Ghanaian-Australian singer-songwriter and rapper Genesis Owusu's debut album, 'Smiling With No Teeth', this album has been building up so much hype and acclaim around it from critics and music fans alike, scoring very positive reviews and user scores from across the internet and after listening to this record a few times it's pretty easy to see why that's the case... because this album is genuinely great.

We're not even a full quarter of the way through ... read more
Smiling with No Teeth is an album that took me by surprise, it's a completely exquisite experimental hip hop and neo-soul album filled with excellent melodic moments, beautiful songwriting and with a cohesive narrative. The songs immediately captured my attention, as I mentioned earlier, the melodies are one of the strongest points of this project, they have so many creative elements that we never get tired and the singer's voice makes everything even better. Considering that this is just the ... read more
I've been missing out on some great releases, and Genesis Owusu's debut album further proves that. I really loved the Industrial R&B of the first couple tracks. The rest of the album is great, but it almost never tops the intro. I say almost because Gold Chains is amazing. This is just a fun little experimental hip-hop album that I'm sure I will go back to.
Wow, that was a wonderful debut! Genesis Owusu, a Ghanaian-Australian singer with a distinctive mummified look, has really made something special on his debut 'Smiling With No Teeth', his music sounds really unusual and fun, the mixture of influences and styles that he works with may sound really odd and disconnected on paper, but somehow he makes it all work, and proves just how versatile, creative and promising he is as an upcoming musician.

This album sounds like what ThunderCat or Steve ... read more
What an incredible debut. Smiling With No Teeth is an ambitious record with a lot to be appreciated. The sound of it is extremely diverse, going from neo-soul and R&B to experimental hip-hop, with various influences such as Thundercat and Death Grips. The production is absolutely fantastic. It’s amazing how he combines raw drum and bass instrumentation with some electronics and on top of that delivers great and energetic vocal performances. “The Other Black Dog” is a good ... read more
Vital Status: Alive & Well❤️

Fav Tracks: On the Move!, The Other Black Dog, Centrefold, Don’t Need You, Drown, I Don’t See Colour, Black Dogs!, Whip Cracker, A Song About Fishing, Bye Bye
Least Fav: Gold Chains

Kofi Owusu-Ansah, known by his stage name of Genesis Owusu, has delivered his fist studio album Smiling with No Teeth. Apple Music has categorized this in the genre of Alternative Rap and in all honesty, I wasn’t really sure what Alternative Rap even meant. I ... read more
The fairly unknown Genesis Owusu has released his debut album. And there is PROMISE. A lot of it.

I've never heard of this guy before, and when I saw the neo-soul tag, I knew I had to listen to this. And I have no regrets. This has a sound I've never heard before, and I honestly think this might be taking AOTY for me. I'm very grateful that I can find new talent on this place, because this album is... well, great. It has a very sinister sound that I enjoy a lot, and there's def something here ... read more
Yves Tumor meets Thundercat.
Simple as that.
Have I even heard the name before Genesis Owusu, before adventuring into his debut,? Nope, but my god this debut is fantastic, a beautiful mix of Neo-Soul, Experimental Hip Hop, Funk, R&B for quite a darker and more sinister approach to this soundscape whilst bursting with energy and knowing where to calm it down and with some of the most catchiest songs I've heard so far in 2021, Smiling with No Teeth is a highlight for this year.

Track Review

On The Move 9/10
The Other Black Dog ... read more
Electrifying & fresh take on neo-soul & hip hop. I love the more folky approach to the last couple of tracks. Even if you thought this was just average, the potential for greatness is so blatantly obvious.

Exploratory, creative, unobvious, fearless; "Smiling With No Teeth" takes all the best from soul, blending it with hip-hop, experimental synths, and percussive gimmicks, making it once again entertaining to hear. This record is a combination of sounds you can find in discographies of artists like Moses Sumney and Childish Gambino, but also Prince, Jimi Hendrix, and even Death Grips as well. Even though in my opinion the best moments of this album ... read more
Genesis Owusu seems like that one artist that comes out of nowhere and releases an extremely charismatic and ambitious self debut, then gets gradually better as he keeps going. Like, if everyone knows his name by next year, I'm not going to be shocked. I think that albums like this have the ability to twist and fix mainstream music from its confusing state to something everyone can enjoy. It's far-fetched, I know. But, I see it happening.

I didn't know what to expect from this. I heard ... read more
The first 3 tracks were not my cup of tea, but almost every track just got better after that.
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