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Updated 2mo ago58 albumsRanked 10
eternally experimenters, Boris remain one of the most exciting and prolific Metal bands of the 21st century. their knack for writing both instantly accessible, hard-hitting Stoner Metal and long, ...
Updated 1y ago37 albumsRanked 10
one of the most boundary pushing and truly spectacular groups of the 21st century, this trio have composed at once some of the most monstrously powerful and overwhelmingly chaos encompassed music out ...
Updated 6mo ago12 albumsRanked 2
Updated 1w ago506 albums 1
Title says it all. This will also the list where I list down stuff people have requested me.
Updated 1w ago2,865 albums
A collection of all the music albums that I've listened to (as far as i can recall) since march 2020.
Updated 9h ago1,206 albums

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