Morgan Wallen - Dangerous: The Double Album
Dangerous: The Double Album
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Simply, don't listen to this if you have no interest in country music.

As someone who has found a new love for the collectivist themes of southern culture and country music, this was released at a great time for me. A lot of solid, fit-for-the-radio, country-pop tunes. I think this is another Roddy Ricch situation. All ropes were tied, it just isn't crazy inventive, it's like the best of genericism. Morgan got his start on The Voice in 2014 and has been at it ever since. Spotify promoted the ... read more
I really don't know what so many people see in this guy. He's just another painfully average and derivative country artist that the last decade provided more than enough of. His sound isn't original or "fresh" (as many publications claim), and his songwriting is PAINFULLY cliche to that of mainstream country. However, despite the glaring mediocrity of every track, the final nail in the coffin for this particular album is its behemoth length. In my opinion, there is only one country ... read more
they're so many reasons why this album shouldn't work.

for one it's a double album which is generally not a good idea especially if it can't justify it's length or feels like you put a bunch of throwaway tracks on it, just because...

it's also a mainstream Country album which don't tend to turn out that good.
refer to a certain mainstream ""Country"" album that came out last year if you wanna know what i mean.

shouldn't be too hard to find since it was simply the worst ... read more
As someone who isn’t turned off after hearing the word country, and actively enjoys lots of country music (mostly female, Miranda Lambert etc) I think that if this was half or even a third of the length it is then it would be okay, but this much generic material isn’t the making of a good album.

If you’re looking for a good modern country double album, my recommendation would be Miranda Lambert’s The Weight of These Wings, which holds up for 94 minutes, where this ... read more
The first 2021 album I am reviewing is this Morgan Wallen album. I think it's pretty good. But oh my lord, IT WAS 30 TRACKS! I literally listened to "Super Gar-Gar World" and this in the same week. Two of the longest records I've ever heard. Despite the length of it, I found a lot of quality in it. There are no bad songs which I'm happy about. The closest has to be "Livin’ the Dream", Need a Boat", and the lyrics on "Your Bartender" with those first two ... read more
the worst album i will hear all year. 30 tracks of straight country pop that only 15 year old girls like is not a great way to spend your time
Take me up on this one request: Don’t listen to this.
I’m too easy on some people. I’d heard Morgan Wallen’s abysmal collab with Florida Georgia Line, “Up Down”, his hit song “Whiskey Glasses” (which is fine at best), and obviously I had seen his mullet. This made up my first impression of the man who I would spend almost 100 minutes with on the morning of January 8th, 2021. However, before I would actually listen to any of his albums front to ... read more
Let's address the proverbial and glaring elephant in the room: this album is way too long. A double album, Morgan Wallen's second studio release spans across thirty tracks and has a running length of ninety-seven minutes. To put that into perspective, films like Mean Girls, Elf, Clerks II, Menace II Society, and Neighbors (just to name a few) all have the same running length as Morgan Wallen's album. You are getting a feature-length album from Morgan Wallen in 2021, and that is both a positive ... read more
What is the only thing worse than a 30 track album? Some may say partying without a mask during a global pandemic (ring a bell, Morgan Wallen?). I say, a 30 track album that could've been a 10/10 project if cut in half.

So, I make it through the first 5 tracks and I'm like "okay, a country album, fine". And then I get to "Warning" and suddenly it's a completely different sound (more pop and definitely darker), which gives me a little hope as country is not a genre I ... read more
If I Know Me used to be my guilty pleasure of 2018, but this new offering from Morgan Wallen doesn't seem to have the potential to be one. Wallen sounds most comfortable to me on those R&B tracks, such as 7 Summers and Still Goin' Down, all being commercial success. I even liked the Diplo-produced, Julia Michaels-featured Heartless to a decent amount, which is basically a trappy R&B song. But the rest of the album is mostly ineffective, whether it be the typical party numbers, bland ... read more
I’ve never been interested in country, never will. The most I would say about this album is inoffensive. The first side is definitely the better one and I could see myself giving it a higher rating if it was just that side. However, then comes the second half which I think is more bro country/trap influenced, which never goes over well. But most of the time it’s just music the vibe to, no real thought should really go into listening to this album. I did find myself enjoying some ... read more
I really like quite a few tracks here but when there's 30 tracks there's bound to be some filler and that's exactly what happened. His voice is actually very nice and I think if he decides to make a shorter and more focused project he could have a great album.
it's cookie-cutter country. It does its job. Can't really complain as I"m already not a big fan of country, but setting that aside, despite being underwhelmed, i can see exactly how country fans will enjoy this record. It's well made and the musicianship is quite good. He fits in well with all the other popular country artists, but he doesn't really stick out from the records I have listened to. Not bad, but nothing to write home about.
As someone who is neutral towards country music, this is fine playlist fodder.
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