Death From Above 1979 - Is 4 Lovers
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On Is 4 Lovers, the pair have settled in and settled down, both in their lives and to their own sound.


The Canadian dance-punk duo tackle love and modern society of their gnarly fourth record. They still pack a punch, but now the bruise is more colourful.

Northern Transmissions

Where others imitate, Death From Above 1979 continue to innovate – this album really ‘Is 4 Lovers’.


One of Death from Above 1979's most balanced and stylistically engaging albums.

Beats Per Minute
A fun album that is also their most diverse so far and finds the duo fully trusting their own instincts.

 ‘Is 4 Lovers’ is both a worthy addition to the collection and a reminder of what the band has gained over the years since they were just two kids from Toronto blowing everyone’s minds by not hiring a guitarist.

An album which sees the pair attempt to build upon the mythology of their past - and reclaim a little of it, too - it’s a move that largely pays off.
Classic Rock

Just as Daft Punk press the self-destruct button, a similarly secretive, revolutionary and electro-heavy duo prone to lengthy career silences find a fresh creative tail wind ... 4 lovers of gloriously degraded punk pop.


With Is 4 Lovers, they not only prove that they can stretch without compromising, but also that intimacy and discovery can still be rockin’ AF.


The first half rifles through their familiar bag of production tricks ... The weirder and more diverse second side is where stuff gets interesting.


It’s a good idea to mix things up, but the move also renders them less visceral and dilutes their identity.

The Independent

There’s still a nagging sense that the band are resting on their laurels. The record is still good – DFA are too talented for it to be otherwise – but it’s a little deflating for a band whose history is built on boundary-pushing.


Despite this being their third decade as a group, you might be expecting them to have added some new dimensions to their sound, but for better or worse that hasn’t happened.

The Needle Drop

Is 4 Lovers sounds like a transitional project for DFA.


Is 4 Lovers isn’t a bad album, it just lacks that much-needed energy and purpose. A lot of the songs here feel like they’re going through the motions.

C.L. Jesse is fucking mad online.

I listened to this album with my boyfriend, and after the first 30 seconds, I kept asking him the same question throughout the entire record: why the fuck does sound like this? Genuinely? Why is there S͟t͟. A͟n͟g͟e͟r͟ tier production on the drums?

I didn't want to hate this. I honest to God wanted to love it. Y͟o͟u͟'r͟e͟ a͟ W͟o͟m͟a͟n͟, I͟'m͟ a͟ M͟a͟c͟h͟i͟n͟e͟ is one of my favorite dance punk albums ever, and I even defend T͟h͟e͟ ... read more
If this album “Is 4 Lovers”, then I would absolutely love to jam a nail into my front toe.

Yes. I’m not exaggerating. I legit am fuming. This album took one of my favorite bands, and stripped it of all of the things that made them interesting and replaced it with forgettable, bland and boring carbon copies of themselves.

I should probably explain why then, huh?

This band, as some of you may know, are just straight-up one of my favorite Dance-Punk outfits that dominated the ... read more
I’m slightly disappointed.

I recently checked out Death From Above 1979, and I loved their unique fusion of post-hardcore and dance-punk. As well as only incorporating only drum and bass into their music. I was obviously hyped for this since they seem to have a consistent discography. The reviews for this are very divided, so I was nervous, and it turns out I’m in the middle on this one.

While I still enjoyed “Is 4 Lovers,” this does not have the same energy the band ... read more
wow people really don't like this? sure it has that radio rock vibe that Royal Blood has, but didn't these guys essentially put them on in the first place? Also they manage to pull it off in a way that doesn't sound tacky or watered down, sorta like how BMTTH made nu metal and alt metal work in 2020 without sounding outdated.

Also in what universe is this bad production? It's so thick and heavy, and raw and loud. like JEEZ the bass on here is so intense it reminds me of that last Idles record ... read more
I (mostly) like what's going on here. Some of it is a little too noisy just for the sake of it though, which takes away what should make a DFA album so enjoyable and groovy.

They've been one of the best (and one of my favourite) bands at that dance-punk sound for so long. I do see why they would wanna experiment a little (because that's what is cool now supposedly) and even tone down the lyrical content because they were rightfully questioned on how sexist and toxic some of their songs are. ... read more
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Track List

  1. Modern Guy
  2. One + One
  3. Free Animal
  4. N.Y.C. Power Elite Part I
  5. N.Y.C. Power Elite Part II
  6. Totally Wiped Out
  7. Glass Homes
  8. Love Letter
  9. Mean Streets
  10. No War
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Added on: December 5, 2020