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Entertainment Weekly

At.Long.Last.A$AP is a fantastically dense hip-hop album, worthy of its association with recent instant classics like Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly and the aforementioned Drake surprise album.


All things considered, this is a solid album. Fans of old Rocky will be happy to hear he hasn’t left them behind and new fans will have a plethora of options to choose from.

The 405

On A.L.L.A, Lord Flacko's pen-work is cavernous, production multifaceted and theatrics opulent.

This one has the distinction of being an album that will require time to unpack and grasp with more listens. It has such a diversity of sounds, vibes and subject matter that it sets itself apart from Rocky’s previous works.
This album is more expansive, more inclusive and much deeper, with a palette that dips into blues rock, Wu-Tang Clan, G-Funk, psychedelic folk and more. It’s the perfect experiment -- a confident, well-executed one -- for a format-less, niche-happy, streaming-playlist world.

At.Long.Last.A$AP is a project that shows growth within A$AP Rocky. Although the Harlem rapper rose to stardom from being inspired by southern Hip Hop, his sophomore project is a diverse project with surprising sounds.


The bold effort unfolds as it wants and deserves, so think of the album as A$AP in Wonderland, or the cloud rap genre revived and improved, or a sunshine kaleidoscope album à la Prince's Around the World in a Day that also comes with a touching and bittersweet tribute.

‘ALLA’ is a thrillingly focused follow-up that betrays its anxieties even as it mostly makes do with extolling the virtues of vice.

A.L.L.A makes the best and most natural use of a diverse cast of cameos since Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.


On At.Long.Last.A$AP., he takes a creative risk and lets the fans reap the rewards. At long last.

The Line of Best Fit

At.Long.Last.A$AP feels epochal. It has the strange sense about it of a new rap monument being erected.

The Guardian

Some might call it retrograde in the year of To Pimp a Butterfly, but rap is big enough to contain multitudes – including self-regard when it’s this perfectly delivered.

NOW Magazine

A raw masterstroke, A.L.L.A. is a depiction of underground millionaire culture that should have "think of the children" conservatives shitting their pants.

At long last, a real sense of identity has begun to coalesce in Rocky’s work.
Consequence of Sound

While this record certainly echoes the who’s who of designer brands name-dropped on Long.Live.ASAP, A.L.L.A is Rocky’s “locked in the studio with a sheet of acid” record.

A.V. Club
Rocky may not have totally gotten it this time, but he’s getting better. Thus the legend continues.

Brush those lowlights aside and what remains is a glossy, surprising album, albeit one without the obvious radio hits of 2013’s studio debut Long.Live.A$AP.

Rolling Stone

At.Long.Last.A$AP takes the gritty East Coast classicism and syrup-drippin' Houston screwiness of his killer 2013 debut, Long.Live.A$AP, and adds an extra level of psychedelic sprawl via a newfound taste for acid.

The strength of ‘A.L.L.A’ is when Rocky dodges the conventional diss tracks and instead tells his story without any strings attached.
Tiny Mix Tapes
At 18 tracks, it sweats out ambition. Yet Rocky chooses to forgo elements of that very aspiration altogether through a careful attention paid to not taking himself too seriously, a feature that serves to be one of record’s few saving graces.
As a collected body of work 'At.Long.Last.A$AP' is far from dreadful, but taken as a whole it lacks the elements of depth and star quality that - having set the bar incredibly high with his debut - many expect from A$AP Rocky.

For the most part A$AP Rocky deftly negotiates the difficult second album hurdle, switching up his braggadocious flows with the nonchalance of an old stager.

Pretty Much Amazing

Perhaps the apathy of At Long Last ASAP signals some sort of finality for Rocky as a bonafide threat within contemporary rap music.


People will dig for meaning and find it if they want to, but if Live. Love. A$AP. was the start of Rocky’s trip, then At. Long. Last. A$AP. makes for one hell of a disappointing comedown.


Not gon stay too long on this one. He has a strong vibe, ion wanna disturb it 😳💯👌🔥

No fr, this is certainly Rocky's most important, defining release of his career. After an incredibly celebrated tape Live.Love, amd a successful studio debut Long.Live, this at the time was his real do or die moment, because as well received as Long.Love was, it was roughly a commercial outfit to his mixtape, so basically following the same formula a third time would certainly squander his ... read more


[84.24] Rocky's second record blends into his mission to create a trip on a record, in which I feel like he does a better job here than on TESTING, his next tape when he tests his already fortified sound. At 18 tracks, I feel as if this thing wasn't really destined for immense cohesion and power, though the sound that emanates from a set of songs on here make this thing worthy of maybe owning on vinyl or something. Always will see Rocky as a lowkey kinda guy, maybe if he drops a conceptual ... read more


Flacko delivers a much more lyrical project with amazing production. This album is just phenomenal and it stays great quality-wise for the entire length. Asap improves on his story-telling abilities on this so much and he really brings a very cohesive album to the table. Some of Flacko's best songs are also on here like L$D and Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2. Overall just a phenomenal album.

BEST TRACKS: Holy Ghost, Fine Whine, L$D, Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2, M'$



This is such a trip and I loved every second of it


decent album


Questo disco è, sostanzialmente, il punto più alto della sua carriera finora. A livello di produzioni, pare la versione migliorata dei suoi progetti precedenti, mantenendo la stessa linea musicale. Alcune tracce sono skippabili e altre forse un po’ sopravvalutate, ma liricalmente dimostra di sapersi muovere praticamente ovunque e soprattutto bene.

FAVS: Canal Street, Electric Body, L$D

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Added on: April 19, 2015