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'Planet Her' tem um problema muito específico: ele não funciona.

Suas músicas não funcionam, sua ideia não funciona, sua execução é um desastre. De toda essa geração de artistas em ascensão impulsionados pelo TikTok, Doja Cat é uma das mais limitadas e sem o menor sentido artístico. Seu grande hit 'Say So' provou de uma fórmula de sucesso que não pode ser replicada e, infelizmente, Doja ... read more




While this is mostly on the level of Hot Pink, and while it may be more consistent and have fewer low points, it just doesn’t have as many highlights or as much personality, and ends up being a little generic and disappointing as a result.

Doja Cat had a huge 2020, as Say So was a monster hit, she had major collaborations with artists like Ariana Grande & The Weeknd, and she got multiple Grammy nominations. I also really liked her album, and also loved her “Tia Tamera” ... read more


Wow, I expected a lot more from this album.
I expected something as unique as Rina's debut album, but unfortunately she released the most generic works possible.
I don't see anything special here, there's nothing as unique as the single Kiss Me More.

She falls into the trap cliches that everyone already knows, and the only special element that has on this album is her voice, which I find quite catchy.
The album looks like a version of Ariana Grande's songs only with LSD.
It has a very spacey ... read more


'Planet Her' is Doja Cat's most anticipated album so far after she blew up during 2019/2020 through Tik Tok for the most part and although I wasn't close to a fan at first, her music really grew on me as time passed. She's creates super catchy songs with ease, having the ability to sing and rap, helping her make music at a high quality. 'Hot Pink' was her big break, having almost every song on the album go viral on Tik Tok at different times which is a case like no other as she always had a hit ... read more


For someone who is constantly described as having a personality that is “online” and is a bit of a weirdo, I feel like there’s a disconnect between Doja Cat’s personality and her music. Besides a few key moments, the relatable persona we know she has is barely anywhere to be found on “Planet Her”.

I feel like Doja Cat’s charismatic persona has always struggled to really shine through on her music, but on previous albums it would peak its head out a lot ... read more


Em seu novo álbum, doja cat nos leva a uma viagem de 44 minutos a seu planeta chato e tedioso.

Uma das coisas que gosto muito na Doja Cat é a versatilidade em seus trabalhos, e isso fez com que eu a considerasse uma das melhores rappers femininas da atualidade porém aqui não se vê isso.

"Woman" é um começo bom ao álbum, gostei das influencias africanas e da produção da faixa, se não tivesse um refrão ... read more


Doja Cat's "Planet Her" conceptually rises above and beyond all the Californian's other works, promising a celestial and euphoric experience that traverses through a world of pop-rap bangers that stick. Doja Cat sets out to take you on a trip to Planet Her, however, throughout the album's runtime, I didn't have to remind myself that I was on Earth even once. Despite the occasional banger, much of this album was pretty forgettable, playing into many cliches that make its sound more ... read more


'Planet Her' is an album that I didn't like the first time I heard it and it's remarkable how many mistakes were made in making the album's concept and overall sound. However, I don't know what happened to me but, the project really grew on me, it's just an extremely fun work where Doja Cat personality shines more than ever. Songs like "Get Into It (Yuh)" may sound completely bizarre at first, but once you realize the rapper's flow and purpose it becomes completely fun.

With all ... read more


Besides the overall opinion about this album, I truly liked it. Doja Cat is an artist I have been aware since pretty much her debut, I watched her go from a random wannabe pop girl into a worldwide star that pretty much created a whole new music wave (with the tiktoks and such), she weilds a lot of power for someone so new and that made me a fan from the very beginning.
'Planet Her' has all kind of sounds, from generic trap to some sort of "alternative" hip hop vibe, definetely an ... read more


Good.....for doja cat

That's all i can say to be honest. I'm not a fan of her work at all ( except for her most popular song "say so") and this one didn't help much.


Se tem uma palavra que define Planet Her, essa palavra é decepção. Eu estava bem animado para esse álbum porque adorei Kiss Me More, e quando sairam a capa e a tracklist eu fiquei mais animado ainda porque achei a estética belíssima e estava bastante ansioso para o feat com a Ariana Grande que acabou não sendo grande coisa, o álbum começa com duas ótimas músicas mas depois vem apenas músicas que embora ... read more


It's standard pop-rap that doesn't really do too much for me. Could be worse. Could be better. It's pretty ironic how inoffensive Planet Her is too.


45 very long minutes of radio pop music. No other song really hits as much as Kiss Me More (I think You Right is very good though). This project lacks the same charisma and energy that she's had in the past. I was looking forward to this but this is easily my least favorite project from her.

Favorite tracks: You Right, Kiss Me More
Least favorite: Get Into It (Yuh)


''Planet Her'' é o treceiro álbum da rapper Doja Cat e primeiro álbum depois do estouro de Say So em 2020 por causa do TikTok,era um álbum que tinha bastante expectativa Kiss Me More e Need To Know foram músicas que eu achei bem viciante a capa apesar de parecer um photoshop dela pulando em um fundo de galáxia eu acho bonita por causa da coloração,e também temos ótimas parecerias como o Abel em You Right e a princesa Ariana ... read more


"Planet Her", é simplesmente ruim. Tudo nele. Produção. Letras. Canto. Flow. O pop rap de Doja Cat, deve ter trazido o apocalipse nesse planeta.

Doja Cat foi gigante com "Say So" em 2020, não somente em números, mas também em qualidade, o estilo oitentista, com o flow raspado da cantora, fizeram não somente essa música mas o álbum "Hot Pink", serem ótimas demonstrações de qualidade ... read more


Planet Her - Doja Cat

Quite possibly, the most sensual album I’ve ever heard. Every single album incorporates so much music devoted to sex, and it’s quite much in some tracks. Plenty of these tracks have that effect that I’ve heard them in so many ads or seen them used as tiktok sounds, to the point where I can’t enjoy the music because it’s too annoying. The second half of this album is so mid to me, just so much filler, but I really enjoy the first track ... read more


woman <3


the new TikTok soundtrack


It's planet mid for sure


All that needs to be said is that on “Planet Her”, Doja Cat really needed a better selection of instrumentals to perform over.

Truly, the beats throughout this album are so generic/bland that despite of Doja’s best efforts to create catchy tunes with her vocal variety, the majority of it falls pretty flat. “Planet Her” also really starts to kick off from the track “Love To Dream” onwards. With the exception of a flamboyant (and strangely coherent) ... read more


Well that's not the improvement I was waiting for... I loved Hot Pink quite a lot because of the aesthetic direction and sound Doja Cat was aiming for, but it left a lot to be desired in its execution. This new album might seem more consistent and solid in some aspects but it painfully lacks personality and just feels very bland and forgettable.


Woman: 4.5/10
Naked: 4.7/10
Payday: 4/10
Get Into It (Yuh): 4.4/10
Need To Know: 6.3/10
I Don't Do Drugs: 5.5/10
Love To Dream: 6/10
You Right: 5.2/10
Been Like This: 5/10
Options: 3.3/10
Ain't Shit: 3/10
Imagine: 5.7/10
Alone: 5/10
Kiss Me More: 8.3/10


I kept this record on the side for quite a bit and I didn't expect to like this as much as I did, even if those singles were fire when it comes to Doja Cat albums I feel like she tends to fall short. But goddamn was I surprised with this one, on par with Montero this is one of my favorite pop albums of the year. Good production, the features really do their thing not anything crazy but good performances, Doja's flow & voice is pretty damn good, verstile af. 4 skips out of 14 songs seems ... read more


Aff, mas eu tento gostar da Doja, mas seus álbuns e suas músicas não me descem, algumas músicas até tenho que escutar mais vezes para me acostumar. Kiss Me More eu gostei bastante, hino, estava com várias expectativas para o Planet Her e quando ela lança mais uma vez eu não fui muito com a cara.

Doja teve o seu sucesso absoluto com Say So, que já saturou horrores mas enfim, o Hot Pink eu não gostei muito, tem faixas bem meia ... read more

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