Sweep It Into Space

Dinosaur Jr. - Sweep It Into Space
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2021 Ratings: #330 / 583
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For a band so singular, an album that doesn't fix what isn't broken is a welcome thing, and Sweep It Into Space boasts some of the catchiest and most immediate songs Dinosaur Jr. has released since their reunion.

Slant Magazine
The album finds the band exploring new tones and textures without betraying their monolithic, thundering signature sound.
The band's knack for colliding pop melodies with thrashing drums, pummelling bass and screeching guitars is as effective as ever on tracks such as opener “I Ain't" and the infectious “Hide Another Round".
It's another touchdown for the guitar heroes, one we suggest cranking up loud and enjoying in the spring sunshine.
While long-gone are the sonic textures of the band's early years — replaced here with some novel and resourceful instrumentation — the group's second (and now longest) run has been unbelievably solid and unimpeachable.
Absence has only made the heart grow fonder as throughout the record's 12 tracks, Dinosaur Jr.’s monolithic brand of proto-shoegaze sounds as unstoppable as ever.
It ain’t broke, so Dinosaur Jr. don’t fix it on resonant twelfth full-length.
The Arts Desk

Like The Cure, Dinosaur Jr have spent an entire career producing near flawless albums full of heavily disguised pop songs. And they’ve made it seem effortless. Sweep It Into Space is no different – and all the better for it.

An album full of highlights that reminds us that being ​‘lovely’ and ​‘loud’ aren’t mutually exclusive qualities, while furthering one of the most consistent catalogues in rock.
Northern Transmissions
It’s an album of musical and lyrical dichotomies that live together in sweet harmony. On ‘Sweep It Into Space’ Dinosaur Jr. have aimed for the stars and landed firmly on the Milky Way.
Louder Than War

Sweep It Into Space is a tuneful, mature continuation of their recent successes.

The Observer
Melding blissful memories with dynamite rock, the US trio’s 12th album sees them wisely sticking to their signature script.

The trio continues to find compelling ways to fuse their core musical elements into songs that resonate, on albums that almost never misfire. Sweep It Into Space is merely the latest example.

Consequence of Sound
Dinosaur Jr. aren’t ones for tinkering, and why should they be? When you have a signature sound as enduring as theirs, deviation only seems destined to produce disappointment.
Featuring co-production from Kurt Vile, the classic trio’s latest reunion album is their breeziest and most melodically generous yet.
Spectrum Culture
This is assuredly the most relaxing, accessible record they’ve ever put out, and with no sacrifice to their core sense of self ... The band sound as vital and committed as ever.

Sweep It Into Space is as solid a selection of songs as they’ve ever produced and broadly typifies why they are so beloved.

While ‘Sweep It Into Space’ is far from being among their best work, it is still a mostly enjoyable collection of songs.
Classic Rock

It’s the classic sound of Dinosaur Jr: rampant, windswept, J’s guitar spiralling out everywhere in all directions, his plaintive voice calling down the years ... Not revivalist, not revisionist, just ravishing.

Loud and Quiet

Sweep It Into Space’s familiarity is what makes it feel refreshing; in an ever-more-uncertain world, there remain a handful of constants: death, taxes, and the unwavering ability of Dinosaur Jr. to turn in an irresistible guitar-pop odyssey.

Rolling Stone
Ear-bleed guitar glory and woolley-headed grandeur from J. Mascis and Co.; “And Me” recalls their historic cover of the Cure’s “Just Like Heaven,” and “Take It Back” even adds an island vibe.
No Ripcord

It’s a solid formula, although hardly an irresistible one; I would argue that Dinosaur Jr’s only truly great record was 1987’s You’re Living All Over Me. Sweep It Into Space obviously can’t rival that career high, but it is a leading candidate for their best post-reformation effort.

Beats Per Minute

Sweep It Into Space has all the ingredients for a pleasant listen, while doing little to separate itself from the rest of their discography. It further cements Dinosaur Jr.’s return as being welcomed but nothing overly exciting.

FLOOD Magazine

Sure, Sweep It Into Space has its moments, and hardcore fans and completists will surely listen. But when you’ve been around as long as Dinosaur Jr., the question of “why” seems at least a little relevant.

The Irish Times
There’s a sense that the Massachusetts trio are operating under the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” adage, as it’s unlikely this album will engender a new generation of their trademark slacker/alt-rock sound.
I’ve never listened to Dinosaur Jr. before, but I took their lengthy history and discography as a sign that this record would be at least decent. However, I just can’t describe “Sweep It Into Space” as anything less then unsatisfying.

At almost forty years into the trio’s career, I can hear a decent indie rock band under here. Dinosaur Jr.‘s melodies are sweet, the hooks are catchy, the guitar are filled with soul, and from what I can hear of the rhythm the ... read more
'Sweep It Into Space' is an incredibly limp collection of poorly mixed and dated Alternative Rock pastiche. It's like if The Smashing Pumpkins were forced to kick out Billy Corgan and replace him with Dave Grohl, but Dave was only allowed to weakly croon over these tracks.
"Sweep It Into Space" might be boilerplate alternative rock compared to Dinosaur Jr.'s greatest achievements, however, the band still make an album worth your time!

Dinosaur Jr. FKA Dinosaur are an essential rock band of the 80s and 90s. They were formed in Amherst, Massachusetts, and efficiently released two ambitious, infectious and youthful alt-rock gems with their debut, "Dinosaur" and the following, "You're Living All Over Me". In the 90s, the band would ... read more
It's hard to believe that the fuzzy alt rock trademark of Dinosaur Jr. that would later influence a generation of indie bands, has now been around for over 30 years. Whenever they release an album, it will almost always be loved by fans and critics alike, and will be one of the more respectable alt rock albums of its year. They never really venture outside of their simple, heavily textured style though, which leads to them being a bit one dimensional, but them just doing what they do best still ... read more
Dinosaur Jr. may not be doing anything new on this record, but they are sticking to a tried and true formula that has been working well for them ever since their deviation from the more sludgy sound of their sophomore classic, "You're Living All Over Me". What's delivered on "Sweep it Into Space" is a fresh batch of more traditional alt rock tunes that all adhere to said formula, and though their existence may not be entirely innovative, they're catchy, and enjoyable enough ... read more
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Added on: January 11, 2021